The UK Film Council has announced the latest funding recipients from its Prints & Advertising Fund, which supports the release of specialised films.

The awards are:
$303,363 (£150,000) to Lionsgate UK for In The Hands Of The Gods
$294,262 (£145,500) to Artificial Eye for Lady Chatterley
$252,600 (£125,000) to Optimum Releasing for Eagle vs Shark
$201,950 (£99,935) to Slingshot for Sugarhouse
$10,100 (£5,000) to Park Circus for Raging Bull
$10,100 (£5,000) to Yume Pictures for Opera Jawa
$10,036 (£4,967) to Dogwoof for We're All Christs
$9,910 (£4,905) to Dogwoof for Ecoute le Temps
$9,856 (£4,880) to Dogwoof for My Nikifor