Imagina’s post production outfit Molinare and competitor Infinia, part-owned by Filmax, are in advanced negotiations to merge their two companies.

Molinare and Infinia are already the two leading post production outfits in Spain, alongside Vertice 360’s Apuntolapospo. The new merged entity will integrate the two company’s post-production activities with each company retaining its own specialisations and portfolio of clients.

“The negotiations, which began some time ago, are in an advanced stage with only a few aspects of the agreements between the partners left to be ironed out as well as presenting the deal to the Spanish Competition Commission,” the two companies confirmed in a press statement.

Molinare is based in Madrid and Barcelona and is part of the Imagina Group, with 128 staff members and an annual turn-over of $16m (€12m). The company has worked on the effects for several key titles, including those sold by Imagina, such as Nacho G Velilla’s comedy Chef’s Special and Miguel Marti’s comedy horror Sexykiller, as well as other major Spanish films such as Pedro Almodovar’s Bad Education and All About My Mother.

Infinia is owned by Landon Investment SCR (49.9 %), Filmax (34%) and Inova (16.1%) with turnover for 2010 of $10m (€7.5m) and a staff of 75 also based in Barcelona and Madrid. The company has performed work on Juan Antonio Bayona’s hugely successful horror The Orphanage (pictured) and Filmax titles, including Brad Anderson’s Transsiberian, starring Woody Harrelson and Ben Kingsley, and Nacho Cerda’s The Abandoned.

“The merger will allow the two companies to concentrate its best assets as well as leverage the philosophies of the two businesses for maximum future profit,” the statement concluded.