Territories include Russia, UK/Ireland, France, Italy, Eastern and South-Eastern Europe and Benelux.

Screen International today launches its inaugural Local Markets Report at http://localmarkets.screendaily.com a new downloadable PDF report that offers insight, data and analysis on key international territories.

Using Screen’s extensive on-the-ground expertise and new data, the report gives readers the inside track on current market conditions, industry developments, the latest deals being signed and business news across production, distribution and exhibition.

The report includes overviews of five territories alongside a special focus on Russia (See excerpts here). One of the international arena’s most exciting and fast-growing film markets, the Russian box office hit $1bn for the first time in 2010.

Territories covered:

RUSSIA: A special focus on this fast-growing market, where box office has passed $1bn in 2010. Features and data analyse this growth and the opportunities in the territory, including what works at the box office. Plus the inside track on Russia’s cinema market as exhibitors update their facilities to meet the digital future.

UK AND IRELAND: In the wake of the UK Film Council’s abolition, this report explores the future of UK production as the industry adapts to the changing landscape. Plus, how 3D continues to stimulate cinemagoing; the UK on track for 180 million admissions by the end of the year.  

FRANCE: How state grants and subsidies are helping French production on the international stage. Plus a profile of EuropaCorp at 10 as it bolsters its position on the international stage with high profile productions and the approaching opening of its Cinema City studio project.

ITALY: With Italy posting a 30% rise in cinema attendance in August, could the territory’s usually-quiet summer season be heating up at the box office? Plus: why Italian producers are sourcing funding from less conventional sources.

EASTERN AND SOUTH-EASTERN EUROPE: Full analysis of the region, including the uptake of digital screens across different territories, how the new Czech production incentive is affecting productions and why the Romanian market is expanding fast.

BENELUX: Why the Dutch industry is at a disadvantage compared with Belgium and Luxembourg. Plus full analysis of the state of the DVD and VOD markets and the rise of Flemish film releases.