The new Serbian independent production company Talking Wolf Productions (TWP), which focuses on action and horror genre films, is planning its first feature, Zone Of The Dead.

The project, which is co-produced with Pink Film International Studios (the first private large-scale studio in Serbia), Viktorija Film, Italy's Trees Pictures and Spain's ABS Production, started principal photography on May 16.

The film is directed by Milan Todorovic and co-written by Vukota Brajovic, founders of TWP, and co-directed and co-written by Milan Konjevic. It stars Ken Foree, Kristina Klebe (Rob Zombie's Halloween), Ariadna Cabrol (Perfume: Story Of A Murderer), Italian Emilio Roso, Brajovic, Miodrag Krstovic, Nenad Ciric and Marko Janjic.

The film tells the story about industrial town Pancevo near Belgrade, which comes under siege as Serbian army is doing maneuvers. At the train station, an experimental, dangerous biochemical toxin leaks into the air and turns humans into mindless bloodthirsty beings. Simultaneously, agents of Interpol are transporting a prisoner of mysterious past (Roso) through Pancevo to Belgrade. They quickly meet the first infected inhabitants and realize that the only way out is escape from Pancevo. The Interpol agent (Foree) has to join forces with the prisoner who is somehow connected to the mysterious events.

Along with last year's horror hit Sheytan's Warrior, this project opens a new perspective in Serbian film. 'We intend to make a sequel to Zone Of The Dead and we have a lot of other projects in the line,' says Todorovic. 'This can be a new future for young Serbian actors and film-makers who don't have a chance to participate in big-budget films.'

The film is handled by leading Serbian distributor Tuck Vision and the release is set for autumn this year.