Simon Pegg ran up another big hit in the UK at the weekend as Entertainment's Run, Fat Boy, Run took the number one slot in its first weekend and generated $4.1m (£2.01m) from 413 sites (including $330,204 of one-day previews).

The comedy, which is David Schwimmer's directorial debut, had a site average of $9,857 (£4,867) and beat out romantic drama Atonement to the top position this weekend.

Universal Pictures International's (UPI) Atonement, starring Keira Knightley and James McAvoy, opened at number two in the UK, taking $3.3m (£1.6m) from 411 sites for an $8,051 (£3,976) site average.

Last week's top film, The Bourne Ultimatum, also distributed by UPI, fell by 51% this weekend to number three, generating $2.2m (£1.1m) from 457 sites. The action flick has grossed $40.6m (£20.1m) in four weeks of release.

UPI holds on to another top five position this weekend as Knocked Up took $1.5m (£756,339) from 408 sites in its third weekend, falling by 47%. Judd Apatow's comedy has grossed $13.1m (£6.5m) to date in the UK.

Paramount Pictures International's (PPI) thriller 1408 was at number five in its second week, generating $1.1m (£550,538) from 398 sites and has generated a total of $4.6m (£2.3m).

The Simpsons Movie, distributed by 20th Century Fox, is still going strong in its seventh weekend -- Springfield's favourite family fell by 59% this weekend, taking $519,921 (£256,737) from 429 sites for a total of $76.5m (£37.7m) to date.

Entertainment's Rush Hour 3 fell by 57% to number seven after grossing $490,342 (£242,131) from 279 sites. The film has made $20.4m (£10.1m) since its release five weeks ago.

Harry Potter And The Order Of The Phoenix is still in the UK top 10 after nine weeks on release. Warner Bros' fifth instalment took $330,381 (£163,241) from 271 sites over the three-day period and has generated a whopping $99.2m (£48.9m) so far in the UK.

Momentum Pictures' Bratz: The Movie fell by 50% this weekend as most children in the UK went back to school - the film took $328,548 (£162,237) from 380 sites for an $865 site average. It has generated $7.4m (£3.7m) in four weeks of release.

Finally, PPI's Transformers is still in the UK top 10 this weekend - the robots in disguise took $277,906 (£137,230) from 227 sites in its seventh weekend for a total of $46.1m (£22.7m) to date.

The top 20 films in the UK generated a total of $15.8m (£7.8m) over the period from September 7-9.

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