UK - February 22


(Sintra S.R.L. [It], Film & Music Entertainment, Mate Productions [Sp])Supernatural drama. Young violin prodigy Valerio is summoned to study at anexclusive musical academy. During his stay he learns that the academy'sworld-famous virtuoso, Baltzer, has sinister plans for him. Prods: Mike Downey,Sam Taylor, Rosanna Seregni, Mate Cantero. Dir: Miguel Alcantud. Scr: MartinCasariego, Salvatore De Mola, Fiorenzo Senese, Steve Attridge.
Contact: Zorana Piggott, (44) 207 428 4000

(C2 Pictures) Prods: Mario Kassar,Andrew Vajna. Co-prod: Peter McAleese. Dir: Michael Caton-Jones. Casting dir(UK): Karen Lindsay-Stewart. Shooting from March in the UK.
Contact: Pinewood Studios, (44) 1753 651 700

(Tartan Films) Dir: Meloni Poole
Contact: Camilla Summers, Tartan Films, (44) 20 7494 1400

(Theta Films, Catfish Productions[US]) Budget: £3.5m. Int'l sales: Aura Entertainment. Comedy. Danny is blindbut continues to live his life as though he has 20/20 vision. But Danny hasthree problems: He's never been laid; his older brother Larry; and whether torisk experimental surgery. Prods: Joy Mellins, Dave Shanks, Costa Theo, JamesKeach. Dir: James Keach. Script: Christopher Theo. Cast: Chris Pine. Shootingfrom April, 2005, until May.
Contact: Joy Mellins, (44) 20 7240 3464

(Film and Music Entertainment)Budget: £6m. Romantic comedy/drama. When her twin sister Judith announces herimpending marriage, Cassandra switches identities with her in a bid to wreckthe union. Prods: Mike Downey, Sam Taylor. Dir: Saul Metzstein. Scr: PeterMilligan.
Contact: Sam Lavender, (44) 207 428 4000

(Columbia Pictures, ImagineEntertainment) Adaptation of the Dan Brown novel. Prods: Brian Grazer, JohnCalley. Dir: Ron Howard. Scr: Akiva Goldsman. Cast: Tom Hanks, Audrey Tautou,Jean Reno. Shooting at locations including the UK and France.
Contact: Sheppeton Studios, (44) 1932 562 611

(Impact Pictures) Budget: $20m.Backers: Constantin Film (Ger). Action/adventure. Based on Tecmo's best-sellingvideo game franchise. Exec prod: Robert Kulzer. Prods: Jeremy Bolt, Paul WSAnderson. Dir: Corey Yuen. Scr: JF Lawton.
Contact: Impact Pictures, (44) 20 7419 4486

(Impact Pictures) Budget: $50m.Backers: Constantin Film (Ger). Action. Based on Atari/Infogrames' best-sellingvideo game franchise. Exec prod: Robert Kulzer. Prods: Jeremy Bolt, Paul WSAnderson. Scr: James DeMonaco, James Roday, Todd Harthan.
Contact: Impact Pictures, (44) 20 7419 4486

(Mozgofilms [US]) Budget: $9.6m Dramatic action-adventure based on a truestory about a platoon of international volunteers, under the leadership offormer war correspondent Eduardo Flores when they defend a village in theYugoslav war. Prods: Eduardo Rozsa-Flores, John Horvath, Endre Sik. Prod incharge of production: Fred Caruso. Prod/dir: Laszlo Hege. Co-prod: ChrisAtkins. Prod man: Tamas Zakonyi. DoP: Christian Sebaldt. Ed: Annamaria SzantoKomlossy. Stunt co-ord: Steve Griffin. Cast: Vinnie Jones, Lars Rudolph, NilsAllen Stewart, Gary Cairns, Vincent Capone. Shooting in Hungary from March.Post production in UK.
Contact: Mozgofilms, (1) 646 552 0047

(Milkshake Films, IconEntertainment) Dist (UK, Aus): Icon. Int'l sales: Icon. The first film in atrilogy that follows a Latino soccer player as he moves to the UK to play forone of the territory's top-flight Premiership teams. Exec prod: LawrenceBender, Mark Huffam. Prods: Mike Jefferies, Matt Barrelle, Bruce Davey.Co-prod: Paul Tucker. Assoc prod: Anita Overland. Dir: Danny Cannon. Scr: DonMcPherson. Cast: Diego Luna, Stellan Skarsgard, David Beckham, Zinedine Zidane,Raul. Shooting from early February, 2005, until the end of March
Contact: Freud Communications, (44) 207 580 2626

(Tartan Films, Muse Productions)Based on the novel by Jennifer Belle. Prods: Hamish McAlpine, Chris Hanley.Scr: Roberta Hanley.
Contact: Camilla Summers, Tartan Films, (44) 20 7494 1400

(Tartan Films, Muse Productions)Based on the novel by Martin Amis. Prods: Hamish McAlpine, Chris Hanley.Dir/scr: David Cronenberg.
Contact: Camilla Summers, Tartan Films, (44) 20 7494 1400

(Friday Productions) Exec prod: TomStrauss. Prod: Georgina Abrahams. Dir: Jeremy Wooding. Cast: Pam Grier, RichardAyoade, Fiona Shaw, Anthony Head, Jim Carter. Shooting from February 2005 inBristol and Toronto
Contact: Friday Productions, (44) 207 7300 608

(Focus Films) Budget: £7.5m.Backers: Future Films, MEDIA programme, Remstar, pre sales, Bank of Ireland,South West Studios. Intl sales: Pandora. Historical drama. The true story ofthe first woman doctor, forced to masquerade as a man. Exec prod: ErnstGoldschmidt, Marleen Gorris, Peter Dale. Prods: David Pupkewitz, Malcolm Kohll.Dir: Marleen Gorris. Scr: Malcolm Kohll. Cast: Rachel Weisz, Sean Bean, SeanPertwee, Janet Suzman. Shooting spring 2005 in the UK and South Africa.
Contact: Malcolm Kohll, (44) 207 435 9004

(Zephyr Films) Prods: EricaSilverman, Chris Curling. Dir: Barry Levinson. Scr: Ethan Silverman.
Contact: Zephyr Films, (44) 20 7255 3555

(Tartan Films, Vestry Films) Prods:Hamish McAlpine, Richard Jobson. Dir/scr: Anthony Neilson.
Contact: Camilla Summers, Tartan Films, (44) 20 7494 1400

(Zephyr Films) Exec prods: JeffAbberley, Julia Blackman. Prods: Thom Mount, Chris Curling. Dir: Adrian Noble.Scr: Denne Bart Petit-Clerc, Tony Cavanaugh. Cast: Anthony Hopkins, Meg Ryan.
Contact: Zephyr Films, (44) 20 7255 3555

(Audience Films, APMS Productions)Backers: Scion Films. Exec prods/int'l sales: Arclight Films. Budget: £2.5m.Family musical-drama. An English girl and her mother share a rite of passage amidthe dynamic and passionate world of modern Flamenco. Prods: Paul Sarony,Terence Daw. Dir/scr: Terence Daw. Shooting spring 2005 in the UK.
Contact: Audience Films, (44) 1245 493 350

(Aardman Features) Backer:DreamWorks SKG (US). Animated comedy drama. Exec prods: Peter Lord, DavidSproxton, Michael Rose. Dir: Richard Goleszowski. Scr: Rob Sprackling, JohnSmith.
Contact: Aardman Features, (44) 1454 859 000

(Warner Bros) An adaptation of theAlan Moore comic book. Prods: Joel Silver, the Wachowski brothers. Dir: JamesMcTeigue. Scr: the Wachowski brothers. Cast: Natalie Portman. Shooting fromMarch in Babelsberg Studios, Germany, and the UK.
Contact: Warner Bros, (1) 818 954 6000

(Paramount Pictures) Adaptation ofAlan Moore's cult comic book. Exec prod: Chris Kenny. Prods: Larry Gordon,Lloyd Levin. Dir: Paul Greengrass. Scr: David Hayter. UPM: Nik Korda. Casting:John Hubbard, Dan Hubbard. Shooting from July in the UK.
Contact: Pinewood Studios, (44) 1753 651 700


(Establishment Films) Contemporarycomedy. Prods: Gavin Claxton, Annabel Raftery. Dir/scr: Gavin Claxton. DoP:Orlando Stuart. Art dir: Toby Davies. Casting dir: Sue Jones. Costume designer:Angela Zdero. Ed: Kevin Lane. Make-up des: Paul Paintin. Cast: Martin Freeman,Corey Johnson, Velibor Topic, Danny Dyer. Shooting until Feb 23.
Contact: Kathryn Donovan, unit publicist, (44) 7710 656045

(Phantom Pictures, Fresh Media,Tarantula [Lux]) Budget: $4m. Backers: Luxembourg Film Fund. Int'l sales:Armada Pictures International. Chiller. A young teacher comes to suspect thatthe children in her care are being endangered by malevolent spirits, and onlyshe can save their souls. Exec prod: Jan Vocke. Prods: Andreas Bajohra, Bob Portal, Eddy Geradon-Luyckx, JanVocke. Dir: Donato Rotunno. Scr: PeterWaddington. Cast: Leelee Sobieski, Tara Fitzgerald. Shooting from Feb 17inLuxembourg.
Contact: Andreas Bajohra, (44) 20 7278 7555

(21st February Films) The story of aLondon barman who tries to become a muslim in order to win the heart of thegirl he loves. Exec prod Nick O'Hagan. Prod Sanjay Maraj. Scr/dir Russell Razzaque. Cast AndrewMcNair, Kulvinder Ghir, Bruno Langley, Nicola Duffett, Christine Constantine,Barber Ali, Gurdial Sira, Ryan Davenport. Filming will be completed in March2005.

