Spain November 17


Oxygen (Oxigeno)
(Morena Films, Mikado [It], Tubedale [UK]) Budget: E 6.6m. Thriller. Based on real events reconstructing what may have happened aboard a submarine that sunk off the coast of Spain at midnight on New Year's Eve, 1936. Prods: Juan Gordon, Roberto Cicutto, Carl Clifton. Dir: Alvaro Fernandez Armero. Scr: Marcelo Figueras, Alberto Porlan. DoP: Xavi Gimenez. Ed: Ivan Aledo. Main cast: Jordi Molla, Leonardo Sbaraglia, Unax Ugalde, Valerio Mastandrea, Elio Germano, Silvia Abascal. Spanish.
Contact: Morena Films, (34) 91 700 2780

Son In Love (El Hijo Enamorado)
(BocaBoca, F&ME [UK], Daniel Zuta Film Produktion [Ger]) Period adventure tale turning on an as yet unenlightened Christ. Prod: Cesar Benitez. Dir: Manuel Gomez Pereira. Scr: Joaquin Oristrell. Main cast: Juan Diego Botto, Pilar Lopez de Ayala. Shooting for 13 weeks in Tunisia from January. Spanish.
Contact: BocaBoca, (34) 91 566 1500


A Good Woman
(KanZaman, International Arts Entertainment [US], Maltemi Entertainment [UK], Buskin Films [It]) Intl sales: Beyond Films. Backers: Thema Productions [Lux], Magic Hour Film Finance ]UK], Matrix [UK]. Budget: $8.5m. Inspired by Oscar Wilde's play Lady Windermere's Fan, a ruthless seductress preys on the husband of a young woman. Prods: Alan Greenspan, Jonathan English, Denise O'Dell, Mark Albela, Roberto Bessi. Dir: Mike Barker. Scr: Howard Himelstein. Main cast: Helen Hunt, Scarlett Johansson, Tom Wilkinson. Shooting for 8 weeks in Italy from November 3. English.
Contact: KanZaman (34) 91 640 6086

A... Mantis Religiosa
(Story Film) Animated film. A man impatiently waits for a woman - and when she arrives anything may happen. Prod: Ana Nunez. Dirs: Pablo Nunez, Antonio Ojeda. Scr: Pablo Nunez. DoP/Ed: Carlos Martinez Leon. Shooting for six months from March 4. Spanish.
Contact: Story Film, (34) 91 300 4032

Atunes En El Paraiso
(Maestranza Films) Budget: E 1.8m. The son of a fisherman insists on having a communion celebration even though he was never baptised and it could financially ruin his still-unmarried parents. Prod: Antonio Perez. Dir/scr: Pablo Carbonell. Art dir: Javier Lopez. DoP: Tote Trenas. Ed: Nacho Ruiz Capillas. Main cast: Ana Fernandez, Antonio Dechent, Pedro Reyes. Shooting for six weeks from October 27. Spanish.
Contact: Maestranza Films, (34) 95 421 0617

Back To Gaya
(Morena Films, Ambient Entertainment [Ger], Recorded Picture Company [UK]). Budget: E 13m. Animated film. The heroes of an animated TV series come to life to save the world. Prods: Holger Tappe, Stephan Mischke, Jeremy Thomas, Juan Gordon. Scr: Bob Shaw, Don McEnery. In production from 2001 to the end of 2003.
Contact: Morena Films, (34) 91 700 2780

Bad Grapes (Mala Uva)
(Wanda Vision, Fenix) Budget: E2m. Dist (Sp): Wanda Vision. An aging widower and wine-maker is forced to face his past as a hitman. Exec prods: Jose Maria Morales, Francisco Lazaro. Dir/scr: Javier Domingo. DoP: Albert Pascual. Ed: Rori Sainz de Rozas. Main cast: Sancho Gracia, Terele Pavez, Agata Lys, Asuncion Balaguer, Merce Llorens. Spanish.
Contact: Wanda Vision, (34) 91 352 8376

Birth Of A Passion: The Origins Of Football (El Nacimiento De Una Pasion: Los Origenes Del Futbol)
(Wanda Films, Transglobe Pictures) Documentary. A sweeping look at hundreds of years of the sport of football. Dir: Jesus Sanchez. Scr: Jesus Sanchez, Fernando Gonzalez. Exec prod: Jose Maria Morales, Javier Linares. Prods: Jorge Linares, Miguel Morales. DoP: Juan Carlos Gomez. Ed: Laura Casamayor del Rincon. Distr (Sp): Wanda Vision. Shooting for 74 weeks from June 6 in Spain, UK, France, Italy, China, Japan and Mexico. Spanish.
Contact: Wanda Films, (34) 91 352 8376

El Ano De La Garrapata
(Filmanova, LugoPress) A recent graduate isn't sure what to do with his life when he can continue freeloading off his parents. Prods: Anton Reixa, Jose de Cora. Dir: Jorge Coira. Scr: Carlos Portela. Art dir: Antonio Periera. DoP: Chechu Graf. Ed: Guillermo Represa. Main cast: Javier Veiga, Felix Gomez, Veronica Sanchez, Maria Vazquez. Shooting from Sept 15. Spanish.
Contact: Filmanova, (34) 98 116 0188

