Sogepaq has picked upinternational rights to Antonio Banderas' second film as director, The WayOf The English, which beginsshooting next Monday in Spain.

The film is a co-productionbetween Banderas' own Green Moon Producciones and Sogepaq sister companySogecine.

It marks Banderas' return tothe Spanish film industry, where he also plans to begin producing local filmsthrough the Spanish offices of Green Moon. That company's Antonio Meliveo isexecutive producing.

Way (the original title is El Camino de Los Ingleses) is based on the award-winning novel by AntonioSoler, who also wrote the script. The story is about a group of boys in thelast summer of their childhood, on the precipice of young adulthood.

The tale is set in Banderas'hometown of Malaga in the late 1970s and will shoot between Malaga and Londonstarting November 21. Banderas is understood to have pushed back other projectsin Hollywood in order to start shooting Way.

"Looking back is not justabout reviewing the past, it is also about recognizing what you are via thepath you have followed," Banderas said in a statement released late Tuesday bySogecine-Sogepaq.

"That is why I will givemyself permission to return to the path of the memory, to those early passionsand unanswerable questions. That is why I invite you to take a trip with medown The Way Of The English,where uncertainty and vertigo left their mark on the search for a maturity asdesired as it was feared."

The ensemble cast includesveteran actors Lucio Romero and Juan Diego alongside newcomers andup-and-comers Alberto Amarilla, Maria Ruiz, Raul Arevalo, Felix Gomez, MartaNieto, Mario Casas, Fran Perea, Berta de la Dehesa and Antonio Zafra.

The film has the backing ofthe Andalusian tourism board, the Malaga government, the Spanish Film Instituteand broadcasters Television Espanola, Canal + and Canal Sur Television.