Four UK law enforcement agencies joined forces earlier this week to target illegal immigrants also suspected of producing and selling counterfeit DVDs. The agencies seized 8,000 counterfeit DVDs, including current cinema release Tropic Thunder and the yet to be released Death Race.

17 Chinese nationals were arrested on suspicion of immigration offences in Swanley, Kent on Sept 21. All of the offenders are being dealt with by Trading Standards on suspicion of the sale of counterfeit goods. Officers from the UK Border Agency, Kent Police, Kent Trading Standards and FACT (Federation Against Copyright Theft) took part in the operation.

14 of the offenders were released on immigration bail and proceedings have begun to remove them from the UK. The remaining three people are in police custody pending further investigation.

Kieron Sharp, FACT Director General, said 'Thanks to excellent cooperation between a number of agencies, we were able to disrupt a lucrative illegal trade in counterfeit DVDs and make a significant number of arrests. FACT continues to work on a proactive basis to assist UK Border Agency, Kent Police and Kent Trading Standards in tackling the organised criminal networks who control this illicit business and the associated criminality.'