Entre Vivir Y Sonar
(Rodar y Rodar) Dirs/scr: David Menkes and Alfonso Albacete. Romantic comedy about a middle-aged cooking instructor looking for love in Paris. Main cast: Carmen Maura, Alex Brendemuhl, Manuel Manquina, Thierry Lhermitte. Shooting from November 3 in Paris and Barcelona.
Contact:, Rodar y Rodar, (34) 91 310 2688

Frio Sol De Invierno
(Zine 1 SL) Budget: E 1.4m. A young man released from a mental ward finds his father has abandoned him, but he encounters another young man whose mother is working as a prostitute. Prod: Luis Goya. Dir/scr: Pablo Malo. Art dir: Pello Villalba. DoP: Pablo Rosso. Main cast: Unax Ugalde, Marisa Paredes, Javier Pereira, Andres Gertrudix, Marta Etura. Shooting for seven weeks from October 6 in Basque country and Portugal. Spanish.
Contact: Zine 1 SL, (34) 943 261 1173

The Frozen Palace (El Palacio Congelado)
(Jaleo Films) A family is haunted by its past, which is linked to the dark history of Argentina and Spain. Prods: Alvaro Alonso, Antonio Lobo. Dir: Clara Lopez. Scr: Clara Lopez, Wolfgang Martin. Music: Luis Miguel Cobo. Main cast: Juan Diego, Ruth Gabriel. Shooting from September in Spain. Spanish.
Contact: Jaleo Films, (34) 954 159 118

Ferpect Crime (Crimen Ferpecto)
(Panico Films, Sogecine) Comedy. The tale of a not so perfect crime committed in a well known department store. Dir: Alex de la Iglesia. Scr: Alex de la Iglesia, Jorge Guerricaechevarria. Main cast: Guillermo Toledo. Shooting from November 4 in Spain. Spanish.
Contact: Sogecine, (34) 91 736 7489

(DeaPlaneta) Budget: E3m. A psychiatrist is handed the case of a young girl in a state of shock following a brutal murder. Prod: Pau Calpe. Dir: David Carreras. Scr: Jaume Ruiz Cordoba, David Carreras. Art dir: Josep Rosell. DoP: Xavi Gimenez. Ed: Frank Gutierrez. Main cast: Cristina Brondo, Demian Bechir, Feodor Atkine, Marisol Membrillo. Shooting for 9 weeks from Sept 22. Spanish.
Contact: Treintaytantos, (34) 91 524 0094

(Tornasol Films, Messidor, EMC Asset Management [Ger], Story [It], Madragoa Filmes [Port]) The daughter of a respected neurosurgeon and wife of a student of Freud's in Barcelona of 1913 is abandoned by her husband right as she is about to give birth. Prods: Gerardo Herrero, Mariela Besuievsky, Marta Esteban, Ulrich Felsberg, Armedeo Pagani, Paulo Branco. Dir: Joaquin Oristrell. Scr: Joaquin Oristrell, Teresa de Pelegri, Dominic Harari. Art dir: Miquell Llorenc. DoP: Jaume Peracaula. Ed: Miguel Angel Santamaria. Main cast: Leonor Watling, Luis Tosar, Alex Brendemuhl. Shooting for eight weeks from October 13. Spanish.
Contact: Tornasol Films, (34) 01 542 9564

Isi-Disi (Amor A Lo Bestia)
(Lolafilms) The trials and tribulations of two brothers named after the rock band AC/DC. Prod: Andres Vicente Gomez. Dir: Chema de la Pena. Scr: Joaquin Gorriz y Miguel Angel Hernandez. Main cast: Santiago Segura, Florentino Fernandez, Jaydy Michel. Shooting from November 1 in Madrid.
Contact: Lolafilms, (34) 91 436 7400

(Mundo Ficcion, Castelao Production, Estudios Picasso) Dist (Sp): Filmax. Based on the true story of a secret agent who infiltrated Basque terrorist group ETA then had to disappear for life. Prods: Melchor Miralles, Julio Fernandez. Dir: Miguel Courtois. Scr: Antonio Onetti. Art dir: Luis Valles. DoP: Nestor Calvo. Ed: Guillermo Maldonado. Main cast: Eduardo Noriega, Patrick Bruel, Jose Coronado, Melanie Doutey, Silvia Abascal, Santiago Ramos, Jorge Sanz. Shooting for eight weeks from October 8. Spanish.
Contact: Treintaytantos, (34) 91 524 0094

Muertos Comunes
(KV Entertainment, Castelao, Elemental Films) Int'l sales: Filmax. A policeman investigates the case of a young woman raped and murdered in Pamplona in 1973 but the case turns out to be much bigger than he expected. Prods: Eduardo Carneros, Javier Ibarretxe, Esteban Ibarretxe, Julio Fernandez. Dir: Norberto Ramos del Val. Scr: Javier Felix Etxaniz. Art dir: Ion Arretxe. DoP: Javier Bilbao. Main cast: Javier Albala, Ernesto Alterio, Luchy Lopez, ADolfo Fernandez, Ion Inciarte, Fernando Delgado. Shooting from Sept 29. Spanish.
Contact: KV Entertainment, (34) 94 479 2120

