The story of a Soho pimp who is being followed by a documentary camera crew for a week

Production companies: Triple S Films, Jubilee Pictures, Spice Factory UK Limited

Backers: Premier Pictures, Cibola Entertainment

Exec producer: David Heyman

Producers: Matthew Stradling, Paul De Vos, Crispin Manson, Royd Tolkien, Michael L Cowan, Jason Piette

Budget: tba

Intl Sales: Stealth Media Group

Director: Robert Cavanah

Screenplay: Robert Cananah, Jon Kirby

DoP: tba

Production design: tba

Cast: Danny Dyer, Robert Cavanah, John Hannah, Martin Compton, Shauna Macdonald

Locations: London

Contact: Stealth Media Group (44) 1273 739 182