The apocalyptic robots of Transformers just about did enough to keep
Bruce Willis at bay as Paramount/DreamWorks' Transformers ruled the
overseas market at the weekend.

The action epic grossed an estimated $43.6m from 3,503 venues in 29
territories following last weekend's robust take-off and now stands at

Meanwhile Sony Pictures Releasing International (SPRI) top brass were
celebrating as the distributor crossed $1bn in overseas receipts in
record time on Saturday [7], smashing its own industry speed record
set last year on Aug 24.

Returning to Transformers, the film opened in 19 territories including
Russia, where director Michael Bay enjoyed a personal best number one
launch of $8.3m from 394 sites. Spain also produced a table-topping
result and a new record for Bay on $5.2m from 706 sites.

Elsewhere Transformers opened top in the Netherlands and Sweden on
$1.4m from 111 and $1.3m from 88 respectively, with another personal
best for the director in Sweden.

The Ukraine produced $1m from 89 screens for a new Bay record, Denmark
generated $800,000 from 68 sites, Hungary delivered $477,000 from 40
sites, Finland produced a number one $366,000 results from 41 screens,
and there was an excellent number one launch in Turkey on $992,000
from 160.

The UAE generated the industry's fourth biggest opening and a record
for Bay on $781,000 from 38 screens, while the director enjoyed
another new record in Portugal on $596,000 from 64 screens.

The film held on to its top berth in Australia in the second weekend
despite a 45% drop, as $3.8m from 231 screens raised the tally there
to $13.5m. It fell 40% in South Korea on $7.9m from 559 sites to an
excellent $25.5m, and 23% in New Zealand where it also held on to the
number one spot on $1m from 63 screens for $3m.

Fox International's Die Hard 4.0 opened in 14 new markets and added a
mighty $41.4m from a total of 49 to raise its tally to $84.3m after
two weekends.

Weekend highlights were a $9.8m second place launch in the UK from 463
screens, first place in France on $6.9m from 749, second place in
Mexico on $2.1m from 802, and a first or second place launch in
Belgium on $1m from 98.

The action sequel stayed top in its second weekends in Japan and
Germany on $3.2m from 730 for $13.9m after a 33% drop, and $4.2m from
890 for $14.1m after a 37% drop respectively.

Bruce Willis brings the mayhem to South Korea and Taiwan on Jul 19,
followed by Australia, Spain, Italy, Brazil and Argentina in August.

Fantastic Four 2: Rise Of The Silver Surfer will cross $100m this week
after it grossed $7.9m from 47 markets for $96.7m.

The comic book adaptation opened in two small Eastern European markets
and has amassed $22.6m in the UK and $8.3m in Italy - both after four
weekends - and $14.7m in Mexico and $6.3m in Australia after three.
France, Spain, Japan, South Korea and Sweden are yet to open.

Paramount/DreamWorks' Shrek The Third crossed $300m for PPI as $33.5m
from 6,114 sites in 53 territories raised the tally to $322m.

The animated fairy tale stayed top in the UK as $10.2m from 444
screens following a 44% drop raised the cumulative total to $50.1m.
The film fell 33% in France and generated $3.6m from 767 for $34.2m,
and dropped 42% in Germany where $2.8m from 770 raised the tally to
$19m. New Zealand produced a 43% climb and generated $494,000 from 75
for $4.5m.

Pirates Of The Caribbean: At World's End is now the fifth biggest
international release in history after seven weekends following an
$8.1m weekend boost from 6,597 screens that elevated the film's
overseas running total to $623.7m.

Buena Vista International's (BVI) family adventure overtook Harry
Potter And The Chamber Of Secrets' $614.7m mark and is bearing down on
Pirates Of The Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest's $642m fourth place score.

Globally At World's End now ranks as the sixth biggest performer on
$925.4m and should overtake The Lord Of The Rings: The Return Of The
King's $926.3m tally within a matter of days and climb to fifth.

Latest international tallies put the UK on $78.9m, Japan on $78m,
Germany on $56.1m, and France on $45.7m. Japan will become the film's
biggest international market by next weekend. At World's End is now
the third biggest release in China, where it fell 50% and added
$675,000 for $15.3m.

Ratatouille grossed $9.3m from 1,835 screens in 12 territories for an
early $17.6m international running total. The result was fired up by
12 number one launches including $4.2m on 750 screens in Mexico that
produced Pixar's second biggest release.

The animated tale achieved the same record for Pixar in Brazil and
Argentina, where it took $1.3m from 300 and $650,000 from 150

In second weekends, Ratatouille fell 51% in Russia on $1.7m for $6.6m,
and fell 12% in Colombia on $414,000 from 140 for an impressive $1.4m.
The film opens in Japan and South Korea in the last weekend of July.

SPRI has now crossed the $1bn milestone seven times in the new
millennium. Spider-Man 3 has been the chief driver this year, opening
number one in each of the 111 territories in the historic $233m
international launch back in May and going on to gross $549.4m so far.

Other key drivers have been $103.9m from Ghost Rider, and the $120.1m
and $87.9m respective 2007 portions of the overall grosses of The
Pursuit Of Happyness and Casino Royale.

SPRI generated $1.634bn in its record year last year, and has amassed
$8.7bn in the new millennium. So far this year, Sony Pictures
Entertainment (SPE) films have generated more than $1.84bn in
worldwide ticket sales.

Last year SPE finished on $3.3bn worldwide. Upcoming SPE releases this
year include the comedies Superbad and Walk Hard, vampire thriller 30
Days Of Night, and the epic family adventure The Water Horse: Legend
Of The Deep.

'It is extremely gratifying to lead the industry for 2007 coming off
our biggest year ever in 2006,' SPRI president Mark Zucker said. 'We
are very proud of our releasing teams in every country that have
proven many times over that we're the most effective distributor in
the world. Capping our string of success with Sony's biggest film ever
in Spider-Man 3 was the most exciting event in my entire career.'

Weekend results were slightly more mundane for SPRI, as Hostel Part II
added $1.4m from 974 screens in 15 markets for $10.7m. Stomp The Yard
opened in Italy on $370,000 from 246 screens and raised the
international running total to $12.9m.

Warner Bros Pictures International's (WBPI) crime caper Ocean's
Thirteen grossed $9.2m from 4,930 prints in 55 markets for $139.6m.
Latest figures put the UK on $24.5m, Germany on $14.4m, France on
$10.2m, Spain on $9.4m, Australia and South Korea on $9.1m, and Italy
on $7m. Japan opens on Aug 10.

Universal's comedy Knocked Up, which has been the sleeper success of
the summer in North America, launched its international run in fine
style through UPI with an excellent $3.3m number one opening in
Australia from 222 sites.

The result included previews and ranks as the third biggest comedy
opening of the year behind Ocean's Thirteen and Mr Bean's Holiday.
Knocked Up rolls out in Russia on Jul 26, Germany on Aug 23, and the
UK on Aug 24.

Evan Almighty added $500,000 from 160 venues in eight territories for
an early $4m international cumulative total, powered by a $285,000
number one release in Greece in 44 sites.

Coming up are South Korea on Jul 26, the UK on Aug 3, Germany on Aug
9, France on Aug 15, Spain on Aug 24, and Australia on Sept 20, all
during school holidays.

Hot Fuzz had no new openings this weekend and added $225,000 from
holdovers at 424 sites in 12 territories for $53.5m. Another comedy,
Mr Bean's Holiday, stands at $176.4m. The total including France is
$184.6m. China opens on Jul 27 followed by South Korea opens on Aug