Feathers were ruffled at the UK box office this past weekend, in the aftermath of Odeon's decision to drop Rambo which significantly dented the film's takings.

Sony's latest instalment of the gory Sylvester Stallone film generated just $2.5m (£1.2m) from 300 sites for a $8,166 (£4,157) site average, well below the opening weekend take that was expected had it shown on Odeon's 100-plus cinemas in the UK. The exhibitor said the decision to drop the fourth instalment of the franchise was down to 'commercial reasons'.

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Rambo 's weekend figure is bleak when compared to Stallone's last re-introduction to the UK - he returned to cinema screens in January 2007 with Rocky Balboa, which generated a whopping $7.2m (£3.6m) from 405 sites in its first weekend, 48.5% more than Rambo's opening figure.

The film came in at number three in the weekend chart, beaten by new release Be Kind Rewind and holdover title Jumper, which kept a hold of the top slot despite a 51% drop over the three-day period.

Fox's teleporting adventure generated nearly $3m (£1.5m) from 421 sites in its second weekend for a $7,060 (£3,594) site average. It has taken $11.5m (£5.9m) to date in the territory.

Pathe Distribution's Be Kind Rewind opened at number two with a $2.7m (£1.4m) take, including $414,711 (£210,134) of two-day previews. The comedy, starring Jack Black and Mos Def, played across 366 sites for a $7,450 (£3,793) site average.

Digital technology showed its colours this weekend as new release U2 3D took a solid $439,513 (£223,756) from just 67 sites for a $6,560 ($3,340) site average. The concert film, which marks the first live-action movie shot, produced and exhibited in digital 3D, also enjoyed the biggest opening for a 3D film in Ireland with a $133,414 (Eu89,668) from 67 sites.

Meanwhile, Fox's Juno, which snapped up the Oscar for Best Original Screenplay, continues its lucrative stride in the UK with a $2.1m (£1.1m) take. The dark comedy, fell 20% in its third weekend and played on 368 sites for a $5,732 (£2,918) site average. It has generated $13.4m (£6.8m) to date.

National Treasure: Book Of Secrets fell 38% this weekend with a $1.8m (£928,781) take from 460 sites. The family film, released through Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures International (WDSMPI), had a $3,966 (£2,019) screen average and has grossed $14.6m (£7.5m) after three weekends on release.

Sony's The Water Horse: Legend Of The Deep crossed the $7m (£3.7m) mark this weekend, taking £1.3m (£646,181) from 438 sites over the three-day period while Disney's double Oscar winner There Will Be Blood fell just 7% with a $992,066 (£505,061) take from 137 sites for a $3.4m (£1.7m) UK tally.

Warner Bros' The Bucket List saw a 34% drop taking $782,451 (£398,346) from 275 sites while Paramount Pictures International's (PPI) Cloverfield fell 50% with a $703,064 (£357,930) take in its fourth weekend.

Fox's Alvin And The Chipmunks was the only film to see a weekend increase - the family film was up 4% with $695,663 (£354,162) take from 329 sites and has taken $21.3m (£10.8m) after 10 weekends on release.

Elsewhere, Optimum Releasing's My Blueberry Nights entered at number 18 in the chart with a $200,026 (£101,833) take from 69 sites.

The top 20 films in the UK generated $20m from 4,732 sites from the period of February 22-24.