The Dark Knight wrestled the overseas crown from The Mummy: Tomb Of The Dragon Emperor as it soared past $300m thanks to an estimated $42.4m weekend haul that raised the tally to $328.6m.

Warner Bros Pictures International (WBPI) chiefs said the Batman epic
was active on more than 7,700 screens in 60 markets and drew
approximately 5.2m admissions in its fifth weekend of service.

Tomb Of The Dragon Emperor had ruled the roost over the previous two weekends but was no match for The Dark Knight this time round, as WBPI's crime epic plundered $9.6m from 818 nationwide screens in a number one debut in France that finished 184% ahead of Batman Begins' opening weekend.

In other number one launches, The Dark Knight grossed $7.1m including previews from 570 in Spain to outperform Batman Begins by 134% and took $3.9m from 611 in Russia, where it has already passed the entire run of Batman Begins in its first two days.

The film stayed top in its second weekend in South Korea as $5m from 371 screens raised the tally to $14m after a 29% drop that was relatively light due to the Liberation Day holiday on Friday. A 20% drop in the second weekend in Japan, where film-goers are celebrating the Obon holiday, saw The Dark Knight add $1.6m from 460 for $8.8m.

Elsewhere the film added $4.3m and fell 47% in the UK for $79.6m, took $971,500 after falling 33% in Brazil for $18.5m and grossed $730,500 after a 23% drop in Italy for $12.8m, all in the fourth weekend. In the fifth weekend it added $1.7m after a 36% drop in Australia for $38.4m and grossed $624,200 after a 50% drop in Mexico for $24.2m. The Dark Knight launches in Germany on August 21.

Star Wars: The Clone Wars launched day-and-date with North America in 22 markets and grossed $7.6m from more than 3,200 screens and drew 1.1million admissions. Leading the way was the UK, where the animated film took $1.8m from 418 sites. Close behind were Mexico and Australia on $1.3m from 678 screens for second place and $1.2m from 263 screens, respectively.

Germany generated $940,300 including previews from 591 screens, while Brazil delivered $468,000 from 320 and Sweden produced $301,000 including previews from 102 in second place. The Clone Wars is scheduled to launch in Japan on August 23, France on August 27 and Spain on August 29. The TV spy spoof adaptation Get Smart added $1.8m from more than 1,110 screens in 34 markets for $76.7m.

Universal's The Mummy: Tomb Of The Dragon Emperor brought itself to within grasping distance of $200m following a $32.6m haul through UPI from 6,853 sites in 56 territories that elevated the running total to $196.6m.

The film ventured into seven new territories this weekend and scored a number one debut in Belgium on $1.1m including previews from 62 venues for 26% market share. It opened in second place in Japan during the Obon holiday behind Hayao Miyazaki's Ponyo On A Cliff and grossed $7.5m including $2.4m in previews.

Tomb Of The Dragon Emperor was expected to gross approximately $2.4m after a 56% drop in its second weekend in the UK to bring the tally to $15.5m in fourth place. A 52% drop in the second weekend in Germany produced $2.9m from 648 sites for $11.4m and second place. South Korea generated $2.5m from 286 following a 36% drop for $24.6m in second place. Next weekend's launches include German-speaking Switzerland.

Mamma Mia! became the first Universal release this year to cross $200m as $16.8m from 2,750 venues in 24 territories raised the tally to $204.6m. It currently ranks as the ninth biggest overseas release of 2008 and, ominously for its rivals, there are still 35 territories to go. The sole new launch was Spain, where the musical opened in second place on $2.7m from 404 sites. The running total in Spain including previews is $4.9m.

Mamma Mia! held firm at number one in its sixth weekend in the UK and dropped 25% for $4.1m from 536 to raise the tally to $89.2m, making it the biggest film of the year in the UK and 16th on the all-time roster. It fell 15% in the fifth weekend in Germany on $2.4m for $25m and ranks third. The musical added $1.3m from 286 in Australia after a 23% drop for third place on $24.5m and opens in Argentina and Taiwan next weekend.

Wanted went on the run in five new territories this weekend and added $4.5m from 1,734 sites for $126.5m. The graphic novel adaptation opened at number one in Mexico after grossing $2m from 274 cinemas for 28% market share and launched in second place in New Zealand on $300,000 from 50 cinemas. It also opened in Chile, Panama and Venezuela.

The action film's top ten territories so far are: Russia on $26.4m; the UK on $19.2m; South Korea on $19m; France on $9.7m; Australia on $6.2m; Italy on $5.9m; Taiwan on $4.4m; Hong Kong on $2.9m; Belgium on $2.5m; and the Philippines on $2.1m. Next weekend's launches include Brazil and Denmark.

The teen romance Wild Child opened in the UK and Netherlands this weekend, grossing $2.5m from 405 venues. The film launched in fifth place in the UK on $2.2m from 359 cinemas and opened in the Netherlands on $380,000 from 46 in third place. Horror tile The Strangers opened in seventh place in Australia on $610,000 from 122 sites.

