UK-based sales agencyRenaissance Films has acquired world sales rights to Macbeth, anadaptation of the William Shakespeare play starring Jennifer Connelly as LadyMacbeth and Philip Seymour Hoffman as Macbeth.

Director Todd Louiso is tostart shooting late this year. Louiso, who adapted the play with his writingpartner Jacob Koskoff, previously directed Hoffman in Sundance film LoveLiza.

'Philip and Jenniferhave a seriousness about what they do: they want to make films that havemeaning - that have magnitude," said Louiso.

The director is aiming for"a visceral" adaptation set in the 11th Century that emphasizes "thepsychological torment, the brute eroticism, the supernatural horror'.

Mary Jane Skalski, whosecredits include The Station Agent and Mysterious Skin, isproducing with Jeffrey Levy-Hinte, producer of edgy teenager drama Thirteen.Renaissance chief Angus Finney will executive produce.

'Renaissanceimmediately understood that this was going to be a different sort ofShakespeare, and it made them the perfect partners for us," said Skalski.

Finney added: 'Todd hasan outstanding vision for his film, which has inspired two of the most dynamicactors to lead this international production."