French visual effects developer The Bakery is introducing Bakery Relight,a relighting and rendering suite for the production of stereo 3D animated features.

The technology is based on the Academy Award winning work of The Bakery co-founder Arnauld Lamorlette and is the company’s first product.

Released in time for technology show NAB in April the software is currently in beta test.

Earlier this year Lamorlette, whose credits include Shrek 2 and Shrek the Third, won a 2011 Technical Achievement Award for co-creating a computer graphics bounce lighting methodology for feature film.

Lamorlette claims that use of the technology will increase productivity of the overall lighting process by around 300%.

“The goal of our relighting tool is to provide the user with the increased productivity they needs to be able to focus on the artistic aspect of lighting, and allow the delivery of high quality images regardless of scene complexity,” he says.

Prior to founding The Bakery in 2007 with Erwan Maigret, Lamorlette spent eight-years stint at PDI/DreamWorks. Before that he co-founded the visual effects studio Buf Compagnie.