How has theatrical film marketing changed in the past few years?

Vittorio Tamburini, senior vice-president, Marketing Sony Latin America: The competitive environment is tougher every day and we are required to find new ways to market our movies every time. Online, cable and mobile have become important tools.

Jorge Peregrino, senior vice-president, Paramount Latin America and the Caribbean: The biggest change has been more and more day-and-date releases with the US. This means we have to spend more money to market a film, since we don’t know how it performed domestically.

Martha Cavalheiro, vice-president, marketing, Twentieth Century Fox Latin America: The development of digital technology. The number of internet devices has grown from 1 million in 1992 to 1 billion last year. That new reality has converted online activities into true mass media actions.

Which have been the most successful innovations?

JP: The internet is a very useful tool when you want to hit teens and young adults, who are not reached by a traditional press and TV campaign.

MC: The explosion of user-generated content, such as blogs. The film industry has engaged with it through viral campaigns.

How has online transformed the way a film is marketed?

JP: It means more spending on a campaign and the necessity of having a person in the marketing department completely dedicated to online, in order to be fully aware of the new tools.

MC: Today’s consumers have access to an unprecedented amount and quality of information. Before a film’s campaign breaks out, movie-goers already know what it’s about and whether or not it was made for them. Studios now have to find the true selling points in each title and make those relevant to the public.

Is TV advertising still the most important element of a campaign?

JP: Yes, the difference is that with the growth of pay-TV, campaigns are more segmented and more targeted than before.

What is the most important thing to know about releasing a film in Brazil?

JP: To build awareness a long way before your release date. There are too many releases and too few cinemas, a problem that gets worse during our December-February and July long holidays.

Which recent marketing campaigns have impressed you?

VT: (Our own films) Spider-Man 3 and Quantum Of Solace because both became reference points for successful films in Brazil and Latin America for both genders.

JP: Any campaign should impress the consumer and not the executives.

MC: I admire strategies that defy the ancient rules of film marketing, including the idea that no film can be released without a newspaper campaign. We’ve seen films targeted to older males, in markets with extremely high readership, be successfully launched with no support on newspaper.

How will films be marketed 10 years from now?

VT: Even more integration between online and offline, and digital billboards will be used more. Words like ‘content’, ‘customisation’, ‘mobile’ will be part of our lives with all medias reinventing themselves. The ‘mass’ media will become less massive and with more personalised messages. The cellphone has all the conditions to become a mobile media. It can reach the consumer at any time, at any place simultaneously.

MC: The industry will be selling more than films. It will be promoting experiences that people won’t be able to enjoy in any other way. Of course, digital and 3D will play a key role in that scenario.

JP: I would love to know …

TOP 100, BRAZIL, 2008
 Title (Origin) DistributorGross US$
1The Dark Knight (US) Warner Bros$15m
2Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa (US) PPI$12.5m
3Kung Fu Panda (US) PPI$12.3m
3Iron Man (US) PPI$10.7m
5Indiana Jones And The Kingdom Of The … (US) PPI$10m
6Hancock (US) Spri$10m
7I Am Legend (US-Aus) Warner Bros$8.4m
8My Name Ain’t Johnny (Bra) Spri$8.3m
9The Mummy: Tomb Of The Dragon Emperor (US) PPI$8m
10Quantum Of Solace (UK-US) Spri$7.5m
11High School Musical 3: Senior Year (US) Walt Disney Smpi$5.9m
12The Chronicles Of Narnia: Prince … (US) Walt Disney Smpi$5.6m
13Journey To The Center Of The Earth (US) PlayArte$5.1m
14Wall-E (US) Walt Disney Smpi$4.7m
15Alvin And The Chipmunks (US) Fox$4.5m
1610,000 BC (US) Warner Bros$4.4m
17Horton Hears A Who! (US) Fox$4.1m
18The Incredible Hulk (US) PPI$3.9m
19What Happens In Vegas (US) Fox$3.9m
20The Bucket List (US) Warner Bros$3.9m
21Wanted (US) PPI$3.8m
22National Treasure: Book Of Secrets (US) Walt Disney Smpi$3.8m
23Made Of Honour (US-UK) Spri$3.5m
24Blindness (Can-Bra-Jap) Fox$3.5m
25Get Smart (US) Warner Bros$3.4m
26Jumper (US) Fox$3.3m
27Speed Racer (US-Ger) Warner Bros$3.3m
28The Kite Runner (US) PPI$3.3m
29The Happening (US-Ind) Fox$3.2m
30Sex And The City (US) PlayArte$3.2m
31Mamma Mia! The Movie (UK-US) PPI$3.2m
32Disaster Movie (US) Imagem$3.1m
33The Golden Compass (US) Spri$2.9m
34You Don’t Mess With The Zohan (US) Spri$2.8m
3521 (US) Spri$2.7m
36Saw V (US-Can) Walt Disney Smpi$2.6m
37American Gangster (US) PPI$2.4m
38Vicky Cristina Barcelona (Sp-US) Imagem$2.3m
39The Water Horse: Legend Of The Deep (US-UK) Spri$2.2m
40Marley & Me (US) Fox$2.1m
41Once Upon A Time In Rio (Bra) Spri$2.1m
42Vantage Point (US) Spri$2m
43Burn After Reading (US-UK-Fr) PPI-Universal$2m
44My Best Friend’s Girl (US) Imagem$1.9m
45Seven Pounds (US) Spri$1.9m
46No Country For Old Men (US) PPI$1.8m
47A Casa Da Mae Joana (Bra) Fox$1.8m
48Hellboy II: The Golden Army (US-Ger) PPI$1.8m
49Fly Me To The Moon (Bel) PlayArte$1.7m
50Last Stop 174 (Bra) PPI$1.7m
51Alien Vs Predator Requiem (US) Fox$1.7m
52Body Of Lies (US) Warner Bros$1.7m
53Sexo Com Amor (Bra) Fox$1.6m
54Bezerra De Menezes: O Diario de Um Espirito (Bra) Fox$1.6m
55The Game Plan (US) Walt Disney Smpi$1.5m
56The Spiderwick Chronicles (US) PPI$1.5m
5727 Dresses (US) Fox$1.5m
58Nights In Rodanthe (US) Warner Bros$1.4m
59Enchanted (US) Walt Disney Smpi$1.4m
60Se Eu Fosse Voce 2 (Bra) Fox$1.3m
61Street Kings (US) Fox$1.3m
62Bangkok Dangerous (US) PlayArte$1.2m
63Babylon AD (Fr-US) Fox$1.2m
64Atonement (UK-US-Fr) PPI$1.2m
65Meet Dave (US) Fox$1.2m
66The X-Files: I Want To Believe (US-Can) Fox$1.1m
67Charlie Wilson’s War (US) PPI$1.1m
68Max Payne (Can-US) Fox$1.1m
69A Guerra Dos Rocha (Bra) Fox$1.1m
70Dragon Hunters (Fr-Ger-Lux) Imagem$1.1m
71Eagle Eye (US-Ger) PPI$1.1m
72Awake (US) PlayArte$1.1m
73Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber … (US) Warner Bros$1m
74Bee Movie (US) PPI$971,000
75Cloverfield (US) PPI$941,000
76Taken (Fr) Fox$927,000
77The Forbidden Kingdom (US-Ch) Imagem$915,000
78Romance (Bra) Walt Disney Smpi$906,000
79O Guerreiro Didi E A Ninja Lili (Bra) Walt Disney Smpi$896,000
80My Mom’s New Boyfriend (Ger-US) Imagem$881,000
81My Blueberry Nights (HK-Ch-Fr) Europa$873,000
82Dan In Real Life (US) Europa$868,000
83Definitely, Maybe (UK-US-Fr) PPI$823,000
84Rendition (US) PlayArte$812,000
85The Seeker: The Dark Is Rising (US) Fox$806,000
86There Will Be Blood (US) Walt Disney Smpi$797,000
87Elizabeth: The Golden Age (UK-US-Fr-Ger) PPI$778,000
88Shutter (US) Fox$732,000
89Mirrors (US-Rom) Fox$725,000
90Star Wars: The Clone Wars (US) Warner Bros$721,000
91Chega De Saudade (Bra) Walt Disney Smpi$690,000
92Eastern Promises (UK-Can-US) Playarte$684,000
93Inkheart (US-Ger) PlayArte$660,000
94Linha De Passe (Bra) PPI-UPI$653,000
95Transporter 3 (Fr) Imagem$638,000
96The Eye (US) PPI$623,000
97Fools Gold (US) Warner Bros$590,000
98Tropic Thunder (US-Ger) PPI$587,000
99Meet The Spartans (US) Fox$564,000
100Death Race (US-Ger-UK) PPI-UPI$554,000


