Quantum of Solace actor Rory Kinnear and actress Maggie Steed will give evidence to the House of Lords Communications Committee's inquiry into British film and television tomorrow (April 1).

The Committee will question the pair on the prospects for the UK film and TV industries and particularly on employment and how to support and encourage the production of original content in the UK. Christine Payne, general secretary of actors union Equity will also give evidence.

They will also be asked for their views on education and training, and the impact of the current tax incentives on the UK film industry.

The inquiry into UK's production of original content in film and TV was launched in January. It will examine the contribution ofboth industriesto the economy. It will also assess the effectiveness of the tax credit system for the film industry, following changes to the rules in 2006. The role and objectives of the UK Film Council will also be looked.

At the launch of the inquiry, Lord Fowler, chairman of the Committee, said: 'The film and television industries already make a very important contribution to the UK economy. But companies are under financial pressure both because of structural changes in the industries and the effects of the recession. We shall assess the prospects for film and television production in the UK and what might be done to improve them.'