Spain'sWanda Vision, co-producer of Panorama opening title Family Law, is preparing a new slate of films including twofeatures set in Africa.

Documentarian-turned-fiction-filmmakerGerardo Olivares is preparing his follow-up to BerlinaleSpecial screener The Great Match (El Gran Final) for Wanda. The road movie about Africanemigrants to Europe is called Tenere after the Saharan desertlocation also seen in Great Match.

Agusti Villaronga's Barbaros De Occidente (literally, Barbarians OfThe West) is about an artist on a soul-searching journey in the Maghreb, co-produced by IsonaPassola of Massa D'Or. Both films are in early development.

"I think Africa is the newcontinent being incorporated into Europe; Latin America is where we are,"suggests Wanda chief Jose Maria Morales, avid co-producer of Latin Americancinema including Daniel Burman's Family Law (Derecho De Familia)and a festival powerhouse, with two prize-winning filmsfresh fromRotterdam: Manuel Nieto's The Dog Pound(La Perrera) and Claudia Llosa'sMadeinusa.

Other new co-productions in theworks at Wanda are Carlos Sorin's Minimal Stories follow-up Camino De San Diego, shooting this monthin Argentina;and Spaniard Jaime Rosales' Hours Of The Day follow-up, La Soledad, shooting from July.