(Heyday Films, Warner Bros Pictures[US]) Fourth instalment in the franchise. Dir: Mike Newell. Scr: Steve Kloves.Cast: Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson, Rupert Grint. Shooting at LeavesdenStudios and around the UK.
Contact: Leavesden Studios, (44) 1923 685 060

(Tusk Productions, Azure Films, TheIsle of Man, Allied Irish Bank) Int'l sales: Summit Entertainment. Dist:Entertainment Film Distributors (UK). Comedy. Rowan Atkinson plays a villagevicar so obsessed with writing the perfect sermon that he is oblivious to hiswife's, Kristin Scott Thomas, infidelities with her brash golf instructor playedby Swayze and their children's adolescent escapades. That is, until their charming and discreet housekeeper (MaggieSmith) decides to clean up their affairs and rid the town of its dirty secrets.Prods: Julia Palau, Matthew Payne. Dir/scr: Niall Johnson. DoP: Gavin Finney.Ed: Robin Sales. Prod des: Crispian Sallis. Art dir: Simon Lamont. Costume des:Vicki Russell. Sound: Martin Trevis. Line prod: Nigel Wooll. Cast: RowanAtkinson, Kristin Scott-Thomas, Maggie Smith, Patrick Swayze. Shooting from Feb4 until March 24, 2005, in Cornwall and the Isle of Man.
Contact: Susie Tullett, DDA PR, (44)207 932 9800/ (44) 777 565 7733

(De Warrenne Pictures [UK/Thai],Unison [US]) Backer: Unison. Drama. Relationship drama about two brothers setin New York and northern Thailand. Exec prod: Manuel Michael. Prods: TomWaller, Tamar Sela. Dir/scr: Seth Grossman. DoP: Diego Quemada. Ed: LeeChatametikool. Prod des: Lee Yaniv. Cost des: Karen Yan. Cast: Jonno Roberts,Florence Vanida Faivre. Shooting from 31 Jan until 11 March, 2005, inChiangmai, Thailand.
Contact: Manuel Michael, (1) 917 860 7513

(Harbour Pictures) Backer/int'ldist: Buena Vista International. Comedy. Inspired by a true story, CharliePrice sets out to save his family shoe factory in Northampton. A chance meeting with an entertainer in aSoho night club provides him with an idea for a new range of footwear. Prods:Nick Barton, Suzanne Mackie. Co-prod: Peter Ettedgui, Mairi Bett. Dir: JulianJarrold. Scr: Geoff Deane. Cast: Chiwetel Ejiofor, Joel Edgerton, Sarah JanePotts, Jemima Rooper, Linda Bassett. Shooting from November, 2004, untilFebruary, 2005, in the UK and Italy.
Contact: Kate Hudson, Premier PR, (44) 207 292 8351

(Meltemi Entertainment, CarouselPicture Company [Lux], CMW Films [Ger], Telema [Fr], Kanzaman [Sp], Buskin[It]) Backers: Scion Films, Lions Gate, Carousel Picture Company, Double EdgeEntertainment, Filmboard Brandenburg Berlin, Luxembourg Film Fund. Int'l sales:First Look International. Adventure. Exec prods: Julia Blackman, Jeff Abberley,Peter Block, Jason Constantine, Daniel J Walker, Romain Schroder, EvanAstrowsky, Bjorg Veland, Andrew Curtis, Bob Sheng. Prods: Kim Barnes, JohnEvangelides, Tom Reeve. Line prod: Andrew Warren. Co-prods: Charles Gassot,Denise O'Dell, Mark Albela, Antonio Guadalupi, Roberto Bessi, ChristophMeyer-Wiel. Dir: Jonathan English. Scr: Nick Green, Stephen McDool. DoP: NicMorris. Ed: Eddie Hamilton. Costume des: Suzannah Harman. Prod des: Anja Muller.Casting: David Hall. Special creature effects: Gary Pollard. Digital visualeffects: E=MC2. Special make-up effects: Hybrid. Cast: Tom Hardy, Michelle VanDe Water, Tony Todd, Rutger Hauer, Lex Shrapnel, Jonathan Readwin. Shooting inLuxembourg.

Contact: First LookInternational, (1) 310 855 1199

(Inspired Movies) Budget: £2m.Backers: Phil Blackburn, Meenu Bachan, Vibha Bhatnager. Political thriller.Three young Asians take over a restaurant in London and hold customershostage. Exec prod: Peter Ansorge.Prod: Michael Wearing. Dir: Roy Battersby. Scr: Farrukh Dhondy. DoP: UdayTiwari. Prod des: Tony Stringer. Costume des: Katharina Flohr. Make-up: PetronaWilson. Cast: Stockard Channing, Ron Silver, Pete Poselthwaite, JulietStevenson, David Bradley. Shooting from Jan 5 until Feb 11, 2005, in London.

Contact: Peter Ansorge,Inspired Movies, (44) 845 355 0030

(Aardman Features) Backer:DreamWorks SKG (US). Animated comedy drama starring Wallace and Gromit. Execprods: Peter Lord, David Sproxton, Michael Rose. Prod: Carla Shelley. Dirs:Nick Park, Steve Box. Scr: Park, Box, Bob Baker.
Contact: Aardman Features, (44) 1454 859 000


(Piccadilly Pictures) The Adventuresof Greyfriars Bobby chronicles the true story of the dog that won the hearts ofthe people of Edinburgh. A dog who, ever loyal to his late master, refused toleave his graveside regardless of the trials and tribulations visited upon himby officious civic leaders, determined to rid the streets of dogs. Prod:Christopher Figg. Dir: John Henderson. Cast: Christopher Lee, Ardal O'Hanlon,James Cosmo, Thomas Lockyer, Sean Pertwee, Ronald Pickup, Greg Wise, GinaMcKee, Kirsty Mitchell, Christie Mitchell, Ian Richardson, Oliver Golding. Shoton location in Edinburgh, Stirling and the Scottish Borders.
Contact: (44) 01786 478 332

(Parable Films) Sci-fi. An alien issent to earth to save it from destruction. Cast: Eileen Daly, Ivor Dehaney,Eunice Lawrence, Sam Gormski, Niko Pueringer.
Contact: Ivor Dehaney, (44) 208 683 3653/ (44) 7950 543 076

(C/W Productions) Backers: VIP(Ger), Capitol Films. Dist: Paramount Pictures (US), Pathe (UK), Gaga (Japan),Filmax (Spain), Scanbox (Scandinavia), CRC (Italy). Drama. Passion and ambitiondrive two dreamers in 1930s Los Angeles. Their love affair is ferocious andhot-blooded as they fight both the city and themselves to make their dreamscome true. Prods: Paula Wagner, Tom Cruise, Jonas McCord. Dir/scr: RobertTowne. Cast: Colin Farrell, Salma Hayek.
Contact: Capitol Films, (44) 207 471 6000

(Warner Bros) Explores thesuperhero's origins as a New York vigilante. Exec prods: Ben Melniker, MichaelUslan. Prods: Emma Thomas, Charles Roven, Larry Franco. Dir: Christopher Nolan.Scr: Nolan, David Goyer. Unit prod man: Nigel Gostelow. Cast: Christian Bale,Michael Caine, Gary Oldman, Katie Holmes, Liam Neeson, Morgan Freeman, KenWatanabe. Shot in Iceland, London and Chicago.
Contact: Warner Bros, (1) 818 954 6000

(Insider Films, Hungarian FilmConnection, Best Man Film Produktions, SureFire Films, The Film Consortium,Endgame Funding LLC, Redbus Pictures) Int'l sales: The Works. Dist (UK): RedbusFilm Distribution. Romantic comedy about Olly, a luckless author with writer'sblock who is stuck in a dead-end job. Asked to be best man by an old collegefriend, Olly falls in love with the beautiful wife-to-be. While trying toresist his urges, and keep his crazy flatmate away from the wedding, Ollydiscovers that the prospective bridegroom may not be worthy of her love - andhe might actually be the best man after all. Prod: Neil Peplow. Dir: StefanSchwartz. Scr: Ed Roe, Stefan Schwartz. Cast: Stuart Townsend, Amy Smart, SethGreen, Steve John Shepherd, Kate Ashfield, Philip Jackson, Anna Chancellor,Jodhi May, Peter Capaldi. Shot in London and Budapest.
Contact: Pete Daly, (44) 7887 990035

(Element Films [Ire], Lunar Films)Backers: Irish Film Board, Isle Of Man Film Commission. Int'l sales: OdysseyEntertainment. Teen comedy horror. Boy Eats Girl is the story of a teenage datethat goes horrifically wrong, bringing bloody mayhem to suburbia. Exec prods:Ralph Kamp, Louise Goodsill, Steve Christian. Prods: Ed Guiney, Andrew Lowe.Dir: Stephen Bradley. Scr: Derek Landy. Co-prods: Eoin Holmes, Matthew Justice.Line prod: Noelette Buckley. Assoc prod: Alan Maher. DoP: Balazs Bolygo. Eds:Dermot Diskin, Ben Yeates. Prod designer: Anna Rackard. Costume designer: SusanScott. Cast: Samantha Mumba, David Leon, Deirdre O'Kane, Bryan Murray, LaurenceKinlan, Sara James. Shot from 26 July until 13 Aug in Dublin and 16 Augustuntil 4 Sept in The Isle Of Man.
Contact: Maud Halferty @ Kate Bowe PR, (353) 167 136 72

(Plan 9 [UK], Parallel Films [Ire])Backers: Pathe Pictures, the Irish Film Board, the Northern Ireland Film &Television Commission. Int'l sales: Pathe International. The tale of a youngtransvestite from rural Ireland on the make in London. Adaptation of the PatrickMcCabe novel. Dir: Neil Jordan. DoP: Declan Quinn. Cast: Cillian Murphy, LiamNeeson, Brendan Gleeson Stephen Rea. Shooting from Sept in Dublin, Kilkenny,Northern Ireland and London.
Contact: Pathe Pictures, (44) 207 323 5151

(Marloo Media) Backer: UK Films.Int'l sales: Lightning Entertainment (US). Drama. Prod: Margit Bimler. Dir:Polly Steele. Scr: Sofian James. Main cast: Valentina Cervi, Ciaran McMenamin,Bill Armstrong, James Purefoy.
Contact: Andrew Warren, (44) 20 7053 2140

(Potboiler) Backers: Film Four, EMMedia, Screen East, Invicta. Int'l sales: Hanway Films. Drama. An investigationinto the mysterious world of genius and madness, the film celebrates theextraordinary, but also our tragic compulsion to de-mystify and destroy it.Exec prod: Gail Egan. Prod: Simon Channing Williams. Dir: Lou Pepe & KeithFulton. Scr/co-prod: Tony Grisoni. DoP: Anthony Dod Mantle. Ed: Bill Diver.Prod design: Jon Henson. Costume des: Marianne Agertoft. Hair/make up des: SarahMonzani. Cast: Harry Treadaway, Luke Treadaway, Bryan Dick, Sean Harris,Elizabeth Ryder, Nick Millard, Tom Bowers, Jonathan Pryce, Jane Horrocks, JohnSimm. Shot from Sept 27 until Nov 6 in London, Norfolk, Skegness andNottingham.
Contact: Jonathan Rutter / Annabel Hutton, M+R, (44) 207 637 2600

(Global Films, EdgeImageBankPictures) Budget: £0.4m. Backers: Barclays Bank, GEM, Global Edge Mnemonics.Int'l sales: Global Films. Documentary feature about the Ijaw, a Nigerian tribeof several million living in the oil rich region of the Niger Delta. Execprods: Laurent Mercier, Christine Peterson. Prods: Tom Norwood, Nick Peterson.Dir: Nick Peterson. Scr: Nicolas Gaud. Ed: Nick Peterson, Thomas Black.Music/sound: Virtual Alien. Accounting: O'Hara Wood. Legal: David Gentle. Cast:Over 20 members of the Ijaw tribe of Nigeria. Ibiba Don Pedro, Oronto Douglas,Rowland Ekperi. Narrator: Mark Joseph. Shot from Jan 2000 until Sept 2004.
Contact: EdgeImageBank, (44)207 537 4882/

