A South Korean agent and a North Korean spy living in South Korea end up creating a tense but unusual friendship in the midst of betrayals and intrigue.

Prod companies: Showbox Mediaplex, Rubicon Pictures

Backers:  Showbox Mediaplex

Producers: You Jeong-hun, Song Myung-chul

Budget:  tba

International sales: Showbox Mediaplex

Director: Jang Hun

Screenplay: Kim Ju-ho, Jang Hun, Jang Min-suk

DoP: Lee Mo-gae

Production Design: Hwang In-june

Art Director : Hwang In-june

Cast: Song Kang-ho, Gang Dong-won

Locations: Seoul / Kyungki-do

Shooting from early June (tbc)

Contact: sales@showbox.co.kr

Status: Pre-production