Juha Wuolijoki's New York and Helsinki-based Snapper Films has formed an alliance with Minnie Driver's outfit Two Drivers, which the actress runs with her sister Kate Driver and producer Lisa Fielding.

Their joint slate includes two new features both budgeted under $10m, the horror-thriller Luci's Prayer based on a script by Rick Ramage (Stigmata) and Independent written by Bronwen Denton-Davis and to be directed by Peter Markham. Driver will star in both.

Luci's Prayer is set in Louisiana and sees Driver playing a woman who has to face her voodoo heritage when her dying son is cured by a mysterious stranger. In Independent she stars as Mary Cassatt, the US impressionist painter.

"We are proud to be working with Minnie Driver, Lisa Fielding and Kate Driver ," says Wuolijoki. "The alliance with Two Drivers helps us expand our business to the West Coast and the UK."