Hong Kong's Media Asia has unveiled three new projects, to start shooting in the first half of next year, and confirmed that Stanley Tong will direct its big-budget Jackie Chan action vehicle, Titanium Rain.

Tong previously directed Chan in his first three stateside hits - Supercop, Rumble In The Bronx and First Strike. Now based in Shanghai, Tong also produced US TV series Martial Law and directed Hong Kong-China co-production, China Strike Force.

Media Asia had previously lined up another much-in-demand Hong Kong director, Jingle Ma, to direct Titanium Rain. However the project has been delayed several times due to Jackie Chan's busy schedule. It is now set to start shooting in June, after Chan finishes Around The World In Eighty Days, at locations including China, Hong Kong and India.

Meanwhile, Media Asia also announced that Gordon Chan - who most recently directed Jackie Chan in Emperor Multimedia Group's The Highbinders - will direct a Chinese New Year project, tentatively titled Cat & Mouse. Andy Lau and Cecilia Cheung are lined up to star.

Also in development is Gather Ye Rose, a romantic drama to be directed by Stanley Kwan whose credits include gay-themed drama Lan Yu and The Island Tales. Canto-pop singers Sammi Cheng and Leon Lai are set to star.

Media Asia will also co-produce the sequel to Love Undercover with Mei Ah Entertainment. Joe Ma will again direct, with a cast headed by Miriam Yeung and Daniel Wu.