(Zieglerfilm Koln [Ger], Film andMusic Entertainment, Filmcontract [Pol]) Backers: Filmstiftung NRW, Eurimage, Degeto Film, Invicta Capital,Televizija Polska, Polish Film Fund, City Danzig. Dist: Kino Swiat (Poland).Drama. A serene and melancholy love story between a German man and a Polishwoman as they are caught up in the advent of modern capitalism in Poland. Basedon the novel by Gunther Grass. Prods:Regina Ziegler, Elke Ried, Ursual Vossen, Mike Downey, Sam Taylor,Henryk Romanowski. Dir: Robert Glinski. Scr:Klaus Richter, Pawel Huelle, Cezary Harasimowicz based on the novel byGunter Grass. DoP: Jacek Petrycki. Production des: Robert Czesak, JochenSchumacher. Costume des: Bea Gossmann, Anja Kilianska. Hair & Make-up:Liliana Galazka, Rosemarie Raasch-Machac. Cast: Matthias Habich, KrystynaJanda, Dorothea Walda, Udo Samel, Bhasker Patel
Contact: Zorana Piggott, (44) 207 428 4000

(Warner Bros. Productions) Dist(worldwide): Warner Bros. Pictures. Fantasy, adventure, family film. Eccentricchocolatier Willy Wonka launches a worldwide contest to select an heir to hiscandy empire. Five lucky children draw golden tickets from Wonka chocolate barsand win a guided tour of the legendary candy-making facility that no outsiderhas seen in 15 years. Charlie Bucket, a good-hearted boy from a very poorfamily is one of lucky winners and is drawn into Wonka's fantastic world. Execprods: Liccy Dahl, Patrick McCormick, Michael Siegel, Bruce Berman. Prods: BradGrey, Richard D. Zanuck. Dir: Tim Burton. Scr: John August. Co-prod/first AD:Katterli Frauenfelder. Unit production manager: Nikolas Korda. Assoc prods:Brenda Berrisford, Derek Frey. Composer: Danny Elfman. Production designer:Alex McDowell. Set decorator: Peter Young. DoP: Philippe Rousselot. Castingdirector: Susie Figgis. Costume des: Gabriella Pescucci. Ed: Chris Lebenzon.Make up/hair designer: Peter Owen. Production sound mixer: Tony Dawe. SFXsupervisor: Joss Williams. VFX supervisor: Nick Davis. Production co-ord:Hermione Ninnim. Cast: Johnny Depp, Freddie Highmore, David Kelly, HelenaBonham Carter, Noah Taylor, Christopher Lee. Shot from 21 June until 17November, 2004, at Pinewood Studios.
Contact number: Sarah Clark, unit publicist, (44) 1753 656 688

(Quinta Communications [Fr], theIsle of Man Film Commission, Rotholz Pictures) A darkly comedic drama whichdeals with the dilemmas of modern London life, where the good old virtues ofhonesty, loyalty and friendship are sacrificed for the new morality of successand celebrity. Exec prods: Robert Bevan, Steve Christian, Marc Samuelson, PeterSamuelson, Charlie Savill. Prods: Tarak Ben Ammar, Ron Rotholz. Dir/scr: MarthaFiennes. Cast: Penelope Cruz, Kristin Scott Thomas, Ralph Fiennes, Rhys Ifans,Ian Holm, Ben Chaplin, Damian Lewis, Harriet Walter.
Contact: (44) 207 580 2626

(Cougar Films, Fragile Films, XFilme Creative Pool) Backers: Ealing Studios, BBC Films, Minotaur FilmPartnership No. 3, Endgame Entertainment, NRW Filmstiftung, RTL, FocusFeatures. A romantic comedy about love at first sight. Rachel is marrying Heck,her wonderful long-term boyfriend and best friend. On her way up the aisle hereyes meet those of another - is it love at first sight' Exec prods: StefanArndt, David Thompson, Jim Stern. Prods: Sophie Balhetchet, Barnaby Thompson,Andro Steinborn. Dir: Ol Parker. Cast: Piper Perabo, Matthew Goode, LenaHeadey, Anthony Head, Celia Imrie, Sue Johnston.
Contact: Diane Kelly, Freud Communications, (44) 207 291 6321

(Studio Hamburg InternationalProduction) Backer: FilmFoerderung Hamburg. Budget: Euros 8.5m. Satiricalcomedy. The true story of a man in London who pretended to be the legendaryfilmmaker Stanley Kubrick during the shoot of Eyes Wide Shut, thereby financinga lavish lifestyle for himself. Exec prods: Stuart Pollok, Sytze van der Laan.Prod: Michael Fitzgerald. Dir: Brian Cook. Scr: Anthony Frewin. Cast: JohnMalkovich. Shot in London, Hamburg, Bremen and Amsterdam.
Contact: Studio Hamburg International Production, (1) 323 525 0023

(Global Films, EdgeImageBankPictures) Budget: £1.2m. Backers: Barclays Bank, GEM, Global Edge Mnemonics,Global Films) Int'l sales: Global Films. Documentary feature. Exec prods:Laurent Mercier, Christine Peterson. Prods: Tom Norwood, Nick Peterson. Dir:Nick Peterson. Scr: Nicolas Gaud. Ed: Nick Peterson, Thomas Black. Music/Sound:Virtual Alien. Accounting: O'Hara Wood, Bath. Legal: David Gentle. Cast: Mark Joseph,Dolly di Rosso, Paul Sere, Virtual Alien. In production from August 2004 untilJanuary 2005.
Contact: EdgeImageBank, (44) 0207 537 4882

(Confetti Productions) Backers: BBCFilms, Wasted Talent, Screen West Midlands. Comedy. A sharp and affectionatecomedy that charts the journey of three couples as they battle it out to winthe coveted title of 'Most Original Wedding of the Year'. Prods: Ian Flooks,Ian Benson. Dir/scr: Debbie Isitt. DoP: Dewald Aukema. Ed: Nicky Ager. Proddes: Chris Roope. Costume des: Deirdre Clancy. Make-up artist/hair: MarellaShearer. Composer: Paul Englishby. Casting: Rachel Freck. Cast: Martin Freeman,Jessica Stevenson, Felicity Montagu, Jimmy Carr, Alison Steadman, Steve Mangan,Meredith MacNeill, Rob Webb, Olivia Colman, Jason Watkins, Vince Franklin. Shotin the UK from 27 Sept until 5 November, 2004.
Contact: Matthew Sanders/Charles McDonald, M+R, (44) 20 7637 2600

(Potboiler Productions) Backers:Focus Features, Scion Films. Int'l sales: Focus Features. Dist (US): FocusFeatures. Thriller. When activist Tessa Quayle is found brutally murdered at aremote location in Northern Kenya, her husband's colleagues at the British HighCommission in Nairobi assume that mild-mannered, Justin Quayle will leave thematter in their hands. But Quayle surprises everyone by embarking on a personalodyssey in search of the truth. Prods: Simon Channing Williams. Dir: FernandoMeirelles. Scr: Jeffrey Caine. Co-prods: Tracey Seaward. Exec prods: DonRanvaud, Gail Egan, Julia Blackman, Jeff Abberley. Script exec: Sarah Golding.Casting: Leo Davis. Prod des: Mark Tildesley. DoP: Cesar Charlone. Costume des:Odile Dicks Mireaux. Make-up des: Christine Blundell. Supervising productionaccountant: Will Tyler. First AD: Richard Styles. Sound mixer: Stuart Wilson.Ed: Chris Gill. Cast: Ralph Fiennes, Rachel Weisz, Danny Huston, ArchiePanjabi, Donald Sumpter, Hubert Kounde, Pernilla August, Gerard McSorley. Shotfrom 10 May until 29 July, 2004, on location in the UK, Germany, Canada andKenya.
Contact: Jonathan Rutter/Liz Miller, McDonald and Rutter, (44) 207 637 2600

(Impact Pictures, Constantin Film)Backers: Constantin Film, the UK Film Council. Int'l sales: Constantin Film,Summit Entertainment. A gripping supernatural chiller about a series ofmysterious occurrences that befall a young family who move to a remote Welshfarm, only to discover the house has a dark and bloody past that is manifestingitself firmly in the present. Based on the novel The Sheep by Simon Maginn.Exec prod: Robert Kulzer. Prod: Jeremy Bolt. Co-prod: Robert How. Dir: JohnFawcett. Scr: Paul Tamasy, Stephen Massicotte. DoP: Christian Sebaldt. Proddes: Eve Stewart. First AD: Mark Egerton. Casting director (UK): Suzanne Smith.Costume des: Ffion Elinor. Make-up: Sarah Monzani. Sound recordist: John Rodda.Ed: Chris Gill. Cast: Maria Bello, Sean Bean, Sophie Stuckey, Abigail Stone,Maurice Roeves, Ricard Elwyn, Caspar Harvey. Shot from Monday 21 June, 2004, atEaling Studios, London, and on location on the Isle of Man.
Contact Rob Deacon / Lawrence Atkinson / Emma Robinson, Premier PR, (44) 207292 8350 / 8355

(Raphael Films [Fr], Psychology News[UK], Cinetelefilms [Tunis]) Backers: Raphael Films, Groupe AB, Baker Street,The Film Consortium, UK Film Council. Int'l sales: The Works. Dist: SpentzosFilm (Gr). Thriller. Alex Randall, a young reporter with far more bravado thanexperience, arrives in the war-torn city to cover the deadly double bombing ofAmerica's US Marine barracks and France's paratroopers' base. In the mayhem, hemeets Julia Muller, a beautiful, enigmatic photographer. Exec prods: EmmaHayter, Bill Allan, Aline Perry, Chris Auty. Prods: Ludi Boeken, Eric Dussart.Dirs: Boeken, Michael Alan Lerner. Scr: Michael Alan Lerner. Music: JustinAdams. DoP: Ivan Strasburg. Ed: Suzanne Fenn. Prod des: Taoufik Behi. Costumedes: Magdalena Garcia Caniz. Sound: Faouzi Thabet, Hugh Johnson. Main cast:Stephen Moyer, Anne Parillaud, Omid Djalili, Georges Siatidis.
Contact: The Works, (44) 20 7612 1080

(Stray Dogs Films) Backer: Aces& Eights. Urban drama. An ex-boxer takes a job as a doorman at a run-downnightclub and is soon drawn into its uncompromising world. Exec prods: SteveCorless, Phil Evers. Prods: James Marquand, Matt Whyte. Dir: James Marquand.Scr: Martin Hughes. DoP: Matt Whyte. Prod des: Danny Newton. Costume des:Graham Meethoo. Hair/make-up: Debra Hargreaves-Sutton. Cast: Tom Bell, PaulBarber, Samantha Janus, Gary Mavers, James McMartin, Lisa Parry, AndrewSchofield. Shot from 25 Nov, 2004, until 25 January, 2005, in Liverpool.
Contact: Nicky Marquand, (44) 7866 786 137/ (44) 151 644 6600

