The Rome Festival's industry event Business Street is looking to target buyers and sellers yet more aggressively. Speaking in Rotterdam, Sylvain Auzou, who runs Business Street with Diamara Parodi, has explained just how the market will be expanded further.

The second festival is to run from October 18-27 (just a few days later than last year) with Business Street October 18-21, adding one extra day.

'I want to invite more people but maybe not for as long as I did last year,' Auzou said. He aims to lure as many as 300 buyers to the event.

Asked whether Rome has the potential to develop into a market event along the lines of the old Mifed, Auzou replied: 'The goal is indeed to be a European market in September and October.'

Auzou has reported an enthusiastic response to the inaugural Business Street last year. Several deals were concluded in Rome. For example, Still Life was sold in Italy, Night Of The Sunflowers was picked up in various territories and When I Was A Singer also did some business.

'From my point of view, it started very well,' Auzou said of the first event. He also expressed confidence that there will be plenty of product to attract the buyers despite Rome's proximity to other autumn markets and festivals such as Toronto and AFM.

As for Rome's continuing closeness in the calendar to Venice, Auzou said: 'We still need to prove to the rest of the world and especially the Italian population that two big festivals can exist in the same country. It's a luck and not a drawback.'

Further details of this year's Festival are expected to be announced during the Berlinale.