Design and advertising agency TEA - The Entertainment Agency, has joined forces with trailer company Wonderland, and the companies are now known as TEA: Wonderland.

TEA has more than 20 years experience in print film marketing, and Wonderland is a year-old company started by Rob Darvell and Joe Pisano that has worked on trailers for Stardust and Hot Fuzz.

Also, writer Paul Noble will leave The Creative Partnership to join TEA: Wonderland in September. He has worked on campaigns for Children of Men, 28 Weeks Later, Hot Fuzz, The Good Shepherd, Stormbreaker and Venus.

TEA:Wonderland will work with with audio-visual material for film marketing, including trailers, TV and radio spots, promos, interactive games and DVD releases.

Darvell said: 'This is a fantastic opportunity to create a very important addition in the marketplace to be able to service film marketers' needs, and to bring new dynamics to help maximise a film's appeal. The tie-up with TEA will allow us to increase our operational and client bases.'

Vince Keene, Managing Director of TEA, added: 'This is a unique opportunity for us to expand into the a/v sector with two of the recognized top talents of a/v marketing in town.'