(Celador Films) Int'l sales: PathePictures International. Dist (UK): Pathe. Budget: $3.5m. The story of an allfemale caving expedition that goes terrifyingly wrong. Exec prod: Paul Smith.Prod: Christian Colson. Co-prod: Paul Ritchie. Dir/scr: Neil Marshall. DoP: SamMcCurdy. Production des: Simon Bowles. Editor: Jon Harris. Cast: Shauna Macdonald,Natalie Mendoza, Alex Reid, Saskia Mulder, Nora-Jane Noone, MyAnna Buring. Shotin Scotland and at Pinewood Studios.
Contact: Yvette Dore, Celador Films, (44) 20 7845 6836/ Tanya Vonmoser, PatheUK, (44) 207 462 4433

(Theta Films [South Africa], SamsonFilms [Eire]) Budget: $6m. Backer/int'l sales: Vine International. Romanticcomedy. What do you do if the man you love isn't the man you want' Exec prods:Christopher Theo, Costa John Theo, Costa Theo. Prods: Joy Mellins, Dave Shanks,Dir: Gillies Mackinnon. Scr: Clive King.
Contact: Joy Mellins, (44) 207 240 3464

(The Icelandic Film Company [Ice],Film and Music Entertainment [UK], Solar Films [Fin]) Backers: Icelandic Film Centre, Invicta Capital.Comedy drama. An all gay football team in an amateur football league get thechance of a lifetime when they have the opportunity to play against the bigguns. Prods: Julius Kemp, Ingvar Tordarson, Mike Downey, Sam Taylor, MarkusSelin. Dir: Robert Douglas. Scr: Robert Douglas, Jon Atli Jonasson.
Contact: Zorana Piggott, (44) 207 428 4000

(Inspired Movies) A multi-layeredthriller about love, deceit, illusions and virtual reality. Exec prod: PeterAnsorge. Prods: Meenu Bachan, Vidbha Bhatanagar, Phil Blackburn. Line prod:Phil Bartlett. Dir: Laurens Postma. Scr: Farrukh Dhondy. First AD: John Dobbs.Location manager: David Colenutt. Art dir: Tony Stringer. Costume des:Katharina Flohr. DoP: Uday Tiwari. Sound recordist: Rishi Oberi. Music dir:Roddy Matthews. Casting dir: Urvashi Chugani-Chand. Cast: Malcolm McDowell,Perizaad Zorabian, Christopher Simpson, Stephen Billington, Charity Wakefield,Beth Winslet, Gordon Warnecke, Tara Postma.
Contact: Beth Worth, unit publicist, (44) 795 736 4262

(YoungPirate Films) Backers: UK Film Council's Premiere Fund, FilmFour, ScottishScreen, Glasgow Film Office. Int'lsales: Portman Films. Dist (UK): Pathe. An ensemble comedy set during theEdinburgh Fringe. A farcical, behindthe scenes tale of promiscuity, insecure egos, flat trashing and love inunexpected places. Prod: ChristopherYoung. Dir: Annie Griffin. Cast: Stephen Mangan,Raquel Cassidy, Deidre O'Kane, Daniela Nardini, Lyndsey Marshall, Chris O'Dowd,Clive Russell, Billy Carter, Lucy Punch. Shot in Edinburgh.
Int'l sales: Portman Film, (44) 207 494 8024

(De Warrenne Pictures [UK/Thai])Budget $1.5m. Backer: Box OfficeEntertainment Co. Dist: Box Office Entertainment (Thailand), Innoform Media(Singapore). Thriller. A young couple reawaken the spirit of the famous oldThai legend of 'Mae Nak Phrakanong'. Exec prods: Tom Waller, SiamrusLauhasukkasame. Prod: Tom Waller. Dir/scr: Mark Duffield. DoP: Mark Duffield,Eds: Laurent Gorse, Lee Chatametikool. Prod des: Somwang Rattanasirivanich,Cost des: Prisana Trachai. Cast: Pataratida Pacharawirapong, SiwatChotchaicharin, Porntip Papanai, Jaran Ngamdee. Shooting from 25 Sep until 12Nov, 2004, in Bangkok, Thailand.
Contact: Tom Waller, (44) 871 990 2067

(Film and Music Entertainment, SpiceFactory) Dist: Scanbox (Scand), Tartan Films (UK), Seville (Can) and Greenlight(Ice). A black comedy set in a secret Arctic military base in the aftermath ofthe Vietnam War. Exec prods: Stephen Daldry, Chris Auty, Neil Peplow, JamesSimpson, Peter James. Prods: Mike Downey, Sam Taylor, Michael Lionello Cowan,Jason Piette. Co-prods: Allan Joli-Coeur (Can), Anna Maria Karlsdottir &Fridrik Thor Fridriksson (Ice). Assoc prods: Sam Lavender, Zorana Piggott, AlexMarshall. Dir: Saul Metzstein. Scr: Steve Attridge, John Paul Chapple. DoP:Francois Dagenais. Ed: Anne Sopel. Prod des: Mike Gunn. Costume des: StewartMeachem. Hair/make-up: Annick Chartier. Cast: Jason Biggs, Natascha McElhone,Jeremy Northam, Michael Ironside.
Contact: Sue Watkins/Charles McDonald, M+R: (44) 207 637 2600/ Anna MariaKarlsdottir (Iceland): (354) 551 2260/ Allan Joli Coeur (Canada): (1) 514 4843539

A Hitchcockian-style thriller aboutRachel Carlson a successful mystery novelist whose life is turned upside downwhen her beloved seven year-old son Thomas drowns. A year later, despite a multi-million dollar advance, she's stilltoo distraught to write and her marriage has disintegrated. In an effort to heal the wounds and help herstart writing again, her best friend rents her a secluded cottage in a remotefishing village. Events that unfoldduring her stay rock the tranquil village and cause Rachel to fear for her lifeand her sanity. Cast: Demi Moore, HansMatheson, James Cosmo, Kate Isitt, Therese Bradley, Beans Balawi. Shooting foreight weeks on location in England and Wales and at Ealing Studios. Prods: JoelB. Michaels, Garth Drabinsky, Clive Parsons, Brian Oliver. Dir/scr: CraigRosenberg. Line prod: Guy Tannahill. DoP: Ashley Rowe. Prod Co-ord: MonaBenjamin. First AD: David Daniels. Production des: Don Taylor. Costume des:Ruth Myers. Chief hair and make-up: Tara Smith. Location managers: JamieLengyel, Charlie Somers. Sound mixer: Alistair Crocker. Casting dirs: John andRos Hubbard. Gaffer: Campbell McIntosh.
Contact: Julia Finn/Nicole Gregory, DDA, (44) 207 932 9800

(Allegrofilm Produktion [Austria],Film and Music Entertainment, Eurofilm Studio [Hungary], Samsa Film [Lux],T&C Film [Switz]) Backers: Austrian Film Institute, Vienna Film Fund,Cinestyria, ORF, Invicta Capital, Film Fund Luxembourg, MFG, SF DRS, OfficeFederal de la Culture. Drama. Central Europe, early 16th century: two childhoodfriends, Martin & Georg, find themselves on rival sides of a religious warwith both of them struggling to do the right thing. Prods: Helmut Grasser, MikeDowney, Sam Taylor, Claude Waringo, Marcel Hoehn, Peter Miskolczi. Dir: SimonAeby. Scr: Susanne Freund, Steve Attridge. DoP: Vladimir Smutny. Productiondes: Christoph Kanter. Costume des: Caterina Czepek. Chief make-up artist: KatiJakots. Chief hairdresser: Gabriella Nemeth. Cast: Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, PeterMcDonald, Anastasia Griffith, Steven Berkoff, Eddie Marsan.
Contact: Zorana Piggott, (44) 207 428 4000

(Mostly Harmless) Backers: WaltDisney, Spyglass Entertainment. Dist (US): Disney. Dist (int'l): BVI. Comedy.Don't panic! Stick out your thumb to join the most ordinary man in the world onan extraordinary adventure across the universe in the hilarious comedy, The Hitchhiker'sGuide To The Galaxy. Earthman Arthur Dent is having a very bad day. His houseis about to be bulldozed, he discovers that his best friend is an alien, and totop things off, planet Earth is about to be demolished to make way for ahyperspace bypass. Arthur's only chance for survival: hitch a ride on a passingspacecraft. For the novice space traveller, the greatest adventure in theuniverse begins when the world ends. Arthur sets out on a journey in which hefinds that nothing is as it seems: he learns that a towel is just about themost useful thing in the universe, finds the meaning of life, and discoversthat everything he needs to know can be found in one book: The Hitchhiker'sGuide to the Galaxy. Exec prods: Douglas Adams, Robbie Stamp, Derek Evans.Prods: Roger Birnbaum, Gary Barber, Nick Goldsmith, John Glickman, Jay Roach.Dir: Garth Jennings. Scr: Douglas Adams, Karey Kirkpatrick, based on the novelby Douglas Adams. Dop: Igor Jadue-Lillo. Editor: Niven Howie. Prod design: JoelCollins. Costumes: Sammy Sheldon. Cast: Sam Rockwell, Martin Freeman, Mos Def,Zooey Deschanel, Bill Nighy. Shot from 19 April, 2004, until August, 2004, atElstree Studios and on location in the UK.
Contact: Deborah Simmrin, unit publicist, (44) 020 8324 2306

(Distant Eye Films, Spotty DogFilms) Dogme film. Shot from Dec 5 to Dec 23, 2004, in Margate and Ramsgate.Prod: Elaine Wickham. Dir: Jan Dunne. Cast: Pauline McLynn, Paul McGann, RulaLenska, Chloe Sirene.
Contact: Elaine Wickham, DistantEye Films, (44) 7763 817 329

(Mad As Hell Films) Budget £100,000.Thriller. A man is spying on the girl next door with a home made cctv system.When she is killed on camera, he decides to try and track down the killerhimself, rather than turn his footage over to the police. Prods: Sean Martin,Steve Skitt. Dir Steve Skitt. Scr: Sean Martin, Steve Skitt. DoP: Steve Skitt.Ed: Wendy Hankey. Music: Ravi McArthur. Special Effects: Neil Jenkins. Make-up:Molly Dickie. Cast: Nik Renouf, Henrietta Nelson, Erich Redman, Steve Dineen,Ines Glanznig.
Contact: Sean Martin, (44) 870 128 3086

