Ruben Oslund wins best director for Play.

Lisa Aschan’s festival hit She Monkeys won the award for best film when the annual Swedish Golden Bug awards (Guldbagge) were handed out in Stockholm Monday night.

The provocative film about the relationship between two young girls also won the awards for best script and best sound. Ruben Ostlund’s Play won the award for best director.

Lisa Ohlin’s Simon and the Oaks, which will make its international debut at the Berlinale in February, walked away with just two awards despite having had 13 nominations.

The Swedish Film Institute this year had listened to repeated demands that the number of awards should increase in order to recognise more people working behind the camera.

BEST FILM: She Monkeys, produced by Helene Lindholm

BEST DIRECTOR: Ruben Ostlund for Play

BEST LEADING ACTRESS: Ann Petrén in Happy End

BEST LEADING ACTOR: Sven-Bertil Taube in One Way to Antibes

BEST SUPPORTING ACTRESS: Cecilia Nilsson in Simon and the Oaks

BEST SUPPORTING ACTOR: Jan Josef Liefers in Simon and the Oaks

BEST SCRIPT: She Monkeys written by Josefina Adolfsson, Lisa Aschan

BEST CINEMATOGRAPHY: Marius Dybwad Brabdrud for Play

BEST EDITING: Göran Hugo Olsson, Hanna Lejonqvist for The Black Power Mixtape 1967-1975

BEST COSTUMES: Moa Li Lemhagen Schalin for The Crown Jewels

BEST SOUND: Andreas Franck for She Monkeys

BEST MAKE UP: Anna-Lena Melin for The Border

BEST ART DIRECTION: Roger Rosenberg for The Crown Jewels

BEST VISUAL EFFECTS: Hakan Blomdahl, Torbjorn Olsson for The Crown Jewels

BEST FOREIGN FILM: Nader and Simin ­ a Separation, directed by Asghar Farhadi

BEST SHORT: Las Palmas, directed by Johannes Nyholm

BEST DOCUMENTARY: At Night I Fly, directed by Michel Wenzer

THE HONORARY GOLDEN BUG: Actress Inga Landgré.

GULLSPIRAN (AWARD FOR PEOPLE WORKING WITH FILMS FOR CHILDREN): producers Ylva-Li Gustafsson and Lennart Gustafsson.