Polish feature Suicide Room also picks up two awards.

As the Plus Camerimage festival wrapped this weekend, the jury awarded the Golden Frog for cinematography to Jolanta Dylewska for In Darkness (directed by Agnieszka Holland).

The festival, which focuses on the art of cinematography, was held in the Polish city of Bydgoszcz from Nov 26 to Dec 3.

The Silver Grog went to Mahmoud Kalari for Nader and Simin, A Separation. The Bronze Frog went to Robbie Ryan for Wuthering Heights.

In the Polish Films comptition, the winner was Suicide Room by cinematographer Radoslaw Ladczuk anddirector Jan Komasa. Ladczuk also won the cinematographer’s debuts competition.

In the Documentary awards, the Golden Frog went to Tomasz Wolkski for Doctors, with a special mention to Blinding by Steve Sanguedolce. Both also directed their films.

Short Documentary Golden Frog went to Paparazzi, shot by Lukasz Zal and Piotr Bernas (the latter also directed).

The Student Competition Golden Tadpole went to Finale by cinematographer Balazs Revesz and director Balazs Simonyi. The Silver Tadpole went to Normal People by cinematographer Nicolas Villegas Hernandez and director Piotr Zlotorowicz. The Bronze Tadpole went to Raju by cinematographer Sin Huh and director Max Zahle.

For the directors’ debuts competition, the winner was Karl Markovics for Breathing.