(Reguard [Syria], HannaywoodStudios) Budget: $3.5m. Backers: Reguard, Hannaywood Studios. Contemporarythriller. The Hunt Feast charts the final months of a once high-ranking officerof the fallen Iraqi regime, culminating in his own downfall at the hands of theleast likely of sources. Having detached himself from the fallen regime withseveral million American dollars earmarked for a campaign of insurgency, Majidlies low in the mountains of Lebanon. In his attempt to evade the wrath of Col.Jabber and his heavies who want 'their' money back, Majid embarks on a seriesof cloak and dagger missions whilst planning his ultimate escape from Beirut tothe West. However, he drops his guard when a seemingly hapless group oftourists descend upon his peaceful mountain retreat, and Samia's charms distorthis judgement. His past ultimately catches up with him when Samia's autisticson shoots Majid - the man who under a ruthless regime murdered the boy'sfather. Exec prods: Zuher Harba, Das Abra. Prod: Marwan Akkawi. Dir: NabilMaleh. Scr: Nabil Maleh, Alexander Robertson. DoP: Simon Dennis. Hair/make-up:Polly Duncan. Cast: Simon Dutton, Laila Rouass, Andy Lucas. Shot from April 12until May 22 in Syria and Lebanon.
Contact: Ian Rattray, Ian Rattray Films, (44) 20 8296 0555/(44) 7970 842 387/

(Dan Films UK, Samsa Films [Lux], FadoFilms [Port]) Backers: Film Fund Luxembourg, RTP, Lusomundo, Ingenious. Drama.Prod: Jani Thiltges. Dir/scr: Antonio-Pedro Vasconcelos. Main cast: EmmanuelleSeigner, Joaquim de Almeida, Nicolau Breyner.
Contact: Dan Films, (44) 20 7916 4771

ISOLATION (working title)
(The Bureau, Element Films [Ire])Budget: £2.9m. Backers: FilmFour, Irish Film Board. Int'l sales: Lions GateInternational. Dist: Lions Gate International (universe excluding France, US,Canada, UK, Eire), Redbus (UK, Eire). Horror. Five people brought together on awinter's night to a lonely farm. All of them caught up in something terrifyingwhich no one could have predicted. Prods: Ruth Kenley-Letts, Bertrand Faivre,Ed Guiney. Dir/scr: Billy O'Brien. DoP: Robbie Ryan. Ed: Justinian Buckley.Prod des: Paul Inglis. Cost des: Suzanne Cave. Hair/make-up: Jennifer Hegarty.Cast: John Lynch, Marcel Iures, Ruth Negga, Essie Davis, Sean Harris. Shootingfrom 15 Nov, 2004 until 21 Jan, 2005.
Contact: Bertrand Faivre, The Bureau, (44) 207 580 8182

(Urbanchillers Films, J+H Films)Budget: US$3m. Horror/chiller. A modern adaptation of Robert Louis Stevenson'sclassic horror novel set in a medical school in North America. Exec prods:David Court, Leonard Perillo, Sandra Hughes, Hersh Saluja. Prod: Ean Thorley.Dir: Nick Stillwell. Scr: David T Reilly, Nick Stillwell. DoP: PhilipRobertson. Ed: David Barrett. Prod des: Bob Sher. Costume des: Judith England.Hair/make-up: Kelly Kavanagh. Cast: Bryan Fisher, Bree Turner. Shooting from Sept13, 2004, until Oct 15, 2004 in Canada.
Contact: Ean Thorley, J+H Films, (1) 416 463 0600/ (1) 647 892 9470

(Firstsight Films) Int'l sales:Classic Media. Dist (UK): Entertainment Film Distributors. Live action based onEric Knight's best-selling 1938 novel Lassie Come Home. Exec prods: DouglasSchwalbe, Eric Ellenbogen. Prods: Francesca Barra, Selwyn Roberts. Dir/scr:Charles Sturridge. Shot from September in the UK.
Contact: Classic Media, (1) 212 659 3011

(Carnaby Pictures) Heist movie setagainst the backdrop of World War II. Prod: Hamish Skeggs. Dir: Colin Teague.Cast: Billy Zane, Michael Madsen, Karel Roden, David Ginola, AlexanderSkarsgard, Laurence Fox, Sean Pertwee, Neil Newbon, Tommy Flanaghan, NickMoran, Andrew Howard, Steven Spiers, Neil Jackson, Coral Beed, Rafe Spall, LucyGaskell, Jack Dee. Shot in Romania
Contact: Anya Noakes, unit publicist, (44) 20 7483 2005

(Tiger Aspect Pictures, Hell'sKitchen International [US]) Budget: £ 4.25m. Backers: Universal Studios,FilmFour. International sales: Universal. Dist: Universal. Comedy. Thefictional world of Royston Vasey is facing apocalypse and the only way to avertdisaster is for our nightmarish cast of characters to find a way into the realworld and confront their creators. From present day Soho to the fictional filmworld of 17th century Britain, the residents must overcome countless bizarreobstacles in their bid to return Royston Vasey to safety. In addition tofeaturing the most beloved characters from the original The League of GentlemenTV series, this darkly hilarious movie adventure will also bring to the screena whole host of new characters and cameo performances from numerous famousfaces. Exec prods: Peter Bennett-Jones, Andrew Lowe, The League of Gentlemen.Prods: Greg Brenman, Ed Guiney. Dir: Steve Bendelack. Scr: Jeremy Dyson, MarkGatiss, Steve Pemberton, Reece Shearsmith. DoP: Rob Kitzmann. Ed: TonyCranstoun. Production des: Richard Bridgland.Costume des: Yves Barre. Hair/make-up: Daniel Phillips. Cast: MarkGatiss, Steve Pemberton, Reece Shearsmith, David Warner, Victoria Wood. Shotfrom 4 Oct until 13 November, 2004.
Contact: Greg Brenman, (44) 207 544 1659

(Axiom Films [UK]) Co-prods: Capablanca(Arg), ABS Productions (Sp). Budget: Euros 4m. Int'l sales: Axiom Films UK.Dist: Axiom Films UK. Drama. A small plane touches down on a desolate runwaysomewhere in the high plateaus of the Andes. Pedro (Leonardo Sbaraglia), aSpaniard acting as a courier for the drug barons, disembarks carrying a blackleather briefcase. He wears a typical priest's cassock and a silver cross hangsfrom his neck. This is his last deal, and a final chance to leave behind thelife of a petty criminal. His task is simple: to exchange his case full ofmoney for a bag containing a few kilos of pure cocaine. Nevertheless, destinyhas laid other plans for him' Language: Spanish. Exec prod: Robert Duvall.Prod: Douglas Cummins. Dir: Miguel Pereira. Scr: Christopher Hampton. DoP: XaviGiminez. Ed:George Akers. Prod des: Carmen Cornejo. Costume des: Beatriz DiBenedetto. Hair/make-up: Marissa Amenta. Cast: Leonardo Sbaraglia.
Contact: Douglas Cummins, Axiom Films, (44) 207 287 7720

(Jada Productions Ltd [UK]) Backers:BBC Films, Thema, Invicta, The Bank Of Ireland. Int'l sales: Hanway Films. Execprod: Stephen Tenenbaum. Prods: Letty Aronson, Lucy Darwin, Gareth Wiley.Co-prods: Helen Robin, Nicky Kentish Barnes.Dir/scr: Woody Allen. Prodsupervisor: Tori Parry. DoP: Remi Adefarasin. Casting dir: Gail Stevens(London), Juliet Taylor (New York). Production designer: Jim Clay. Costume des:Jill Taylor. First AD: Chris Newman. Art dir: Dian Dancklefsen. Locationmanager: Sue Quinn, Michael Harm. Sound mixer: Peter Glossop. Make-up/hair:Sallie Jaye. Ed: Alisa Lepselter. Cast: Scarlett Johansson, Jonathan RhysMeyers, Emily Mortimer, James Nesbitt, Brian Cox, Matthew Goode, PenelopeWilton, Rupert Penry-Jones, Ewen Bremner. Shot from July 12 in the UK.
Contact: Darwin & Associates,

(Ipso Facto Films, Samsa Film [Lux],Kaleo Films [Fr], Entre Chien Et Loup [Belg]) Budget: £1.6m. Backers: UKFS,Communaute Francaise de Belgique, Vlaams Audiovisuel Fonds, Wallimage, FONSPA,CNC. Int'l sales: Samsa Film Distribution. Dist: Kinepolis Film Distribution(Belg, Lux). Comedy drama. Sandrine is living in Montigny, a village in theBelgian 'black country'. She's desperate to open her own beauty salonand winning the local Miss Montigny contest appears to be the best way to findthe money she needs. Exec prods: Jean-Claude Van Risckeghem. Prods: JaniThiltges, Christine Alderson, Olivier Charvet, Sebastien Delloye. Dir: Miel VanHoogenbemt. Scr: Gabrielle Borile. DoP: Nigel Willoughby. Ed: Ludo Troch. Proddes: Veronique Sacrez. Costume des: Magdalena Labuz. Hair/make-up: LorraineHill. Cast: Sophie Quinton, Ariane Ascaride, Johan Leysen, Fanny Hanciaux,Yannick Reigner. Shot from Sept 13, 2004, until Oct 30, 2004, in Belgium andLuxembourg.
Contact: Christine Alderson, (44) 191 230 2585

(Pathe Pictures, BBC Films) Int'lsales: Pathe Pictures International. Comedy/drama. Set in pre-World War IILondon, Mrs Henderson Presents tells the remarkable true-life story of one ofEngland's most prominent and eccentric society figures, Laura Henderson who,with her equally formidable theatre manager Vivian van Damm, founded thehistoric Windmill Theatre. Taking advantage of a legal loophole which permittedthe theatre to show entirely nude models on stage - provided they didn't move amuscle - the pair presented 'nude review' music extravaganzas. This helpedcement the Windmill Theatre's legendary reputation and place in history. Execprods: Bob Hoskins, David Aukin. Prod: Norma Heyman. Dir: Stephen Frears. Scr:Martin Sherman. Co-prod: Laurie Borg. Assoc prods: David Rose, Kathy Rose. DoP:Andrew Dunn. Composer: George Fenton. Ed: Lucia Zucchetti. Sound engineer:Peter Lindsay. Costume des: Sandy Powell. Casting dir: Leo Davis. Prod des:Hugo Luczyc-Wyhowski. Musical director: Simon Chamberlain. Make-up/hair des:Jenny Shircore. Choreography: Eleanor Fazan, Debbie Astell. Supervising artdirector: Paul Ghirardani. Art dir: Tony Woollard. Location man: Tony Clarkson.Production man: Lorraine Fennell. First AD: Stuart Renfrew. Cast: Judi Dench,Bob Hoskins, Will Young, Christopher Guest, Kelly Reilly, Camille O'Sullivan,Matthew Hart, Thelma Barlow, Rosalind Halstead, Natalia Tena, Sarah Solemani,Anna Brewster, Richard Syms, Samuel Barnett, Ralph Nossek, Michael Culkin,Doralyn Rosen, Tony De La Fou, Dorian Ford, Lloyd Hutchinson, Toby Jones,Christopher Logan, Richard Dormer, Dinah O'Brien, Rebecca O'Brien, MariaRohsean O'Brien, Shona McWilliams, Waris Hussein, Andrzej Borkowski, PattiLove. Shot from 19 September, 2004.
Contact: Pathe, (44) 7462 4435/ Phil Symes, The PR Contact Ltd, (44) 20 73231200