Out To Sea (Mar Adentro)
(Sogecine, Himenoptero) Drama. Adapted from the real life story of a paralysed man's struggle for his right to die. Prod: Fernando Bovaira. Dir: Alejandro Amenabar. Scr: Alejandro Amenabar, Mateo Gil. Art dir: Benjamin Fernandez. DoP: Javier Aguirresarobe. Main cast: Javier Bardem, Belen Rueda, Lola Duenas, Mabel Rivera, Clara Segura. Shooting for 11 weeks from October in Galicia, Madrid and Barcelona. Spanish.
Contact: Sogecine, (34) 91 736 7489

(MediaPro) The third part of a trilogy of narco-comedies following Airbag and Ano Mariano, about a thief who in trying to recuperate a valuable gem he gave to a mental patient checks himself in to a pyschiatric hospital. Dir/scr: Karra Elejalde. Main cast: Karra Elejalde, Fernando Guillen Cuervo. Shooting from September. Spanish.
Contact: MediaPro, (34) 93 476 1551

Vidas Veladas
(Ovideo TV) A woman is forced to live her entire life not knowing whether her son was fathered by her husband right before his death or her lover right before he went away to war, but goes looking for the latter on an island 30 years later. Prod: Quique Camin. Dir: Rosa Verges. Scr: Jordi Barrachina, Rosa Verges. Art dir: Silvia Steinbrecht. DoP: Mario Montero. Main cast: Silke, Gines Garcia Millan. Shooting for seven weeks from October 20. Spanish.
Contact: Ovideo TV, (34) 93 253 0320

(Sogecine, TriPictures) Comedy. A super-endowed neighborhood ladies man plots his ascent up the social ladder. Prods: Felipe Ortiz, Luis Ortiz, Jose Hueva, Fernando Bovaira. Dir: Julio Sanchez Valdes. Scr: Joaquin Andujar. Art dir: Juan Botella. DoP: Carlos Suarez. Ed: Juan Carlos Arroyo. Main cast: Oscar Jaenada. Shooting for eight weeks from October 20. Spanish.
Contact: TriPictures, (34) 91 400 9920


A Day Without Mexicans (Un Dia Sin Mexicanos)
(Plural Entertainment, Jose & Friends [Mex], Altavista [Mex], Videocine [Mex], Cinepolis Prods [Mex]). Prods: Eckehardt von Damm, Isaac Artenstein. Dir: Sergio Arau. Scr: Yareli Arizmendi, Arau. Based on award winning mockumentary short. California wakes up one morning to find that all the Latinos have disappeared. Main cast: Arizmendi, Michael White, Brian Brofy, Eduardo Palomo, Fernando Arau. Shot in Los Angeles, San Diego, Sacramento and San Francisco from May 12 for six to seven weeks.
Contact: Jose & Friends, (1) 323 935 0634

Ae Fond Kiss
(Sixteen Films [UK], Tornasol Films [Sp], EMCAsset Management [Ger], Bianca Film [It]) Dist (Sp): Alta Films. A Muslim Scot falls in love but his parents plan for him to marry his cousin. Prods: Rebecca O'Brien. Uli Felsberg, Gerardo Herrero. Dir: Ken Loach. Scr: Paul Laverty. DoP: Barry Ackroyd. Ed: Jonathan Morris. Main cast: Atta Yakub, Eva Birthistle, Riaz Ahmed, Shamshad Akhatar, Shabana Bhakish. Shot for 7 weeks from June in Glasgow and Spain. English.
Contact: Alta Films, (34) 91 542 2702

(Trivision) Budget: E 751,265. A tragedy complicates a love triangle in a small town. Prod: Ximo Perez. Dir: Rafa Montesinos. Scr: Pepe Tienda, Miquel Peidro. Art dir: Jero Bono. DoP: Javier Quintanilla. Ed: Vicente Ibanez. Main cast: Jorge de Juan, Joan Closas, Aida Folch, Angela Castilla, Fran Nortes. Shot for 6 weeks from August 18. Spanish.
Contact: Trivision, (34) 96 346 6292

The Archimedes Principle (El Principio De Arquimedes)
(Tornasol Films). Backers: TVE, Via Digital, Dist (Sp): Alta Films. Tensions arise between two friends and neighbors when they begin to work together. Prod: Gerardo Herrero. Exec prod: Mariela Besuievsky. Dir: Gerardo Herrero. Scr: Belen Gopegui. DoP: Alfredo Mayo. Ed: Carmen Frias. Art dir: Wolfgang Burmann. Music: Lucio Godoy. Main cast: Marta Belaustegui, Roberto Enriquez, Manuel Moron, Blanca Oteyza. Shot in Madrid for 8 weeks starting May 5. Spanish.
Contact: Tornasol Films, (34) 91 102 3029

