Ron Howard is a helpful sort and has made a short video offering advice to Tribeca Film Festival hopefuls.

As the New York-based festival announced its 2015 dates and call for entries (August 6), Howard submitted a short personal video recording. Click on the video link above to see what he had to say.

We’ve attached a pic of Howard in action shooting footage for his fast-paced Toronto 2013 Formula 1 movie Rush.

Definitely don’t try that at home, kids, but do try the other things he advises, which include: drinking lots of milk; maintaining “a steady baseline of discomfort” by placing pebbles in your shoes; offering a bounty on the head of anyone that gets in your way; and keeping up that bone density.

Seriously, watch the video — it’s very droll.

Tribeca 2015 will run from April 15-26.