(Fine & Mellow Productions[Den], Film and Music Entertainment) Backers: Danish Film Institute, DR TV,Invicta Capital, Norden TV. Dist:Nordisk Film Distribution (Nordic territories). Thriller/drama. An eerieand intense thriller, Murk tells the story of Jacob's investigation into thecircumstances surrounding his sister's death on her
wedding night. Prods: Thomas Gammeltoft, Hanne Palmquist, Mike Downey, SamTaylor. Dir: Jannik Johansen. Scr: Jannik Johansen, Anders Thomas Jensen. DoP:Rasmus Videbaek. Ed: Per K. Kirkegaard. Production des: Peter de Neergaard.Costume des: Susie Bjornvad. Hair/make-up: Lis Louis-Jensen. Cast: Nikolaj LieKaas, Nicolas Bro, Lotte Bergstrom, Laura Drasbae, Lisbeth Lundquist.
Contact: Zorana Piggott, (44) 207 428 4000
(Working Title Films) Backer: Universal Pictures. Dist: UIP (worldwide).Family comedy. Exec prods: Debra Hayward, Liza Chasin. Co-prod: Glynis Murray.Prods: Lindsay Doran, Tim Bevan, Eric Fellner. Dir: Kirk Jones. Scr: EmmaThompson. Line prod: David Brown. DoP: Henry Braham. Ed: Justin Krish. Proddes: Michael Howells. Costume des: Nic Ede. Hair/make-up: Peter King. Soundmixer: Simon Hayes. Cast: Emma Thompson, Colin Firth, Angela Lansbury, KellyMacdonald, Thomas Sangster. Shot from 1 April, 2004, until 9 July in the UK.
Contact: Kate Luczyc- Wyhowska, Universal Pictures Int'l, (44) 20 7307 1364/Stacy Mann, unit publicist, (44) 7768 966 122

(Inspired Movies) A Russian stripperon the run from gangsters finds solace in a Yorkshire community. Exec prod:Peter Ansorge. Prods: Meenu Bachan, Vibha Bhatnagar. Dir/scr: Jag Mundhra. Prodman: Divya Bhatnagar. Assoc prod: Mohan Chopra. Casting dir: Carrie Hilton.First A.D: Richard Bird. DoP: Chandra M Mouli. Sound recordist: Nihar Ranjan.Art dir: Peter Joyce. Costumes: Katharina Flohr. Unit publicist: Beth Worth.Shot from 28 July on location in Skipton, Yorkshire.

(High Stakes Productions) Backer:ITV. Romantic comedy. A transatlantic lovestory complicated by a child. Prod:Ann Scott. Dir: Dewi Humphreys from the book by Gil McNeil. Scr: MarkWallington. DoP: Martin Hawkins. Ed: George Akers. Prod des: Helen Scott.Costume des: Amy Roberts. Hair/make-up: Christine Walmesley-Cotham. Line prod:Julia Valentine. Cast: Helen Baxendale, Patrick Baladi. Shot from Sept 13,2004, until Oct 16, 2004, in the UK.
Contact: Katherine Armfelt, (44) 20 8607 8858

(R.P. Films [Fr], Runteam II, [UK],Etic Films [Czech Republic]) Int'l sales: Summit International. Dist:Columbia-TriStar (North and South America), Toshiba (Japan), Tobis (Germany),Medusa (Italy), Pathe (UK, France, Benelux). Producers: Robert Benmussa, AlainSarde, Roman Polanski. UK co-prod: Timothy Burrill. CZ co-producer: PetrMoravec. Dir: Roman Polanski. Scr: Ronald Harwood. Line prods: Michael Schwarz,Daniel Champagnon. Prod co-ords: Gabriela Bohmova (CZ), Jacqueline Edwards(UK). DoP: Pawel Edelman. Prod des: Allan Starski. Costume des: Anna Sheppard.Ed: Herve De Luze. Assistant director: Ralph Remstedt. Casting dir (UK):Celestia Fox. Casting director (Cz): Nancy Bishop. Cast: Barney Clark, JamieForeman, Harry Eden, Sir Ben Kingsley, Leanne Rowe, Lewis Chase, EdwardHardwicke, Jeremy Swift. Shooting from July 12 at the Barrandov Studio inPrague for 14 weeks.

(Koninck Studios, Lumen Films [Fr],Mediopolis [Ger]) Budget: Euros 3.m. Backers: ARTE France/Germany, BerlinBrandenburg, mdm, UK Film Council, Drefa Gmbh Int'l sales: Celluloid Dreams.The Piano Tuner of Earthquakes is a mystery story and a dark, fantasticfairytale. A beautiful opera singer is abducted by a demon doctor and taken tohis secluded villa, where he plans to transform her into a mechanicalnightingale. An innocent piano tuner attempts to rescue her, only to becometrapped himself in the web of the demon doctor's perverse universe. Exec prod:Terry Gilliam. Prods: Keith Griffiths, Alexander Ris, Hengameh Panahi. Dirs:Brothers Quay. Scr: Brothers Quay, Alan Passes. DoP: Nic Knowland.
Contact: Keith Griffiths, Illuminations Films / Koninck, (44) 207 288 8422

(Academy Films, Sherman Pictures)Backers: BBC Films; UK Film Council's Premier Fund, South Australian FilmCorporation. Int'l sales: Renaissance Films. Dist: BBC Films (UK), Icon Films(Aus). Pobby And Dingan are invisible. They live in an opal town in Australia,and are friends with Kellyanne, the 9-year-old daughter of an opal miner. Thefilm is a funny, uplifting and touching story of the inexplicable disappearanceof Pobby and Dingan, Kellyanne's imaginary friends, and the impact this has onher family and whole town. Exec prods: Angus Finney, Robert Jones, DavidThompson, Ben Rice, Finola Dwyer. Prods: Lizie Gower, Nick Morris, EmileSherman. Dir: Peter Cattaneo. Line prod: Elisa Argenzio. Assoc prod: KateMyers. Scr: Peter Cattaneo, Ben Rice, Phil Trail. DoP: Robert Humphreys. Ed:Jim Clark. Prod des: Elizabeth Mary Moore. Costume des: Ruth De La Lande. FirstAD: Brendan Campbell. Casting dir: Nikki Barratt. Cast: Vince Colosimo, JacquelineMcKenzie. Shot from August 19, 2004, for nine weeks in Adelaide.
Contact: Fiona Searson, (61) 416 185 725

(Working Title Films) Backer:Universal. Exec prods: Debra Hayward, Liza Chasin. Prod: Tim Bevan, EricFellner, Paul Webster. Co-prod: Jane Frazer. Dir: Joe Wright. Scr: DeborahMoggach. Faithful to the setting and period of the original novel, set inclass-conscious England at the end of the 18th century, Pride and Prejudicefollows the adventures of the five Bennet sisters--including the strong-willedeldest Lizzie (Keira Knightley) and the youngest Lydia (Jena Malone) - andtheir attempts to find husbands. When a wealthy, new bachelor and his circle ofsophisticated friends take up summer residence in a nearby mansion, the Bennetsare abuzz with hope that potential suitors will be in full supply. But onceLizzie meets up with the darkly handsome and snobbish Mr. Darcy (MatthewMacfadyen), what seemed at first like a match made in heaven quickly becomesone of the most classic battles of the sexes ever portrayed in literature.Cast: Keira Knightley, Matthew Macfadyen, Brenda Blethyn, Donald Sutherland,Rosamund Pike, Jena Malone, Tom Hollander, Penelope Wilton, Judi Dench. Shot onlocation around England from 19 July until 1 Oct, 2004.
Contact: Linda Gamble, unit publicist, (44) 7768 082201/

(Miramax Films [US], Hart SharpEntertainment [US]) Proof explores the links between genius and madness, the relationshipbetween fathers and daughters and the nature of truth and family. Prods: JohnHart, Jeff Sharp, Alison Owen, Robert Kessel. Co-prod: Mark Cooper. Dir: JohnMadden. Scr: Rebecca Miller, based on the play by David Auburn. Prod man:Hilary Benson. Prod co-ord: Simon Fraser. First AD: Deborah Saban. DoP: AlwinKuchler. Ed: Mick Audsley. Production des: Alice Normington. Costume des: JillTaylor. Chief make-up artist: Rebecca Lafford. Chief hair-dresser: NicolaClarke. Sound mixer: Peter Lindsay. Cast: Gwyneth Paltrow, Anthony Hopkins,Jake Gyllenhaal, Hope Davis. Shot from Sept 24, 2003, in Chicago and London foreight weeks.
Contact: Miramax Films, (1) 212 219 4100

(Autonomous, Jackie O Productions[Aus], Pictures in Paradise, Surefire Films) A powerfully gripping story thattells of two brothers in conflict. Backers: the UK Film Council's PremiereFund, The Film Consortium, Pacific Film and Television Commission, TV1 GeneralEntertainment Partnership. Int'l sales: The Works. Dist: Columbia TriStar(Aus), Tartan Films Distribution (UK), Lusomundo (Port), A Film (Benelux).Int'l sales: The Works. Prod: Cat Villiers, Chiara Menage Chris Brown, JackieO'Sullivan. Dir: John Hillcoat. Scr: Nick Cave. Shooting in Queensland,Australia, from Oct 11, 2004. Cast: Guy Pearce, Ray Winstone, Danny Huston,John Hurt, David Wenham, Emily Watson, Danny Huston.
Contact: Charles McDonald, M+R, (44) 207 637 2600
(Rag Tale Ltd, Pembridge Pictures) Co-prod: The Carousel Picture Company. Backer: Scion Films. Int'l sales:Becker Films International. A contemporary urban satire chronicling a week inthe life of a London tabloid newspaper. Exec prods: Julia Blackman, GarrettMcGuckian, Romain Schroeder. Prods: Jeff Abberley, Mary McGuckian, Tom Reeve.Dir/scr: Mary McGuckian. Line prod: Robert How. DoP: Mark Wolf. Prod des: MaxGottlieb. Costume des: Uli Simon. Wardrobe stylist: Sally O'Sullivan. First AD:Dominic Fysh. Sound mixer: Rupert Ivey. Hair & make-up: KatjaAlexis-Reinert. Supervisor editor: Kant Pan. Casting: Sharon Howard Field, GailStevens. Composer: The Afrocelts. Cast: Simon Callow, Lucy Davis, Kerry Fox,Rupert Graves, Ian Hart, David Hayman, Jennifer Jason Leigh, Cal Macaninch,Malcolm McDowell, Bill Paterson, John Sessions, Sara Stockbridge. Shooting fromNov 16 for 5 weeks in Luxembourg and London.
Contact: Julia Jones/Nicole Gregory, DDA Public Relations, (44) 207 932 9800

