The latest investment by the founder, chairman and CEO brings the amount of seed funding and angel investment in the social network and film marketing platform to $750,000.

The capital infusion will help MovieLaLa achieve its stated goal of rebuilding the traditional Hollywood marketing model by creating a data-driven marketing platform for studios.

The service will provide the studios with target data audience and offer fans a customised feed and exclusive social networking experience.

“Movie studios are spending hundreds of millions of dollars to market movies without the analytics and data to know where to target that marketing and to know it’s working,” said Benioff.

“MovieLaLa brings those studios the data they need to make informed decisions. I believe there’re a lot of opportunities in CRM [customer relations management] tools that studios can benefit from.”

“We look forward to furthering our mission by closing the missing loop in movie marketing by helping studios optimise their marketing dollars through more effective online targeting with movie fans,” said MovieLaLa CEO Dana Loberg.

“Marc, our other investors and the MovieLaLa management team want MovieLaLa to be the trusted partner for studios that can market their movies with data and analytics.”

Previously announced MovieLaLa investors include Machinima chairman, CEO and co-founder Allen DeBevoise; former HBO president of digital initiatives and co-founder and president of Warner Bros Online, Jim Moloshok; founding Flixster investor Larry Braitman; producer Angie Wang; former executive-in-residence at Greylock Partners, Adam Nash; and Manatt Digital Media Ventures.