The studio has submitted its appeal for Project Pinewood to South Buckinghamshire District Council.

Pinewood Studios has submitted an appeal to South Buckinghamshire District Council against its refusal to grant planning permission for the studio’s $327m expansion plans on its UK site.

The initial planning application for Project Pinewood –the studio’s plans to create 1,400 new homes inside new permanent sets - was submitted to the council in June 2009. The proposal was refused in October 2009, after local residents formed the Stop Project Pinewood group registering their opposition to the plans, which would mean building on Green Belt land.

Speaking about the appeal submission, Andrew M. Smith, Group Director Corporate Affairs for Pinewood said: “Project Pinewood is just as important as ever to the UK. Locally, unemployment in South Bucks rose by approximately 57% in 2009. It is also essential for the UK’s creative industries. Recent estimates have shown that the creative industries account for 6.2% of Gross Value Added in the UK, underlining the importance of the sector to the UK economy.”