Barcelona- and Madrid-based company Vertice 360 is set to produce and sell a number of new projects, including an English-language romantic comedy called The Golden Nose and two horror films.

Vertice Sales will arrive at Berlin to promote the company’s own projects to the international market, most notably Antonio Banderas’ English-language sci-fi thriller Solo, which will shoot this autumn with Banderas in the cast, and The Golden Nose, which will be a screwball romantic comedy from The Other Side Of The Bed director Emilio Martinez Lazaro [pictured].

Based on a script by Eduardo Torallas and respected Spanish producer Gerardo Herrero, the man behind Oscar winner The Secret In Their Eyes, The Golden Nose will tell the story of a renowned wine expert called Patrick who is thwarted in his attempts to win a prestigious wine tasting competition in Spain by a local girl.

Vertice Films will share production duties on the project with Soylent Films and shooting is due to take place in 2012 in both English and Spanish with the intention of having a “top level Spanish and international/Hollywood cast,” Vertice Sales’ Jaime Sanchez-Carpintero told ScreenDaily.

The two horror projects are an English-language slasher film in the mould of Saw called After Party, directed by Miguel Larraya and produced by Telespan 2000, which is part of Vertice 360, and the other is a zombie flick in Spanish called Dead Dogs, which will be directed by Koldo Serra and co-produced by Telespan 2000, Nava International and Sayaka Producciones.

Based on a script by Larraya and Fernando Sancristobal, After Party sees a famous guy trapped with three women in a house after a wild party who try and solve a murder from the night before through videos on a mobile, while being picked off one by one by a killer. Shooting is due to take place this summer with a top Spanish and/or international cast.

Dead Dogs, written by Serra and Carlos Garcia Miranda, will also shoot this summer and is about a group of guys who pull off a bank job only to find themselves hunted down by zombies.

Vertice will also promote a political thriller in German and Spanish, directed by Miguel Marti, called Allende September 11 about the Chilean coup and death of the former Socialist president in 1973. Shooting is due to take place in 2012 and production duties are split between Telespan 2000 and Film Tropia.

In separate news, Vertice Cine has also picked up Spanish theatrical rights to two high profile titles, Massy Tadjedin’s romantic drama Last Night, starring Keira Knightley, Eva Mendes and Sam Worthington, which they will release in May, and William Monahan romantic crime drama London Boulevard, starring Colin Farrell and Keira Knightley, which will be released in June or July.