Hellboy II: The Golden Army added $500,000 from 400 venues in nine territories for $25.2m. The fantasy action sequel opened in second place in Hong Kong on $380,000 from 37 venues and will arrive in six new territories next weekend including the UK.

Wall-E grossed $13.8m through Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures International in 3,824 theatres in 29 territories and stands at $146.2m. The film opened top in six smaller markets and set a string of records in the process.

Thailand's $800,000 from 105 screens generated the second biggest launch for a Disney animated film; the Philippines produced the third biggest with $535,000 from 70; the Czech Republic produced the biggest launch for a Disney animated release on $311,000 from 60; while Malaysia's $380,000 from 60 delivered the third biggest.

In the second weekend, Wall-E added $2m from 360 in South Korea for $5.7m, $2m from 502 in Spain after a 35% drop, and $562,000 from 84 following a 29% slip in Venezuela for $2m. In the third weekend the film added $2.5m from 736 screens in France after a 31% drop for $17m and in the fifth session it raised its tally in the UK by $1.3m from 491 to $38m.

The Chronicles Of Narnia: Prince Caspian added $5.7m from 2,907 screens in 29 for $261.9m and is expected to finish in the $275-$280m range. It opened at number one in Italy on $3.2m from 500 and claimed 65% market share. The third weekend in Germany delivered $1.2m from 790 for $11m.

Sony Pictures Releasing International's (SPRI) comedy You Don't Mess With The Zohan grossed $11.2m this weekend from 1,475 screens in 24 markets and raised the cumulative running total to $40.8m.

Leading the way were five key launches: Germany delivered $5.4m including previews from 591 screens for Adam Sandler's biggest launch; the UK produced $2.9m from 392 for third place; Austria produced $1.2m including previews from 78 for first place and another Sandler personal best; Brazil generated $880,000 from 121 for third place; and Turkey produced a $185,00 launch from 51 that ranked second.

The film added $220,000 from 40 in its second weekend in Holland to rank seventh on $740,000 and $100,000 from 30 in the second weekend in the Philippines for $555,000. Zohan opens in seven territories next weekend including Spain.

Hancock added $3.8m from 2,730 screens in 59 markets for $339.4m. Weekend highlights included $900,000 from 422 screens in France to rank fourth or fifth after six weekends on $27.6m; $770,000 from 358 in Spain to rank sixth in after five on $25.4m; and $500,000 from 435 in Germany to rank seventh after seven on $38.1m.

The superhero yarn added $160,000 from 62 in Belgium to rank seventh after six on $3.8m; $100,000 from 67 in Holland after six for $4.9m; $90,000 from 96 in the UK to rank 18th after seven on $49.1m; $90,000 from 79 in Australia to rank 11th after seven on $19.5m; $90,000 from 84 in Brazil to rank 13th after seven on $13.5m; and $65,000 from 47 in Austria to rank eighth after seven on $4.9m. The stoner comedy Pineapple Express grossed $780,000 from 195 screens in the second weekend in Australia and ranks fifth on $2.3m.

DreamWorks Animation-Paramount's Kung Fu Panda grossed $6.3m from 4,062 sites in 61 territories through PPI for $363.5m. The largest contribution came from Japan, where in the Obon holiday the animated romp increased by 21% on $1.3m from 438 sites to stand at $13.5m. In France, it grossed $1.1m from 683 after a 31% fall for $25m.

The action comedy Tropic Thunder opened very well day-and-date with North America in both Russia and the UAE, grossing an estimated $2.5m from 437 locations overall. The number one film in North America took $2.2m from 418 locations in Russia and $311,000 from 19 sites in the UAE in first place.

Indiana Jones And The Kingdom Of The Crystal Skull grossed $700,000 from 594 locations in 62 territories to raise its tally to $465m.

Fox International's sci-fi mystery The X-Files: I Want To Believe added $3.4m from approximately 4,400 screens in 52 for $36.5m, fuelled by a $1.1m South Korea launch on 235 screens and a mighty second place debut in Argentina that drew $251,935 from 45. It opened in fourth place in the Philippines on $155,810 from 64 and has amassed $2.5m in Mexico after two weekends and $4.1m in the UK after three.

The kidnapping thriller Taken continued to perform solidly in Fox International's limited number of markets, adding $2.9m from 745 in three for $4.8m. It opened in second place in Australia on $1.6m from 227 screens and scored a decent launch in Italy on $679,187 from 199. After two weekends in Spain the film has grossed $2.5m.

The comedy Meet Dave added $2.6m from 1,332 screens in 25 markets for $22.7m, led by a $1m launch in France on 320 screens. Horror title Mirrors took $552,617 from 127 screens in 11 smaller markets and the majority of territories will open in September and October.

The romantic comedy What Happens In Vegas launched in Japan and took $1.7m including previews from 191 screens for fourth place. Overall the film stands at $133.6m.