UK producers Rebel State Films, headed by Anthony Alleyne and Rachel McClelland, are in Cannes to discuss their slate of four films with potential co-producers.

The first project set to shoot is Black Market, written and to be directed by Alleyne, with 28 Weeks Later star Idris Elba and rapper Kano (who will be touring with Justin Timberlake) set to star in the story about corruption in the world of football. The $2m (pounds 1m) project is set to shoot in the UK in March 2008. Talks are ongoing with sales agents.

Also in development is Billy's Log, which director Rob Heath is co-writing with Alleyne adapted from Dougie Brimson's novel that is a love story exploring changing gender roles in contemporary society.

US-set Vigilance, a story of one fractured night written by Junior Rhone, is in development and being packaged in Los Angeles.

Rebel State also has psychological thriller Charisma out to cast and directors. Alleyne also wrote that film, about two men who have been dumped and one starts to lose his grip on reality.

The pair are in the Producer's Network at Cannes and supported by the Babylon programme.

'We're very European and American fucosedd, a lot of UK producers are too interior,' Alleyne said. 'We're looking to start new relationships.' Alleyne has also written Uprising, which is shooting in 2008 with Mango Films and Fernando Meirelles's 02 Filmes.