Post production services Warner Bros Motion Picture Imaging and India's Prasad Corporation have formed a strategic alliance to offer digital post production and restoration services to global clients.

The two companies will transfer content between one another on a dedicated line. Prasad has already begun working with Motion Picture Imaging to restore How The West Was Won, which was originally shot in Cinerama.

'We have an extensive set of tools for post production and restoration that we can apply to our various project and the Prasad facility can handle standard def, 2K and 4K and shares our own commitment to excellence,' Chuck Dages, executive vice president of emerging technology at Warner Bros Technical Operations, said.

'In addition to bringing our combined skills to each other's projects, the time difference between the two companies will allow us to work on projects 24 hours a day.'

'We are excited about this strategic alliance with Warner Bros as this is going to enable us to share their considerable knowledge and experience from the global market,' Sai Prasad of Prasad Corporation said.

'This will enable us to add considerable value to both Indian and International projects and most importantly, Hollywood projects.'