(Denholm Trading Inc) Int'l sales:Lightning Entertainment. Brain-guzzling zombies are raised from the dead onceagain in these hair- raising sequels to the original cult classic Return Of TheLiving Dead. Exec prods: Nikolai Makarov, Tom Fox, Vladimir Dostal. Prods:Anatoly Fradis, Steve Scarduzio. Dir: Ellory Elkayem. Scr: William Butler,Aaron Strongoni. Line prod: Angelo Pastore. DoP: Gabi Kosuth. Unit prod man:Eugen Dinca. First AD: Adrian Conerth. Second AD: Aniela Mocanasu. Sound Mixer1: Tibi Borcoman. Production des: Steven Legler, Calin Papura. Key make-upartist: Dana Busoiu. Costume des: Ana Ioneci. Gaffer: Dan Lita. Prostheticssupervisor: John Vulich. Special effects: Optic Nerve Studios. Locationmanager: Bogdan Stefanescu. Casting dirs: Donald Remrik, Dean Fronk, FlorielaGrapini. Production legal services: Robert M. Nau, Alexander, Nau, Lawrence& Frumes. Cast: Peter Coyote, Aimee Lynn Chadwick, Cory Hardrict, JohnKeefe, Jana Kramer. Shot for 13 weeks from 7 June, 2004, on location inBucharest, Romania and Chernobyl, Ukraine.
Contact: Julia Finn/Nicole Gregory, DDA London, (44) 207 932 9800/ Castel FilmStudios, Romania, (40) 212 315 533

(Tricks Films [Switz], IMS 6 LLP,TFilms [Lux]) Comedy. The old story about give and take. And take. Exec prods: Guy Collins, MichaelRyan, Robert Sidaway. Prods: Terje Gaustad, Chris Kenny. Co-prods: Kim Leggatt,Ashley Sidaway, Heinz Thym. Dir: Lukas Erni. Scr: John Vorhaus, Jann Preuss.DoP: Derek Suter. Cast: Rupert Evans, Billy Boyd, Emilia Fox. Shooting from Dec20, 2004.
Contact: Sophie Evans, (44) 1273 690 285

(Kivu Films) Backers: BBC Films, UKFilm Council, Invicta Capital, Filmstiftung NRW (Ger). Int'l sales: RenaissanceInternational. Drama. Shooting Dogs is the gripping and emotional story of twomen's struggle for survival when caught up in one of the most brutal genocidesin the twentieth century. Exec prods: David Thompson, Ruth Caleb, RichardAlwyn, Paul Trijbits, David Selvan. Prods: David Belton, Pippa Cross, JensMeurer. Assoc prod: Karsten Stoter. Dir: Michael Caton-Jones. Scr: David Wolstencroft.DoP: Ivan Strasburg. Ed: Christian Lonk. Production des: Bertram Strauss. Artdirector: Astrid Sieben. Costume des: Dinah Collin. Hair/make-up: Sarah Grundy.Cast: John Hurt, Hugh Dancy, Claire-Hope Ashitey, Dominique Horwitz, NicolaWalker, Jack Pierce, Louis Mahoney, Alexander Ikuzo. Shot from 24 July, 2004,until 24 Sept, in Kigali, Rwanda.
Contact: Charles McDonald / Sue Watkins, M+R, (44) 207 637 2600

(Igloo Films [Ire], Filmproduktion[Ger], Ipso Facto Films [UK]) Budget: EUR 2.5m. Backers: The Irish Film Board,Filmfoerderung Hamburg, Eurimages, Media Plus, Section 481, RTE, AlisburyCorporate Finance, UKFS/sale-and-leaseback, Axiom Films. Int'l sales: AxiomFilms. Dist (UK): Axiom Films. Drama. A little bit of life, love and wisdomcome together over one night in the culinary underbelly where life is a buffetand everything is short order. Exec prods: Douglas Cummins, David Collins.Prods: Brian Willis, Peter Stockhaus. Dir/scr: Anthony Byrne. DoP: BrendanMaguire. Ed: J. Patrick Duffner. Production des: David Doran, Eleanor Wood.Costume des: Judith Williams. Make-up: Nursen Balci. Cast: Emma de Caunes, JackDee, Cosma Shiva Hagan, John Hurt, Vanessa Redgrave. Shot from Sept 27 untilNov 4, 2004, in Ireland and Germany.
Contact: Lisa Cullen, Axiom Films International, (44) 20 7243 3111

(Dragonfly Films, UKFS, Baltic FilmGroup [Lithuania]) A haunting, suspenseful and unconventional love story set incontemporary New England. Exec prods: Robert Sidaway, Ashley Sidaway, MichaelRyan, Robertas Urbonas, John O'Quigley, Tonno Vahk, Angela Jackson, NigelWooll. Prods: Stephanie Sinclaire, Karl Richards. Dir/scr: Stephanie Sinclaire.Costume des: Lizzie Wilson. Production des: Augis Kepezinskas. Ed: Toby Yates.DoP: Arturo Smith. Visual consultant: Jack Cardiff. Cast: Alicia Silverstone,Sienna Guillory, Joe Anderson. Shooting in and around Vilnius, Lithuania, untilthe beginning of February 2005.
Contact: Kash Javaid/Clair Dobbs, Public Eye Communications: (44) 20 7351 1555

(Zephyr Films, Lemming Films, EgoliTossell) Family film. Prods: Joost de Vries, Phil Robertson, Oliver Damian.Dir: Willem van de Sande Bakhuyzen.
Contact: Zephyr Films, (44) 20 7255 3555

(Inspired Movies [UK/India]) Budget:low-medium. Rags to riches feelgood. Three street-wise tough talking girlmusicians find an unlikely backer in a bankrupt Asian businessman. Exec prod:Peter Ansorge. Prods: Meenu Bachan, Vibha Bhatnager. Dir: Baz Taylor. Scr:Farrukh Dhondy. DoP: Uday Tiwari. Prod designer: Peter Joyce. Costume des:Katharina Flohr. Music dir: Roddy Matthews. Casting: Carrie Hilton. Cast:Charlie Brooks, Caroline Chikezie, Karen David, Kabir Bedi, Soni Razdan, RamonTikaram, Chri Simpson, Christopher Adlington, Roysten Gooden, Johnny Palmeiro,Dominic Cazenove. Shooting from June 7 until July 5, 2004, on location inLondon.
Contact: Beth Worth, unit publicist, (44) 7957 364 262/ (44) 207 603 6929

(FerndaleFilms [Ire], SRP Tara ltd) Budget: Euros 9.8m. Backers: Surefire FilmProduction LLP, Telemunchen, Bank of Ireland, Irish Film Board, RTE, Buena Vista. Int'l sales: The Works.Dist: Telemunchen (Germany, Italy, Eastern Europe). Drama. Two women, one inAmerica, one in Ireland, both at an emotional cross-roads in their lives,decide to do a house-swap. Borrowingsomething from each other's lives they find that they alter each other'sdestinies. Exec prods: James Atherton, Chris Auty, Jurgen Biefang, BillGodfrey, Michael Henry, Norman Humphrey, Dr. Herbert Kloiber. Assoc prod:AnneMarie Naughton. Prods: Noel Pearson, Sarah Radclyffe, Miron Blumental. Dir:Gillies Mackinnon. Scr: Cynthia Cidre, Shane Connaughton. DoP: John de Borman.Ed: Pia di Ciaula. Prod des: Derek Wallace. Costume des: Lorna Marie Mugan.Cast: Andie Macdowell, Olivia Williams, Stephen Rea, Iain Glen, Brenda Fricker.Shot from 18 Oct, 2004, until 4 Dec, 2004, in Ireland and South Africa.
Contact: SRP Tara ltd, (44) 207 4833556

(These Foolish Things) Budget:£5.5m. Int'l sales: In Motion. Romantic drama. Set against a background of theapproaching Second World War, These Foolish Things illustrates the fluctuatingfortunes of a young actress as she struggles to emulate her famous mother'sglittering career on the London stage. Exec prods: Keith Northrop, Neil Dunn,Carola Ash, David Jones. Prods: Julia Taylor-Stanley, Paul Sarony. Dir/scr:Julia Taylor-Stanley. DoP: Gavin Finney. Ed: David Martin. Prod des: Chris Townsend. Costume des: FrancesTempest. Make-up/hair Design: Pamela Haddock. Cast: Lauren Bacall, AnjelicaHuston, Andrew Lincoln, Terence Stamp, Zoe Tapper, Norman Wisdom. Cast: LaurenBacall, Anjelica Huston, Norman Wisdom, Terence Stamp, David Leon, Zoe Tapper,Andrew Lincoln. Shooting from 21 Sept, 2004, until 29 October in the UK.
Contact: Susie Tullett, DDAPR, (44) 207 932 9875

(Samuelson Productions) Backers:First Choice Films 2004, Momentum Pictures, Royal Bank of Scotland, Isle of ManFilm Ltd. Dist (UK): Momentum Pictures. Int'l sales: Alliance Atlantis. Asmart, sexy and poignant comedy drama about a group of twenty-something friendsdesperately resisting the inevitable - adulthood and responsibility. Execprods: Sally Caplan, Steve Christian, Rolf Koot, David Kosse, Donald A. Starr,Daniel J.B. Taylor. Prods: Marc Samuelson, Peter Samuelson. Asst Producer:Jessica Parker. Dir: Simon Shore. Scr: Patrick Wilde. Line prod/post prodsupervisor: Lee Ruette. Ed: Barrie Vince. Music supervisor: Amy Coffey, DavidRubinson. Prod accountant: Freya Pinsent. Legals: Olswang. Cast: Dougray Scott,Jimi Mistry, Emilia Fox, Shaun Parkes, Billie Piper.
Contact: Alliance Atlantis, (1) 416 967 1174

(Recorded Picture Company, CapriFilms [Can]) Int'l sales: HanWay Films. Welcome to the world of Jeliza-Rose,the young heroine and narrator of Tideland. What has brought Jeliza-Rose fromLos Angeles to a rural Texan farmhouse'And why is her former rocker father not talking to her anymore' In a story that is at times suspsenseful,darkly surreal and often humorous, Jeliza-Rose drifts from the harsh reality ofher childhood and escapes into the fantasies of her own activeimagination. This is a fantasy world torival all others; here fireflies have names, bog men awaken at dusk, monstersharks swim down railroad tracks, and disembodied Barbie heads share in heradventures. Prod: Jeremy Thomas. Dir: Terry Gilliam. Scr: Tony Grisoni, TerryGilliam. DoP: Nicola Pecorini. Cast: Jeff Bridges, Janet McTeer, JodelleFerland, Jennifer Tilly, Brendan Fletcher. Shot from September 27 until December3, 2004.
Contact: HanWay Films, (44) 207 290 0750