Avellaneda's Moon (La Luna De Avellaneda)
(Tornasol Films, Polka [Arg], SB PRoducciones [Arg], Jempsa [Arg]) Budget: E 1.2m. An employee of a once-splendid, now-decaying social club decides the club should be sold to make way for a casino. Prods: Adrian Suar, Fernando Blanco, Jorge Estrada Mora, Gerardo Herrero. Dir: Juan Jose Campanella. Scr: Juan Jose Campanella, Fernando Castets, Juan Pablo Domenech. DoP: Daniel Shulman. Ed: Camilo Antolini. Main cast: Ricardo Darin, Mercedes Moran, Jose Luis Lopez Vazquez, Eduardo Blanco, Valeria Bertucelli. Shot for 10 weeks from August 11 in Buenos Aires. Spanish.
Contact: Tornasol Films, (34) 91 102 3029

Bad Education (La Mala Educacion)
(El Deseo) Budget: E 8.5m. Intl sales: Focus International. The story of two young men, one an aspiring actor and the other a film director, reunited in the 1980s, years after their childhood experience together in the Catholic school system of 1950s Spain. Dist (Sp): Warner Sogefilms. Prod: Agustin Almodovar. Exec prods: Agustin Almodovar, Esther Garcia. DoP: Jose Luis Alcaine. Ed: Jose Salcedo. Main cast: Gael Garcia Bernal, Fele Martinez, Javier Camara, Lluis Homar, Daniel Gimenez Cacho, Fran Boira. Shot for 12 weeks from June 9 in Spain. Spanish.
Contact: El Deseo, (34) 91 724 8199

Blood Red (Rojo Sangre)
(Canonigo Films) Budget: E 2.35m. Dist: Treinta y Tantos. An out-of-work actor takes revenge on lesser performers who have stolen his limelight. Prod: Marivi de Villanueva. Dir: Christian Molina. Scr: Jacinto Molina. DoP: Mischa Lluch. Ed: Bernard Aragones. Main cast: Paul Naschy, Guillermo Montesinos, Bibiana Fernandez, Jose Lifante, Teresa Manresa. Shot for 6 weeks from July 21 in Barcelona. Spanish.
Contact: Globally, (34) 91 781 3987

Bohemian Soul (Alma De Bohemio)
(Tesela PC). A man living in Spain whose trip home to Buenos Aires for his mother's funeral evokes flashbacks to his youth - and Argentina's turbulent past. Dir: Adolfo Aristarain. Scr: Adolfo Aristarain, Kathy Saavedra. Main cast: Juan Diego Botto. Shot from Aug 4 to Oct 10 in Spain and Argentina. Spanish.
Contact: Tesela Films, (34) 91 367 6776

The Bridge Of San Luis Rey
(Pembridge Pictures [UK], KanZaman [Sp], Davis Films [Fr], Movision [UK]) The collapse of a bridge in 18th century Peru kills five innocent people and sparks a community's search for spiritual meaning in the face of the tragedy. Prods: Garrett McGuckian, Denise O'Dell, Samuel Hadida, Michael Lionello Cowan, Jason Piette. Dir/scr: Mary McGuckian, based on the novel by Thornton Wilder. Line prod: Mark Albela. DoP: Javier Aguirresarobe. Prod des: Gil Parrondo. Eds: Kant Pan, Sylvie Landra. Costume des: Yvonne Blake. Make up/hair: Linda Devetta. SFX: Reyes Abades. Main cast: Robert De Niro, Harvey Keitel, Kathy Bates, F Murray Abraham, Gabriel Byrne, Geraldine Chaplin, Emilie Dequenne, Adriana Dominguez, Harvey Keitel, Pilar Lopez de Ayala, John Lynch, Dominique Pinon, Michael and Mark Polish, Jim Sheridan, Eusebio Lazaro, Samuel Le Bihan. Shot from April to June in Spain. English.
Contact: CNC Limited (44) 208 673 0048

Bunny On The Moon (Conejo En La Luna)
(Calle Cruzada, Beanca Films [Mex], Pandora Film [Ger]) Budget: $3.18m. Backer: Fidicine. Thriller drama. A global noir with techno salsa velocity. Exec prod: Karl Baumgartner. Prods: Jose Luis Escolar, Jorge Ramirez Suarez. Co prod: Raimond Goebel. Dir/scr: Ramirez Suarez. DoP: Javier Aguirresarobe. Ed: Pablo Zumarraga. Prod des: Salvador Parra. Costume des: Sabine Daigeler. Main cast: Nadja Uhl, Diego Luna, Jesus Ochoa, Jurgen Vogel, Emilio Echevarria. Shot in Mexico City and Germany from July 7 to Sept 5.
Contact: Beanca Films (49) 2244 918 567

Christopher Columbus, Revelation Of The Enigma (Cristobal Colon, La Revelacion Del Enigma)
(Trafico de Ideas, Malvarrosa Media). Documentary. Lingering questions about Columbus's origins five centuries later are re researched using the latest technological advances. Budget: E 672,180. Dirs/scr: Paz Bilbao, Nacho Maura. Exec prod: Piluca Baquero, Pedro Pastor. Prod: Modesto Perez. DoP: Jeronimo Molero. Ed: Gerardo Leon. Shot for six months from June 2 in Spain. Spanish.
Contact: Trafico de Ideas, (34) 91 524 0999

