Drew Heriot, the director of the phenomenally successful DVD The Secret, will make his narrative directing debut on spiritual fantasy/adventure The Aquarian Gospel which attempts to tell the story of Jesus Christ's 'missing years' from the ages of 13 to 30.

Heriot's documentary-style The Secret has sold over two million copies and spawned a book which is close to selling five million copies.

William Sees Keenan (Poor Things) will produce the new film with Thaddeus Carlson co-executive producing. Financier Allen Voigt is currently assembling the funding package for the film which is budgeted in the $12m-$15m region.

John F Sullivan and Keenan wrote the script which is inspired by the books The Aquarian Gospel Of Jesus The Christ (1908) by Levi Dowling and The Unknown Life Of Jesus Christ (1898) by Nicholas Notovich. The screenwriters also say that many ideas in the script were informed by recent discoveries of 'lost' or 'apocryphal' gospels that supposedly shed light on the teachings of Christ which pre-date the four gospels.

The film follows Jesus from Israel as a young boy through India, Tibet, Persia, Greece and Egypt but will be shot in high definition entirely on sound stages in the US.