Japanese sales agent Showgate has sold ensemble drama Parade, directed by Isao Yukisada (pictured) (Crying Out Love At The Center Of The World) to Bees Factory for Taiwan.

The film world premiered in Pusan last year, won the FIPRESCI award in the Berlin Panorama section, and was nominated for best film at the Asian Film Awards. Based on a novel by Yoshida Shuichi, the film stars Tatsuya Fujiwara fromBattle Royale and Death Note.

Showgate also has Sunshine Ahead directed by Toshio Lee (Detroit Metal City), screening today at Filmart. Based on a true story, the film stars Takashi Okamura (No Problem) and Yasuko Matsuyuki (Hula Girls) as a couple who create a miracle to revive dying coral reefs in Okinawa.

The company is also selling Permanent Nobara, based on a best-selling manga about women who gather at a seaside hair salon every day for tragicomical chats about romance and other confessions; as well as Vengeance Can Wait, a newly completed twisted love story starring Asano Tadanobu (Mongol) and Minami (Detroit Metal City).

Showgate also has in post-production Neck, a genre-mixing horror film/ romantic comedy about two university students experimenting with an invention that becomes a Pandora’s box that turns people’s fearful delusions into reality. It is produced by Masako Yamada (The Handsome Suit).