El Chocolate Del Loro
(Alma Ata International Pictures, Enrique Cerezo) Budget: E1.7m. A university student's plans to study for his final exam throw a curve when a fellow student moves in to his house. Prod: Jose Maria Calleja, Enrique Cerezo. Dir: Ernesto Martin. Scr: Jaime Miraval. Art dir: Carlos Zaragoza. DoP: Alfonso Postigo. Ed: Fernando Guariniello. Main cast: Borja Elgea, Roger Pera, Paula Echevarria, Jorge Sanz. Shot for 7 weeks from August 18. Spanish.
Contact: Alma Ata International Pictures,, (34) 91 572 3305

En Ninguna Parte
(I+D+C Prods) Budget: E 650,000. Six people meet at a gas station in the middle of nowhere but the hour and a half they spend together will mark all of their lives. Prod: Pedro Garcia-Ramos. Dir: Miguel Angel Carcano. Scr: Carcano and Ines Gonzalez Devesa. Art dir: Ines Aparicio. DoP: Martin Judewich. Main cast: Hector Alterio, Noelia Castano, Jose Angel Egido, Jorge Roelas, Frank Spano. Shot for 2 weeks from Sept 29. Spanish.
Contact: ddt2, (34) 91 444 0332

(Elias Querejeta, Cometa, Ensueno Films) A teenager forced to move in with his aunt and uncle following the death of his mother discovers new experiences and previously unexplored relatives, including the father he's never met. Budget: E 3.3m. Prod: Elias Querejeta. Dir: Gracia Querejeta. Scr: Gracia Querejeta, David Planell. DoP: Angel Iguacel. Ed: Nacho Ruiz Capillas. Music: Angel Illarramendi. Wardrobe: Maiki Marin. Make up: Romana Gonzalez. Hair: Josefa Morales. Main cast: Nilo Mur, Adriana Ozores, Joaquin Climent, Unax Ugalde, Damian Alcazar. Shot for 11 weeks from Feb 10 in Madrid. Spanish.
Contact: Elias Querejeta, (34) 91 345 7139

The Holy Girl (La Nina Santa)
(El Deseo, Lita Stantic Producciones [Arg], R&C Produzioni [It]) Budget: E1.28m. A coming-of-age tale of two teenage girls. Prod: Elida Maria Stantic. Dir/scr: Lucrecia Martel. DoP:Felix Monti. Ed: Santiago Ricco. Main cast: Carlos Belloso, Mercedes Moran, Alejandro Urapilleta, Mia Maestro. Shot for 8 weeks from June 16 in Argentina. Spanish.
Contact: El Deseo, (34) 91 724 8199

Hot Milk
(Canonigo Films) A young milk factory worker from a town in the provinces welcomes a range of new experiences when she travels for the first time to hedonist Ibiza. Dir: Ricardo Bofill. Scr: Ferran Monje, Ricardo Bofill. Prod: Christian Molina. Exec prod: Marivi de Villanueva. Art dir: David Murcia. DoP: Cobi Migliora. Ed: Xabi Carrasco. Dist (Sp): Treinta Y Tantos. Main cast: Veronica Echegui, Jesus Noguero, Marcos Cana, Quique San Francisco. Shot for 6 weeks from June 9 in Ibiza and Barcelona. Spanish.
Contact: Globally, (34) 91 781 3987

Hours Of Light (Horas De Luz)
(Sogecine, La Fiesta) Backers: TVE, Telemadrid, Canal Plus. Drama. A triple murderer finds love and redemption in prison through a relationship with a nurse. Prods: Fernando Bovaira, Gustavo Ferrada. Exec prods: Jose Angel Esteban, Carlos Lopez. Dir: Manolo Matji. Scr: Jose Angel Esteban, Carlos Lopez. DoP: Jose Luis Lopez Linares. Ed: Jose Maria Biurrun. Main cast: Alberto San Juan, Emma Suarez, Jose Angel Egido, Vicente Romero, Andres Lima. Shot for 8 weeks from June 2. Spanish.
Contact: Sogecine, (34) 91 736 7489

Kill The Angel (Matar Al Angel)
(Ruth Producciones) Budget: E1.5m. Backers: TVE, Via Digital. Thriller about a resurgence of a group of Nazis in Spain who are stalking the son of a prominent judge. Prods: Mateo Caboni, Daniel Mugica. Exec prod: Cesar Martinez. Dir/scr: Daniel Mugica. DoP: Angel Luis Fernandez. Ed: Luis Villar. Main cast: Yael Barnatan, Miguel Hermoso, Daniel Freire, Antonio Dechent. Shot for 6 weeks from June 23 in Spain. Spanish.
Contact: Javiera Figueroa, (34) 609 169 322

Last Nights In The Body (Las Ultimas Noches En El Cuerpo)
(Cartel) Dist (Sp): Lauren Films. A depressed man discovers a new realm of reality. Prod: Eduardo Campoy. Dir/scr: Vicente Penarrocha. DoP: Jose David Gonzalo. Ed: Luis M del Valle. Main cast: Gustavo Salmeron, Goya Toledo, Jose Coronado. Shot for 7 weeks from August 18 in Madrid. Spanish.
Contact: Cartel, (34) 91 310 3834