(LGM Cinema [Fr], Les Films du Dauphin [Fr], France 3 Cinema [Fr], The TrailLtd [UK], Kairos [It], Made In Africa [South Africa], Made in Namibia [Namibia])Adventure. Exec prod: Phil Contomichalos. Prods: Cyril Colbeau-Justin,Jean-Baptiste Dupont. Line prods: Jacques Attia, Genevieve le Cordeur. Dir:Eric Valli. DoP: Eric Guichard. Prod man: Janine van Assen. Scr: Philippe Lyon,Eric Valli. Assist dir: Vincent Canaple. Casting dirs: Juliette Menager (Fr),Suzanne M. Smith (London), Christa Schamberger, Ana Feyder (South Africa). Proddes: Stephane Makedonsky. Key grip: Jens Bacher. Gaffer: John McKay. SFX: AntonVoster. Wardrobe: Catherine Caldray, Diana Cilliers. Hair/make-up: FrancoiseQuilichini, Raine Edwards. Cast: Julian Sands, Eriq Ebouaney, Camille Summers.Shooting from 28 June, 2004, until 25 Sept, 2004 in Namibia.
Contact: Loic Trome, Gaumont, (33) 146 432 180/ M.J. Magbanua, publicist, (264) 81 142 0276/


(Revolution Films) Budget£2.8m. Backers: BBC Films, Scion Films, Newmarket Films, EM Media, RBS. Int'lsales: The Works. Dist: Newmarket (US). Comedy. Adaptation of Laurence Sterne'sclassic novel. Exec prods: David M Thompson, Tracey Scoffield, Julia Blackman,Jeff Abberley, Kate Ogborn, Henry Normal. Prod: Andrew Eaton. Co-prod: AnitaOverland. Assoc prod: Wendy Brazington. Dir: Michael Winterbottom. Scr: MichaelWinterbottom, Frank Cottrell Boyce. DoP: Marcel Zyskind. Prod des: JP Kelly.Costume des: Charlotte Walter. Hair/make-up: Marese Langan. Ed: PeterChristelis. Cast: Steve Coogan, Rob Brydon, Jeremy Northam, Shirley Henderson, GillianAnderson. Shooting from Oct 11 until Nov 21 in the UK.
Contact: Fiona McGuire, (44) 20 7566 0700

(Lex Filmed Entertainment,Piccadilly Pictures, Baker Street Media Finance) Backers: Piccadilly Pictures,Baker Street Media Finance, Bank Of Ireland, UK Film Council. Int'l sales:Lakeshore International. Dist: Redbus (UK). Romantic comedy. Exec prod: BillAllan, Jeremy Bolt, Ivan Mactaggart. Prod: Tracey Adam. Co-prod: ChristopherFig. Dir: John Hay. Scr: William Johnston, Peter Bloore. DoP: Graham Frake, EdDavid Martin. Prod des: Simon Waters. Cost des: Mary Jane Reyner. Hair/make-upRoseann Samuels. Cast: Jennifer Love Hewitt, Dougray Scott, Jimi Mistry, BrankaKatic, Kate Miles.
Contact: CK Publicity, (44) 20 793 533 37

(ULTRAVI Productions, Screen Gems)Dist (int'l): Columbia Pictures Int'l. Action/horror. Believed to be a myth,something only to be found in horror films, people soon discover that vampiresdo indeed live among humans. However, these blood-thirsty creatures are not theinfallible undead from folklore but living beings with one significant traitthat sets them apart from others - infected blood that speeds up theirmetabolism. With an increased bone density, these Vampires have the ability tomove a thousand times faster and be hundred times stronger. To the government'sdismay, more of the population is becoming hemophages (vampires), and they haveset out to rid the world of what they deem as a menace to society. One roguevampire is bent on protecting her race - and seeking revenge on those thatchanged her life forever. With fierce fighting skills and the ability to changeand project her image, Violet (Milla Jovovich) sets out to destroy agovernment-designed time bomb that will kill all hemophages. To Violet'ssurprise, the deadly device is a nine-year-old boy, who goes by the name Six(Cameron Bright) and was raised in a laboratory. Determined to save the child,Violet wages her own personal war against the other vampires who want the boydead and the special security forces who need him alive. Drawing upon everypower given to her by the virus, she becomes a one-person army, blazing her waythrough vicious attacks and taking no prisoners. However, Violet soon discoversthat Six was created for a larger and much deadlier purpose - a secretgovernment conspiracy that threatens to not only exterminate Violet and herpeople but all of mankind. Executive prods: Tony Mark, Charles Wang, Sue Jett.Prod: John Baldecchi. Dir/scr: Kurt Wimmer. DoP: Arthur Wong. Ed: Willliam Yeh.Prod des: James Choo. Supervising art dir: Bernardo Trujillo. Costume des:Joseph Porro. Casting dir: Kim Davis, Justine Baddeley, Madalena Chan. Stuntco-ord: Mike Smith. Cast: Milla Jovovich, William Fichtner, Cameron Bright,Nick Chinlund, Sebastien Andrieu. Shot from Feb 9, 2004, until June 16 in HongKong and Shanghai.
Contact: Moira Houlihan, unit publicist: (852) 918 003 98 (Hong Kong cell); 447770 363 753 (UK cell); 852 2337 1969 (Production office); (862) 156 659 090(Shanghai production office)

(Loma Nasha Productions [Fr] ScionFilms [UK], IMG Productions [South Africa]) Int'l sales: The Works. A coming ofage at the end of an age story set during the last gasp of the British Empirein the run-up to Independence in Swaziland at the tail end of the 1960s. Toldfrom a 14-year-old boy's point of view, it focuses on a dysfunctional familywhose gradual disintegration mirrors the dismantling of Colonial Rule. Prods:Marie-Castille Mention-Schaar, Pierre Kubel, Jeff Abberley, Julia Blackman.Dir/scr: Richard E Grant. Cast: Gabriel Byrne, Miranda Richardson, EmilyWatson, Julie Walters, Nicholas Hoult. Shot in Swaziland.
Contact: The Works, (44) 207 612 1080

(Celador Films) Dist worldwide: FoxSearchlight. Romantic drama. Anne has a seemingly perfect marriage to Jamesuntil the arrival of Bill, and a tragic accident in their idyllic countryvillage that looks set to unravel their lives forever. Exec prod: Paul Smith.Prod: Christian Colson. Dir/scr: Julian Fellowes. DoP: Tony Pierce - Roberts.Ed: Alex Mackie. Prod des: Alison Riva. Costume des: Michele Clapton.Hair/make-up: Jamie Pritchard/Roseann Samuels. Cast: Emily Watson, TomWilkinson, Rupert Everett. Shot from Sept 8, 2003, until Oct 31.
Contact: Celador Films, (44) 207 845 6999

(Merchant Ivory Productions, Mikado[UK/It]) Budget: $17.5m. Int'l sales: Merchant Ivory Productions. Exec prods:Roberto Cicutto. Prods: Ismail Merchant, Paul Bradley. Dir: James Ivory. Scr:Kazuo Ishiguro. Cast: Ralph Fiennes, Natasha Richardson, Vanessa Redgrave.Shooting from autumn 2004 in China and Italy.
Contact: Paul Bradley, (44) 20 7437 1200WILD AND WYCKED WORLD OF BRIAN JONES
(Wild and Wycked Ltd) Backer/int'l sales: Intandem Films. Drama. About thecontroversial life and death of Brian Jones. The film focuses on the rebelliousyears in his life between 16 and 26. Brian was fuelled with the desire toexperience anything and everything; he allowed women, drugs and drink toinfluence his life and in turn he had a huge impact on the world of music.Prod: Finola Dwyer. Co-prods: Neal Purvis,Robert Wade. Dir: Stephen Woolley. Scr: Neal Purvis, Robert Wade. DoP:John Mathieson. Ed: Sam Sneade. Prod des: John Beard. Cost des: Roger Burton.Hair/make-up: Lizzie Yianni Georgiou. Cast: Leo Gregory, Paddy Considine, TuvaNovotny, David Morrissey, Monet Mazur.
Contact: Loo How, Freud Communications, (44) 20 7291 6399

Horror. An outward-bound hike in thecountry turns into a real battle for survival for a group of teenagers. Prod:Ros Borland. Dir/scr: Craig Strachan. DoP: Jan Pester. First AD: Gus Maclean.Sound: Becky Thomson. Prod des: Max Berman. Costume des: Alison Mitchell. Make-up: Jacqui Mallet. Ed:Colin Monie. Cast: Samantha Shields, Martin Compson, Peter Capaldi. Shot Oct2004.
Contact: Pete Daly, (44) 7887 990035
(Global Films, EdgeImageBank Pictures) Budget: £1.4m. Backers: Barclays Bank,GEM, Global Edge Mnemonics, Global Films, Mnemonics Music. Int'l sales: GlobalFilms. Animated feature. A bunch of friends gather together in London todiscuss the Writings On The Walls, a series of graffiti depicting the life ofPaul X, a young man lost between himself and his ego and Jane D'Arbanville aNew Yorker in exile who thought she killed a man she thought murdered herboyfriend. Exec prods: Laurent Mercier, Christine Peterson. Prods: Tom Norwood,Nick Peterson. Dir: Nick Peterson. Scr: Nicolas Gaud. Ed: Nick Peterson, ThomasBlack. Music/sound: Virtual Alien. Accounting: O'Hara Wood. Legal: DavidGentle. Cast: Mark Joseph, Dolly di Rosso, Paul Sere, Virtual Alien. Shootingfrom Sept 2004 until Jan 2005.
Contact: EdgeImageBank, (44) 207 537 4882

(Baker Street, Odd Lot Entertainment [US]) Budget: $5.5m. Int'l sales: SenatorInternational. After being expelled unfairly from Harvard just short of hisgraduation, American Matt Buckner (Elijah Wood) travels to England to takerefuge with his married sister (Claire Forlani). Buckner quickly falls in love withthe game of soccer and in particular, West Ham United. He's introduced to thesport through his brother-in-law, Pete Dunham (Charlie Hunnam), and Pete'sclose group of friends. Buckner witnesses the rivalries that exist betweenEnglish soccer clubs and is enlightened to the passion, loyalty and friendshipthat can be found within a tight-knit group of British males. Exec prods: BillAllen, Lexi Alexander. Prods: Gigi Pritzker, Deborah Del Prete, DonaldZuckerman. Dir: Lexi Alexander. Scr: Josh Shelov, Dougie Brimson, LexiAlexander. DoP: Alex Buono. Des: Tom Brown. Costume des: John Krausa.Hair/make-up des: Lesley Lamont-Fisher. Ed: Paul Trejo. Stunt co-ord: PatJohnson. 2nd unit dir: Matt Jensen. Line prod: Kevan Van Thompson. Prod man:Ingrid Litman. Sound mixer: Les Honess. Cast: Elijah Wood, Charlie Hunnam,Claire Forlani, Marc Warren, Leo Gregory, Henry Goodman, Geoff Bell, RafeSpall, Kieran Bew, Ross McCall, Francis Pope, Christopher Hehir. Wrapped on May1, 2004.
Contact: Ceris Price, unit publicist (44) 7879 638 557