The International Film Festival Rotterdam is introducing a new competition that aims to support film distribution in Dutch cinemas.

The new Big Screen Award Competition will showcase 10 recent films (from the festival’s Spectrum and Bright Future sections) without Benelux distribution confirmed.

An audience jury will give the prize and the Dutch Circle of Film Critics (KNF) will also chose a winner. Both awards will come with guaranteed distribution in Benelux by Amstelfilm. The KNF Award also includes a subtitled DCP, sponsored by NCP Holland.

This new competition does not impact the existing Tiger Awards competition.

The 10 films will be announced on Jan 10.

IFFR Director Rutger Wolfson said: “One of Rotterdam’s defining characteristics over the years has been how the festival, its Hubert Bals Fund and the CineMart have tried to be supportive of filmmakers in all stages of their careers, and in all stages of the production of films. We felt that in reshaping and adding these prizes we could combine several different aspects of our efforts: to further the distribution of our films after the festival, and increase the international visibility of our Bright Future and Spectrum selections. Also, the set up of these two awards now meets the requirements to be practical in terms of contemporary distribution. I also welcome the new role of our film critics’ juries.”