LA previsualization company The Third Floor is reaching out to Europe via a partnership with UK based visual effects outfit Framestore.

The new venture, The Third Floor – London, will be based in the UK and will see the two companies sharing staff, tools, skills and philosophies and an initial headquarters at Framestore’s Soho office.

The first projects to come out of the new venture will be Carl Rinsch’s 47 Ronin and Marc Forster’s World War Z (WWZ).

The Third Floor CEO and creative director Chris Edwards [pictured] said: “We’re excited to offer the best storytelling tools and talents to inspired directors throughout Europe and leverage our team’s experience in shaping creative ideas and technical approaches on wide-ranging types of films for the better part of a decade.  Our partnership with Framestore enables us to help directors and their entire crews maintain and realize their vision from early development through to the final visual effects through a collaborative and efficient process.”

Framestore CEO William Sargent added: “This is a genuinely exciting venture that will be a serious boost to the burgeoning European film market. We have a shared passion for filmmaking, visual excellence and storytelling. And we can further harness these mutual passions by combining skills, contacts and resources.”