Los Nombres De Alicia
(El Espejo PCT, Relieve 32, El Relo, Fabrica de Imagens) Budget: E 1.6m. A young woman moves into a family's home to teach their children English - and the family slowly uncovers the mysteries behind her life. Prods: Marta Crespo. Jose Luis Carvallhosa. Dir: Pilar Ruiz Gutierrez. Scr: Pilar Ruiz Gutierrez, Jorge Goldenberg. Art dir: Pablo Alonso. DoP: Carles Gusi. Main cast: Ana Moreira, Pep Molina, Gracia Olayo, Santaigo Ramos, Hecto Tomas, Carolina Pattersson. Shot for 6 weeks from Sept 8. Spanish.
Contact: El Espejo, (34) 91 509 1909

Loved Ones (Seres Queridos)
(Tornasol Films, Patagonik [Arg], Gemini Films [Fr]) Dist (Sp): Alta Films. A Jewish girl falls in love with a Palestinian. Prods: Gerardo Herrero, Javier Lopez Blanco, Mariela Besuievsky, Patrick Cassavetti, Pablo Bossi, Adrian Sturgues, Paublo Branco. Dirs/scr: Teresa Pelegri, Dominic Harari. DoP: Daniel Cohen. Ed: Fernando Pardo. Main cast: Marian Aguilera, Guillermo Toledo, Norma Aleandro, Maria Botto, Fernando Ramallo. Shot for 7 weeks from July 23 in Madrid. Spanish.
Contact: Alta Films, (34) 91 542 2702

The Machinist
(Castelao Productions) A factory worker suffering from severe insomnia is involved in an accident which costs a colleague an arm and which sets events spiraling out of control. Prod: Julio Fernandez. Exec prods: Carlos Fernandez, Antonia Nava. DoP: Xavi Gimenez. Ed: Luis de la Madrid. Main cast: Christian Bale, Jennifer JAson Leigh, AItana Sanchez Gijon, John Sharian, Matthew Romero. Shot for 7.5 weeks from May 26 in Barcelona. English.
Contact: Filmax, (34) 93 336 8555

Mauvais Esprit (Working Title)
(Vertigo [Fr], Mate Productions) A young man who is killed in a car accident by his worst enemy, reincarnates as the son of his enemy, allowing him the chance for revenge. Budget: E11.1m. Prods: Manuel Munz, Mate Cantero. Dir: Patrick Alessandrin. Scr: Patrick Alessandrin, Laurent Chouchan. Art dir:Alain Bainee. DoP: Javier Aguirresarobe. Wardrobe: Brigitte Nierhaus. Make up/Hair: Lourdes Briones, Manolo Carretero. Main cast: Thierry Lhermitte, Leonor Watling, Ophelie Winter, Michel Muller. Shot from Sept through Oct in Paris and Madrid. French.
Contact: Mate Productions, (34) 91 395 2254

One Hundred Ways To Finish Off Love (Cien Maneras De Acabar Con El Amor)
(Nisa Producciones) Budget: E 1.14m. Dist (Sp): Asfalto. A middle-aged man gets the job offer of a lifetime to write a book about love, but the other true love story he has experienced was with his ex-wife. Exec prod: Emilio Oviedo. Dir/scr: Vicente Perez Herrero. DoP: Federico Ribes. Main cast: Sergi Calleja, Rosana Pastor, Carmen Elias, CArlos Bardem, Cristina Plazas. Shot for 6 weeks from July 7 in Valencia and Madrid. Spanish.
Contact: Nisa Producciones, (34) 96 362 3684

Perfect Wrong Love (Perfecto Amor Equivocado)
(Wanda Films, Fenix PC, ICAIC [Cuba]) Comedy about a writer dealing with some personal problems. Budget: E 1m. Dir: Gerardo Chijona. Scr: Gerardo Chijona, Eduardo del Llano. DoP: Raul Perez Ureta. Music: Edesio Alejandro. Main cast: Luis Alberto Garcia, Beatriz Valdes, y Susana Perez y al espanol Sancho Gracia. Otro espanol, Javier Gurruchaga Shot from January 14 through March 21 in Cuba. Spanish.
Contact: Wanda Films, (34) 91 352 8376

Pink Fists (Punos Rosas)
(Plural Entertainment, Videocine[Mex]) Backer: Fidecine. Budget: $1.6m. Int'l sales: Mineko Mori, Televisa Cine. Black comedy. Exec prod: Eckehardt Von Damm. Prod: Avelino Rodriguez. Dir: Beto Gomez. Scr: Gomez, Alfonso Suarez Romero. DoP: Hector Osuna. Ed: Jorge Garcia. Prod des: Hania Robledo. Costume des: Josefina Echeverria. Hair/make up: Alfredo Mora, Felipe Salazar, Isabel Amezcua. Cast: Jose Yenque, Rodrigo Oviedo, Roberto Espejo, Cecilia Suarez. Randy Vasquez. Shot for Brownsville, Texas and Matamoros, Mexico in May.
Contact: Videocine, (52) 55 5339 3000

