After establishing movie production brand Spotboy in May this year, UTV Motion Pictures has unveiled a slate of three Hindi films under the new division, to be directed by Shyam Benegal, Anurag Kashyap and debut director Raj Kumar Gupta.

Benegal, whose credits include Nishant which screened in competition at Cannes in 1976, is currently shooting comedy Mahadev (working title) in the southern Indian city of Hyderabad.

Mahadev is the story of a typical Indian village with ingredients of politics, love, romance, dreams and the simplicity of village life, showcased through the eyes of a young man who wants to be a writer but ends up being a letter writer outside the village post office.

Kashyap, director of the critically acclaimed Black Friday, is reinterpreting the classic story of Devdas and setting it in contemporary times in Dev D. Abhay Deol will star as the lovelorn alcoholic protagonist Dev D.

Raj Kumar Gupta has been associated with Hindi feature films as a writer, assistant director and associate director, and makes his directorial debut with Amir.

A thriller, Amir is the story of a young Muslim professional who lands at Mumbai International Airport expecting to be greeted by his family. Instead, he is thrown a cell phone and from that moment has to follow the instructions of a faceless, nameless voice.

Spotboy creative and business head Vikas Bahl said: 'Shyam Benegal and Anurag Kashyap are masters in their field and here they bring new narratives or give a twist to old narratives with their signature styles. Raj Kumar Gupta is someone to look out for. This slate surely includes some of the most discerning, entertaining cinema being produced in India today.'

Spotboy, UTV's second motion picture brand, will take over some existing projects but will largely develop its own fresh content.