Producer Simon Brooks is to turn bestselling book Endal: How One Extraordinary Dog Brought A Family Back From The Brink into a film.

The real-life story of how Gulf War veteran, Allen Parton’s life was changed by the medal-winning Labrador, will be turned into a movie by Brooks’ Canyon Creek Films.

The book, by Parton and his wife Sandra, will be adapted by screenwriter Juliette Towhidi (Calendar Girls). Shooting is due to take place next summer.

The film will follow the life of Parton, a Royal Navy officer who after suffering serious head injuries during the Gulf War, comes back home to find his life unbearable until he acquires Endal, a pedigree Labrador trained by The Canine Partners charity. The dog not only assisted Parton with everyday chores, including withdrawing money from a cash machine, but he was also credited with saving the Parton’s life after he’d been hit by a passing car.

Brooks decided to adapt the story after Endal’s death in March 2009. He said, “I was immediately attracted to this inspirational and uplifting story of a man and his family who had been dragged through hell and back before an extraordinary dog called Endal ‘adopted’ them and changed their lives for ever.”

Brooks’ past credit includes the production of sci-fi mysteries White Noise (2005) and Proteus (1995).

His company Canyon Creeks is currently working on Where Rainbows End in partnership with Optimum Releasing and If You Could See Me Now, a co-production with Gold Circle Films.