Korea's production and distribution company K&Entertainment has bought the Korean remake rights to two Thai films: romantic drama Me Myself from Mono Film and RS Film's horror hit The Victim. This marks the first time that a Korean remake deal has been struck on Thai films.

Pongpat Wachirabunjong's Me Myself features hot Thai actor Ananda Everingham as a gay man who recently lost his memory. Without realizing his past sexual behaviour, he falls for a woman and their love is tested when his memories come back. The picture will open in Thailand on April 19.

The deal was concluded between K&Entertainment's vice president Yang Joong Shin and Mono Film's Prapeimporn 'Rachel' Jamawatr.

Monthon Arayangkoon's The Victim is about a wannabe actress who starts to see things when she plays a former beauty queen who was brutally murdered.

Hong Kong-based Golden Network's Carrie Wong brokered the deal with RS. Like the deal with Mono Film for Me Myself, it also covers the distribution rights to the original in Korea.

'The remake for both films will be in Korean language with a Korean director and cast,' says E&Entertainment's film business manager Kiho Nam. 'We plan to start production for My Myself first towards the end of this year.'