Thailand 's Five Star will unveil at AFM The Red Eagle, the latest film by acclaimed Thai director Wisit Sasanatieng and starring Ananda Everingham.

The picture about the masked crime-fighter Red Eagle will mark the return of the greatest superhero of Thai cinema in 37 years.

The character, taken from Sake Dusit's popular Insee Daeng (Red Eagle) series of novels, was made popular on the silver screen by Thai actor Mitr Chaibancha. Unfortunately, the famed actor fell to his death while filming a helicopter stunt for Insee Thong which also featured him as the Red Eagle in 1970.

There have been talks about new productions over the years, but none of them took off. After waiting in vain for his childhood hero to return to the cinema, Wisit has decided to make his own version with a more violent perspective than before.

'Modern society is filled with the horrors of violence and crime. There are also corrupt officials in the city, and I cannot do anything about that on my own. With the power of movies, I have an outlet where the good will triumph over the bad and corrupt,' he says.

Filming is scheduled to begin in March next year for an August release. It will be the biggest budget production for a Wisit film filled with action, explosion and car-chasing scenes.

Naruphol Chokanapitak who worked on Wisit's previous film The Unseeable as assistant DoP, will be the DoP of the new film.

Wisit is still attached to Nam Prix and is finalising the script with Luc Besson who will co-produce the film with Five Star next year.

Five Star will also have a world premiere at AFM for The Screen At Kamchanod, a horror film about a chilling incident stumbled upon by four movie screeners in the forest of Kamchanod. The picture features a new producer-director duo, Pran Tadaveerawat and Songsak Mongkolthong, both of them worked on the Pang Brother's original Bangkok Dangerous.