The Promise (La Promesa)
(Tesela Films, Porticode Comunicacion) Dist (Sp): Alta Films. Psycho thriller about a religious obsessed housewife who loses touch with reality. Exec prod: Jose Antonio Felez. Assoc prod: Moncho Varela. Dir/scr: Hector Carre. DoP: Juan Carlos Gomez. Ed: Nacho Ruiz Capillas. Main cast: Carmen Maura, Ana Fernandez, Chete Lara, Juan Margallo, Evaristo Calvo, Santiago Baron. Shot from July 28 to Oct 17 in Galicia and Madrid. Spanish.
Contact: Tesela Films, (34) 91 367 6776

Puppy (Cachorro)
(Star Line TV Productions) Budget: E2.5m. A gay dentist must tone down his lifestyle when his 11 year old nephew comes for a short stay that turns into a longer stay when his mother is arrested with drugs in India. Prod: Juan Alexander. Dir: Miguel Albaladejo. Scr: Albaladejo, Salvador Garcia. DoP: Alfonso Sanz. Art dir: Jose Carmona. Music: Lucio Godoy. Ed: Pablo Blanco. Main cast: Jose Luis Garcia PErez, David Castillo, Arno Chevrier, Empar Ferrer. Shot from April 21 for 8 weeks in Madrid and Valencia. Spanish.
Contact: Star Line TV, (34) 91 426 3494

Roma Santa
(Castelao Productions) Budget: E3.1m. Dist (Sp): Sogedasa. A wolf-man terrorises the residents of small towns. Prods: Julio Fernandez, Carlos Fernandez. Dir: Paco Plaza. Scr: Elena Serra, Alberto Marini, based on an original idea by Alfredo Conde. DoP: Javier Salmones. Ed: David Gallart. Main cast: Elsa Pataki, Gary Piquer, Maru Valdivieso, Laura Mana, Carlos Reig. Shot for 9 weeks from July 28 in Galicia and Barcelona. Spanish.
Contact: Filmax, (34) 93 336 8555

Say I Do (Di Que Si)
(Columbia Films Producciones Espanolas, Zebra Producciones) Budget: E3.6m. Dist (Sp): Columbia TriStar Films de Espana. An unlikely couple begins an unlikely romance after their hate-at-first-sight encounter on a game show. Exec prods: Natacha Kucic, Antonio Saura. Dir/scr: Juan Calvo. DoP: Gonzalo F Berridi. Ed: Javier Laffaille. Main cast: Santi Millan, Paz Vega, Santiago Segura, Pepe Viyuela, Ornella Muti, Chus Lampreave. Shot for 9.5 weeks from August 4 in Madrid and Oropesa de Mar. Spanish.
Contact: Columbia Films Producciones Espanolas, (34) 91 377 7815

Secret Agents (Agentes Secretos)
(Alquimia Cinema, La Chauve Souris [Fr], Medusa Film [It]) Budget: E14.6m. Spy thriller which starts when a cadaver washes up in southern Spain with a chip containing information about an arms and diamonds trafficking network in Africa. Dir: Frederic Schoendoeffer. Scr: Schoendoeffer, Olivier Douyere. Exec prods: Francisco Ramos, Eric Neve. Art dir: Jean Baptiste Poirot. DoP: Jean Pierre Sauvaire. Main cast: Vincent Cassel, Monica Bellucci, Andre Dussolier, Charles Berling. Shooting from March 4 for 12 weeks in Paris, Geneva, Morocco, Madrid and Tarifa.
Contact: Alquimia Cinema, (34) 91 748 9040

The Seventh Day (El Septimo Dia)
(Lolafilms) Budget: E 3.2m. Loosely based on real events involving two brothers who went on a killing spree in a small rural town. Prod: Andres Vicente Gomez. Assoc prod: Marco Gomez. Dir: Carlos Saura. Scr: Ray Loriga. DoP: Javier Aguirresarobe. Main cast: Jose Garcia, Juan Diego, Angela Molina, Jose Luis Gomez. Shot for 8.5 weeks from July in Spain. Spanish.
Contact: Lolafilms, (34) 91 436 7400

Summer Clouds (Nubes De Verano)
(Tornasol Films, Messidor Films) Backers: TVE, TV3, Generalitat de Catalunya. Dist (Sp): Alta Films. The tale of two cousins who set out to separately seduce a man and his wife during the course of one summer. Prods: Gerardo Herrero, Marta Esteban. Dir: Felipe Vega. Scr: Felipe Vega, Manuel Hidalgo. DoP: Alfonso Parra. Ed: Angel Hernandez Zoido. Music: Josep Sanou. Main cast: Roberto Enriquez, Natalia Millan, David Selvas, IRene Montigala, Roger Casamajor. Shot for 7 weeks starting May 26 in Catalunya. Spanish.
Contact: Tornasol Films, (34) 91 102 3029

Swindled (Incautos)
(Alquimia Cinema, Mandarin Films [Fr]) Thriller about a group of con artists trying to con each other. Dist (Sp): Manga Films. Budget: E 3.4m. Exec prod: Ricardo Garcia Arrojo. Art dir: Veronica Toledo. DoP: Thirry Arbogast. Ed: Ivan Aledo. Music: Juan Bardem. Wardrobe: Tatiana Hernandez. Make up: Ana Lozano. Hair: Manolo Garcia. Main cast: Victoria Abril, Federico Luppi, Ernesto Alterio, Jose Garcia, Guillermo Toledo. Shot for 10 weeks from February 17 in Madrid, Segovia and Canary Islands. Spanish.
Contact: Alquimia Cinema, (34) 91 748 9040

