Los Angeles sales company Voltage Pictures has picked up the upcoming Brittany Murphy thriller Across The Hall and supernatural action adventure Hybrid.

Alex Merkin is directing Across The Hall from Jesse Mittelstadt's script about a love triangle involving two best friends that threatens to turn to murder. Mike Vogel from Cloverfield and Danny Pino also star.

Insomnia Media Group's Jeff Bowler and Bret Saxon are producing with Marco Garibaldi. Voltage's vice president of business affairs Jenn Lee negotiated the deal with Insomnia's Phil Alberstat.

Production is also underway on Hybrid, about a mysterious car with a mind of its own that turns into an unstoppable killing machine.

Eric Valette is directing from Neal Marshall Stevens' script. Oded Fehr and Shannon Beckner star and Oliver Hengst and Elizabeth Wang-Lee are producers. Lee brokered the deal with Ed Labowitz.

Voltage sales chief and partner Nicolas Chartier is also selling sci-fi horror film The Thaw, Steven Seagal's latest action outing in Ruslan, and Fire And Ice: The Dragon Chronicles.