Hong Kong has been picked as the shooting location for a further three international productions, as it is gearing up for the latest film in the Batman franchise, The Dark Knight, early next month.

According to the Hong Kong Film Services Office, which is attending Pusan 's BIFCOM locations showcase, Summit Entertainment will film the bulk of Push in the territory.

Directed by Lucky Number Slevin's Paul McGuignan, the action thriller stars Chris Evans, whose credits include Fantastic Four and its sequel Rise Of The Silver Surfer, and Dakota Fanning.

Hong Kong also provides the setting for Largo Winch, a French adventure thriller based on a popular comic book. Jerome Salle (Anthony Zimmer) is directing with Kristin Scott Thomas as the female lead.

The above two production teams have already arrived in Hong Kong while a third production, ghost thriller Seven Moon from the US, is scheduled to start shooting towards year-end.

This year, Hong Kong which boasts a hassle-free shooting environment and requires no vetting of the scripts, has emerged as a hot shooting destination. The series of high-profile shoots include Fantastic Four: Rise Of The Silver Surfer and I Come With The Rain by Tran Anh Hung.

Meanwhile, the upcoming The Dark Knight will be filmed innovatively using IMAX cameras while on location in Hong Kong, making it the first major feature to be partially shot using such technology.

The Hong Kong Film Services Office is currently taking part in BIFCOM, the locations event at Pusan.