China’s Huayi Brothers Media has scored major pre-sales on its steam-punk action drama Tai Chi 0 to Well Go USA in North America, Showbox in UK and Wild Side in France.

Huayi Brothers Media is also close to deals in other territories including Australia/New Zealand, Southeast Asia and the rest of Europe.

Shooting has started in China and the film is scheduled to be released in China at the end of the year.

Written by Taiwanese film-maker Cheng Hsiao-tse (Miao Miao) and directed by Stephen Fung (House of Fury, Jump), the film will feature the unique Chinese martial arts style Taichi, telling about a young man’s long journey finding his Tai Chi mentor and becoming a Tai Chi master himself, eventually he faces a challenge to fight against an army of steam punk invaders in order to protect his villagers.

The cast of the film being kept under wraps but it is understood that Huayi is introducing a young Chinese actor to play the character of the Tai Chi hero, while Jet Li will also play a key role in the film.

Huayi Brothers is planning to make Tai Chi Zero the first of a Tai Chi trilogy and it is understood that the writing of the second and third film has started. The film’s set and steam punk adventures will also be featured in the Huayi Brothers Theme Park, scheduled to start construction in Suzhou City in May.