Scottish producer Scott Meek is relocating to Australia totake up the role of head of drama at public broadcaster the ABC.

Meek was involved in such features as Velvet Goldmine, Sid And Nancy and Prick Up Your Ears when chief executive at Zenith Productions. Hehas served on the British Film Institute and Scottish Screen, and was alsoinvolved in three Hal Hartley pictures.

Meek is currently joint chief executive of Deep IndigoProductions. When he takes up his new role in October he will be reporting to thedirector of ABC TV, Sandra Levy.

He has already had some experience with Australians, workingon over 25 hours of television co-productions such as Harbour Beat, Shadow Of The Cobra, Children Of The Dragon, and thethird series of Fields Of Fire. The companiesinvolved included Southern Star, Ben Gannon Productions and Palm BeachPictures.

"My experience of working with Australian writers,directors, producers and actors has always been really creative and exciting.To be enabled to continue it for the ABC - and for its audience - is a hugeresponsibility and a genuine challenge."