Arturi Films producers, David Pearson and Elizabeth Morgan Hemlock (Mugabe and The White African), are launching a new charity film fund to support documentaries and films that promote awareness about injustices around the world.

FILMS FORCE CHANGE is looking to help films in their completion stage with award campaigns, outreach and focused calls to action to help the films gain a broader notoriety.

“Films like Mugabe and the White African are difficult to get made and we believe more powerful films that highlight the need for change could be produced to reach the broadest audience, with help that is currently difficult to find,” said Pearson.

Person and Hemlock’s film, Mugabe and the White African, told the story of a white farmer’s fight against Zimbabwe’s president, Robert Mugabe in the SADC International Court. The film garnered much attention, as well as was nominated for a BAFTA Award and was shortlisted for an Oscar nomination.

The two producers will speak at the Cheltenham Literature Festival on October 11 about the making of the film.

“The experience we learned through making Mugabe and The White African can be used to help other films succeed on a wide range of subject matters,” Pearson said.

FILMS FORCE CHANGE is still in the proposal stages.