Andre Schafer's Here's Looking At You, Boy is tickling the fancy of buyers worldwide. Schafer's documentary, telling the story of the coming-out of gay and lesbian cinema, has sold worldwide in advance of its premiere in Panorama later this week.

Amsterdam-based sales agent Sydney Neter of SND Films has closed deals with SBS (Australia), Finland (YLE), Denmark (DRTV), The Sundance Channel (US), Italy (GANA) and several other territories.

The film chronicles the struggle of that gay and lesbian filmmakers to 'assert themselves and to eventually realise their coming-out to a broader audience.'

The documentary features contributions from (among others) such luminaries as Gus Van Sant, John Waters, Ingrid Caven Stephen Frears, who says of My Beautiful Laundrette: 'I don't feel particularly heroic. I made the film because it was really good and then you discover that it changes things for people and that's wonderful.'

Here in Berlin, SND is also selling Moebius Redux, a new documentary about cult artist and author Jean Giraud, a hugely influential comic strip illustrator. Ex-Kraftwerk musician Kari Bartos created the soundscape for the film, which was produced by Bart Simpson (The Corporation).