Imagem Filmes

Imagem had the highest market share of all indie distributors in Brazil last year with 7.5% of the total theatrical revenues. With a reputation for handling world cinema and arthouse titles such as Vicky Cristina Barcelona, Happy-Go-Lucky and Michael Clayton, the company is now expanding into more mainstream fare, including Superhero Movie, My Best Friend’s Girl and Disaster Movie.

Who to know: Ivan Boeing, international acquisitions director.

Recent acquisitions: Glenn Ficarra and John Requa’s I Love you Phillip Morris, Jorge Blanco and Javier Abad’s Planet 51, Mark Neveldine and Brian Taylor’s Game and Martin Campbell’s Edge Of Darkness.

Where to find them: Cannes, Berlin and AFM.

PlayArte Pictures

Brazil’s second-biggest indie distributor focuses on international titles with strong commercial potential such as Journey To The Center Of The Earth, which introduced 3D to Brazil. PlayArte has a further two independent 3D films on its slate - Battle For Terra 3D and Garfield Pet Rescue 3D. The distributor linked its successful Sex And The City campaign to a shopping mall opening in Sao Paulo that also had one of the film’s stars, Sarah Jessica Parker, as the face of its campaign. PlayArte also owns 12 theatres.

Who to know: Otelo Bettin Coltro, executive vice-president; Mari Kodama, acquisitions manager.

Recent acquisitions: Atom Egoyan’s Chloe and Rebecca Miller’s The Private Lives Of Pippa Lee.

Where to find them: Berlin, Cannes, AFM, Mipcom, Miptv, Natpe.

Paris Filmes

Founded in 1945, Paris Filmes is one of the oldest Brazilian distribution companies, and has recently moved into DVD and TV distribution. Last year it had a 4.7% slice of the theatrical box office, releasing a mix of mainstream and indie fare including Twilight, In Bruges and The Wrestler.

Who to know: Marcio Fraccaroli, CEO; Sandi Adamiu, executive director

Recent acquisitions: Yojiro Takita’s Departures, Oren Moverman’s The Messenger and Claudia Llosa’s The Milk Of Sorrow.

Where to find them: AFM, Berlin and Cannes.

Europa Filmes

Europa has made a name for itself releasing international indie titles such as Argentinian hit Son Of The Bride, which was on release for more than a year in Brazil, as well as Tsotsi and Paradise Now. In 2008, Europa had a 1.7% market share. It also co-produces Brazilian projects.

Who to know: Wilson Feitosa, executive director; Caroline Levi, administrative director.

Recent acquisitions: Danny Boyle’s Slumdog Millionaire, Steven Soderbergh’s Che (parts one and two), Stefan Ruzowitzky’s The Counterfeiters.

Where to find them: Cannes, Berlin and AFM.