Company unveils new logo designed by uber-cool artist Shepard Fairey’s Studio Number One.


UK-based distributor Revolver Entertainment is celebrating its 15th anniversary by launching a new brand identity.

They have a shiny new logo designed by Shepard Fairey’s Studio Number One. For those not in the know, Fairey was behind those great Obama Hope posters. Fairey was also the creator of the now-legendary Andre The Giant Has a Posse street art campaign — which is pretty cool since Revolver itself is known for its groundbreaking and innovative marketing campaigns.

All this coincides with Revolver getting ready to launch its largest theatrical release ever in June, for urban drama iLL Manors, directed by Ben Drew (aka Plan B.) Plan B is in Cannes tonight to celebrate the market premiere of iLL Manors, with a hot ticket party organised by international sales company Bankside.

Also in Cannes this week, Revolver launched a VOD app, FindWatchShare, on Facebook.

CEO Justin Marciano, who founded Revolver in 1997, said: “After 15 years, we wanted to commission a brand new identity that reflected our contemporary ethos.  We’re pioneers; refusing to conform, and continuously trying to innovate, defy convention, and push the boundaries.  Happily to date, this has worked to our advantage, helping us to become the multi award-winning distribution and production company we are today. We feel distinct from the rest of the industry - and that is what makes us proud to be who we are.  We believe our new logo represents that.”