French powerhouse Wild Bunch has announced multiple sales on its AFM slate. Wong Kar-Wai’s $25 million The Grandmasters will close in several major territories by the end of the market.

Wild Bunch is fielding offers from Benelux, Canada and the UK and has closed multiple smaller territories, among them Yugoslavia (MCF), Czech Republic (Hollywood Classics), Israel (Shani) and Turkey (Ozen). Maraval said he expected the film to sell to the US within
weeks.  Wild Bunch itself has France.

Mary Harron’s The Moth Diaries has gone to Scandinavia (Pan Vision) and some smaller territories.

Zhang Yimou’s Under The Hawthorn Tree has gone to Germany (Telepool), Israel (Shani), South Africa (Video Vision), Colombia (Babilla).
Paolo Virzi’s The First Beautiful Thing has been bought by Wild Bunch itself for France. It has sold to Benelux (Cineart), Switzerland (Frenetic), Yugoslavia (MCF), Romania (Indepencia), Israel (Shani), Middle East (Teleview), Latin America (California Film), Taiwan (Catch Play).
The Squad has recruited by buyers in Germany (Telepool), UK (Momentum), Taiwan (Catch Play), Thailand (M Pictures).

The Field Of Enchantment has gone to France (Buena Vista) Switzerland (Frenetic) Canada (eOne), Germany (Telepool), Spain (Wanda), Portugal (Clap Film) and several other territories.

Full Treatment has gone to Germany (Concorde) and Spain (Golem).

Burnt By The Sun 2 & 3 has gone to the UK (Arrow). Burnt By The Sun 2 has gone to Japan (Comstock).

The Ages Of Love starring Robert De Niro and Monica Bellucci has gone to France (Babe Films), Yugoslavia (MCF), Poland (SPI), Czech Republic (DMC), Romania (Pro-Rom),CIS (Carmen) Turkey (Mars), Middle East (Teleview) and Latin America (Imagem).

The Last Furlong has been sold to Germany (Concorde), CIS (Russian Report), Israel (Shani) and Middle East (Teleview), The Girl Is In Trouble has gone to Poland (Pulsat), Israel (United King), Turkey (Ozem).

Studio Ghibli’s The Borrower Arrietty has gone to the UK (Optimum), Germany (Wild Bunch Germany), Scandinavia (Cinema Mondo), Czech Republic (DMC), CIS (CP Digital) Colombia (Babilla) and Thailand (M Pictures).

The Burma Conspiracy (the Largo Winch film) has gone to Benelux (Cineart), Switzerland (GMH), Germany (Wild Bunch Germany), Italy (Bim), Portugal (Lusomundo), Scandinavia (Atlantic), Bulgaria (Pro Film), Poland (Konswiat), Czerch Republic (Hollywood Classics), Yugoslavia
(Discovery), China (Champs Lis), Taiwan (Catch Play) and various other territories.

Ken Loach’s Route Irish has gone to Japan (Long Ride).

In spite of the volume of sales,Wild Bunch’s boss Vincent Maraval wasn’t as upbeat as some of his rivals
about the overall state of the market. “Generally, we found it soft. It (The AFM) was sold like the recovery
market as if everything was back to normal. Our feeling is that it was as quiet as the crisis market,” Maraval
told Screen.