Things Which Make Life Worth Living (Cosas Que Hacen Que La Vida Valga La Pena)
(BocaBoca) A love affair blossoms between an unhappy office worker and an unemployed man. Prod: Cesar Benitez. Dir: Manuel Gomez Pereira. Scr: Joaquin Oristrell, Yolanda Garcia Serrano, with collaboration from Carlos Molinero, Luis Piedrahita. DoP: Juan Amoros. Ed: Jose Salcedo. Main cast: Eduard Fernandez, Ana Belen, Jose Sacristan. Shot for seven weeks from June. Spanish.
Contact: BocaBoca, (34) 91 566 1500

Triple Agent
(Rezo Productions [Fr], Compagnie Eric Rohmer [Fr], Tornasol Films [Sp], Alta PC [Sp], Bim Produzione [It], Strada Productions [Fr]) Dist (Sp): Alta Films. A spy story loosely based on real events about a French Greek couple living in Paris in 1936. Prods: Francoise Etchegaray, Jean Michel Rey, Philippe Liegeois, Gerardo Herrero, Enrique Gonzalez Macho. Dir/scr: Eric Rohmer. DoP : Diane Baratier. Ed: Mary Stephen. Main cast: Serge Renko, Katerina Didaskalou, Amanda Langlet, Emmanuel Salinger, Cyrielle Claire. Shot from March 20 for 8 weeks in France. French.
Contact: Alta Films, (34) 91 542 2702

The Violet Gaze (La Mirada Violeta)
(Violeta Films SL, Mundo Ficcion SL) Budget: E 1.8m. Violet is constantly torn between her desire to devour men and her desire to settle down. Exec prod: Melchor Miralles, Augusto Prieto. Dirs/scr: Nacho Perez de la Paz, Jesus Ruiz. DoP: Aitor Mantxola. Ed: Fernando Pardo. Main cast: Cayetana Guillen Cuervo, Roberto Enriquez, Isabel Ordaz, Alberto Jimenez, Asier Otxandia. Shot for 7 weeks from June 23 in Madrid. Spanish.
Contact: Mundo Ficcion, (34) 91 547 2059

(Wanda Vision, Control Zeta Films [Uru]) A nearly bankrupt store owner asks his sole employee to pose as his wife when his brother comes to town. Prods: Jose Maria Morales, Fernando Epstein. Exec prod: Fernando Epstein. Dirs: Juan Pablo Rebella, Pablo Stoll. Scr: Juan Pablo Rebella, Pablo Stoll, Gonzalo Delgado. DoP: Barbara Alvarez. Ed: Fernando Epstein. Main cast: Andres Pazos, Mirella Pascual, Jorge Bolan, Ana Katz, Daniel Hendler. Shot for 7 weeks from July in Uruguay. Spanish.
Contact: Wanda Vision, (34) 91 351 7283

The Whispers Of My Heart (Los Suspiros De Mi Corazon)
(ATPIP Producciones, Aleph Media [Arg]) A man tries to escape his destiny as it is clearly defined in a horoscope. Exec prod: Lina Echeverri, Isidro Miguel. Dir: Enrique Gabriel. Scr: Lucie Lipschutz, Enrique Gabriel. DoP: Raul Perez Ureta. Ed: Alejo Hoijman. Main cast: Roger Coma, Salvador Sanz, Osvaldo Bonet, Enrique Blugerman, Sergi Calleja. Shot for 7 weeks from August 4 in Madrid, Barcelona, Buenos Aires and San Luis. Spanish.
Contact: ATPIP Producciones, (34) 91 415 7078

The Whore And The Whale (La Puta Y La Ballena)
(Wanda Vision, Patagonik [Arg]) Parallel love stories set in Patagonia in the 1930s and today. Budget: $3.2m. Dir/scr: Luis Puenzo. DoP: Jose Luis Alcaine. Wardrobe: Sonia Grande. Main cast: Aitana Sanchez Gijon, Leonardo Sbaraglia, Miguel Angel Sola, Merce Sole. Shot for 12 weeks from January 27 in Argentina. Spanish.
Contact: Wanda Vision, (34) 91 352 8376

The Year Of The Flood (El Ano Del Diluvio)
(Gonafilm, Oberon Cinematografica, MC2 Productions [Fr], Kairos [It]) Budget: E 4.2m. A nun seeking financing for a hospital in 1953 falls in love with a wealthy landowner but ultimately finds the funds from an ailing rebel fighter. Exec prod: Juan Gona. Co-prods: Margarita Cadenas, Antonio Chavarrias, Francesco Panphili. Dir: Jaime Cavarri. Scr: Eduardo Mendoza, Jaime Chavarri, based on the novel by Eduardo Mendoza. DoP: Ricardo Aronovich. Ed: Jose Salcedo. Main cast: Fanny Ardant, Dario Grandinetti, Eric Caravaca, Eloy Azorin, Luis Omar. Shot for 9 weeks from August 4 in Barcelona and Gerona. Spanish.
Contact: Gonafilm, (34) 91 441 0026