London-based Lumina Films has changed its name to The Salt Company, or Salt for short. The change is effective immediately.

Samantha Horley continues as managing director with Lumina partners Robert Bevan and Cyril Megret now more hands-on as directors of Salt.

Salt is part of the Monaco-based International Film Collective that also includes Puerto Rico-based production arm Buena Ondita Films and music labels including Full Time Hobby and Surrender All from UNKLE's James Lavell.

'At the start of 2008 we felt that 'Lumina' no longer represented our company's activities,' Horley explained of the name change.

Lumina was originally founded in Spain to sell the Latin American films produced by Buena Onda Films. But since 2005, Lumina became London-based with a more diverse slate and the company also split in 2006 with Buena Onda producer Don Ranvaud. So the new name reflects a broader remit, including packaging and financing.

'The re-positioning will help us to build on our international credentials as a UK based sales operation whilst bringing into focus the packaging and financing services that we are able to offer: the extra flavour we can add,' Horley said.

Megret added: 'The business of film is truly international and what we are able to offer is a truly international resource which covers everything from financing and packaging to launching and selling. We want Salt to be one of the essential ingredients for filmmakers in getting their films made.'

A key project that points to Salt's ambitions is Rebecca Miller's The Private Lives Of Pippa Lee, which Salt boarded at script stage. The film starts shooting April 14 in Connecticut starring Robin Wright Penn, Keanu Reeves, Winona Ryder, Monica Bellucci, Julianne Moore, Maria Bello and Alan Arkin.

'We want to work with more established directors and producers like Rebecca Miller,' Horley says. 'We think our slate will be mostly US and UK films with maybe one or two international films per year.'

Other titles on the Salt slate include Vice Films project White Lightnin': The Jesco White Murders starring Carrie Fisher; Paulo Morelli's City Of Men; feature documentaries Big River Man and Heavy Metal In Baghdad; and Sundance hit thriller Donkey Punch.

For more on Salt, see the April 11 issue of Screen International.