Roadshow, the only Australian-owned distributor with a direct supply line from the US studios, was the big winner last night (Thurs), the final evening of the Australian International Movie Convention (AIMC), which has been running on Queensland 's Gold Coast for the past five days.

Roadshow won the most awards for films grossing more than A$10m (US$8.3m) and the gold award for the highest-grossing film of the last 12 months thanks to The Dark Knight, which won the equivalent award for New Zealand.

The film was released in Australia before any other territory in the world and Roadshow congratulated itself and exhibitors on being vigilant about piracy: several people were caught trying to record the film in its first few days in cinemas.

The award for the highest-grossing foreign language film went to Paramount's The Kite Runner while the two local film awards went to The Black Balloon (Icon) in Australia and Second Hand Wedding (Metropolis) in New Zealand. Balloon's Gemma Ward won the Australian star of the year award and the recently retired head of Atlab, Murray Forrest, went home with a new award for craft.

There was a big focus on 3D at the AIMC: it was the subject of a seminar, it was much discussed by international guest speaker Tim Warner, president of Cinemark USA, and the delegates saw footage from Bolt, Kung Fu Panda, Monsters Vs Aliens and Coraline.

The ongoing gag of the event flowed from Sony managing director Stephen Basil-Jones publicly criticising 20th Century Fox's decision to move Baz Luhrmann's film Australia from November 13 to November 26, causing it to clash with his new James Bond film, Quantum Of Solace.

Basil-Jones watered the situation down tonight by announcing that the Bond film's release would be changed to November 19 to give Australia more breathing space. 'It's success will bring success and reinvigorate other Australian films,' he said, 'including Two Fists, One Heart, Subdivision and Mao's Last Dancer.'

The 28 films that grossed more than A$10m (US$8.3) at the Australian box office in the past 12 months, by studio, were:

Roadshow (encompassing Warner Bros): Rush Hour 3 US$8.6m (A$10.4m), The Golden Compass, US$12.3m (A$14.8m), Hairspray US$13.7m (A$16.5m), Get Smart US$14m (A$16.9m), I Am Legend US$19.2m (A$23.2m), Sex And The City US$22.3m (A$26.9m), The Dark Knight US$35.9m (A$43.3m).

20th Century Fox: What Happens in Vegas US$8.5m (A$10.2m), Die Hard 4.0 US$ (A$11.3m), Juno US$9.7m (A$11.7m), Dr Suess' Horton Hears A Who US$9.8m (A$11.8m), 27 Dresses US$12.8m (A$15.5m), Alvin And The Chipmunks US$14.7m (A$17.7m).

Paramount : Bee Movie US$12.5m (A$15.1m), Iron Man US$16.6m (A$20m), Kung Fu Panda US$21.3m (A$25.7m), Indian Jones And The Kingdom Of The Crystal Skull US$24.3m (A$29.3m).

Universal: Atonement US$8.9m (A$10.7m), American Gangster US$9.7m (A$11.7m), The Bourne Ultimatum US$18.2 (A$22m), Mamma Mia! US$24m (A$29m).

Walt Disney: Enchanted US$10.4m (A$12.6m), Ratatouille US$11.4m (A$14.4m), The Chronicles Of Narnia: Prince Caspian US$11.4m (A$13.8m), National Treasure: Book Of Secrets US$10.9m (A$13.1m).

Sony: You Don't Mess With The Zohan US$9.4m (A$11.3m), Hancock US$17m (A$20.5m).

Icon: Death At A Funeral US$13.2m (A$15.9m)