The UK based casting agency is developing a facility which will allow producers and directors to watch auditions in 3D.

Inspired by the recent boom in 3D production, UK based casting agency Puro Casting is developing a facility which enables auditions to be viewed in 3D.  

The casting agency plans to use an optically modified camera to shoot stereoscopic images that can be viewed on a special monitor, with the director and producers attending the auditions wearing polarised glasses to view the 3D footage.

Puro Casting founder Manuel Puro came up with the idea during auditions for upcoming 3D supernatural mystery The Forbidden Girl, which is being directed by Till Hastreiter, and begins shooting in Berlin next month.

“The 2D screen-tests that we’ve relied on for years weren’t giving a true indication of how an actor would appear on a 3D screen. I wanted to enable my director to start working in a 3D environment as soon as possible,” said Puro, whose casting director credits include Duncan Jones’ Moon and the 2010 Edinburgh Film Festival winner Skeletons.

He added: “With an increasing number of 3D productions being greenlit and more and more theatrical screens being converted it looks like the format is here to stay.  The quality of the work coming out and the level of director embracing the 3D medium indicate that it’s an exciting time ahead.”